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LAT IA and ONE- Swatmare x VenusSempai DOWNLOAD

By VenusSempai
I said I was gonna upload these sweeties yesterday but I got lazy so here they are today X'D
Aren't they just adorable? I FREAKIN LOVE THEM!!
Consider these a submission to the Lat Project by :iconrandomdraggon: since it's been a while since we've done anything for it.
As it says up there IA was made by my lovely :iconswatmare: and ONE was made by me~
I would also like to dedicate ONE-chan to my bestie :iconnyoomy: for helping me out when times were really tough. You were a real savior hun and I can't thank you enough for helping me like ya did <3 so I hope this model shows my thanks and appreciation. :D <3
This file is kinda big, 10 models in all: the default character outfits and then all the extra lat costumes like usual. No bases though.

Credits for IA:

Credits for ONE:

No editing
No redistributing
No claiming as your own
No taking parts or textures
Comment if you download them
If you use them please show us :D
© 2015 - 2021 VenusSempai
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dl thanks so much x3
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Dl'd thank you~
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Download is dead :cries:
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You download it by clicking the button under the "favorite" button in the top right corner of the deviation screen. It shouldn't be dead. I haven't removed the files or anything.
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I clicked that button and it said 404 not found.
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It might be your browser then. Because this file is still here. I haven't touched it in years.
download~(^^♪thank you!!
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when I pull out and put the patterns on the program miku miku dance, not just show them to me :(. Unfortunately, I think I have an old version having a coputer also old.
The image and really wonderful and I'll truly my complimentsADJ - Himawari Blush ADJ - Himawari BlushPERSONAL Emoticon 4 | Prettyy! PERSONAL Emoticon 4 | Prettyy! Fluffy Squealing ~ Chat Emoji Fluffy Squealing ~ Chat Emoji  .
can you tell me if I have any hope of being able to see them?ADJ - Himawari Puppy Dog Eyes 
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OH! You just need to update your MMD program. Download the latest version and then the models should appear just fine ^^
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but I can not I have an old computer and I do not download :( :(. view soon as I get a new computer will be the first thing I do is download the beautiful model.ADJ - Himawari Happy ADJ - Himawari Happy 
I thank you again.4438  
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You made ONE so cute!  I love they both~

But i found your default version ONE's nose is weird QQ... Because her nose looks so thin (as thin as a sheet of paper) in my MMD...

I had check my MMD, but her nose stayed the same no matter in MMDD of ver739, ver909, ver910... QAQ...

The problem occurrs only on default version of ONE. Other versions are fine~
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Oh that's just a texturing error. I'll fix that later today ^^
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Thank you!  I'll wait for your masterpiece~
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