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Tue March 27 2018 by :icongpad:

Hello all Legioners !

I'm not usually the one running these but as of last month I've been working in the background to fill in for one of the admins who departed from the group recently, Martith. She was very nice and dependable. It's a shame to see her go, but cooperating with her was fun while it lasted. Her contributions to the group have left a mark that will stay for a long time... like the foxes that are on display in the welcome message Fox emoji - hello by Martith

Now, before I show the works that are featured this session, I'd like to make a few announcements:
- Some of you might have already noticed this, but we now have 3D and Artisan Craft folders ^^
- Literature submissions no longer need reviewing before being displayed in the folder~
- Since this will mark our 10th Venusa Legion Session, we will be featuring 10 works this time around!

Alice Divider by cute-materials Alice Divider by cute-materials

Without further ado, here are some awesome pieces submitted to the Venusa Legion Gallery in the past two weeks:
Sky  (V.4) by Lemiken7 by :iconlemiken7:

Aquaman (a.k.a. the Hawaiian Jesus) by joniwagnerart by :iconjoniwagnerart:

Sentimental by Pajunen by :iconpajunen:

Return by BeckyKidus by :iconbeckykidus:

Puppet Master by Raivis-Draka by :iconraivis-draka:

Best friends by danduart by :icondanduart:

Loved Ones Will Always Watch Over You by HinaYukisaki by :iconhinayukisaki:

Cute Doodle Divider by cute-materials Cute Doodle Divider by cute-materials
We're also featuring pieces and photos by the 3 most active Legioners this week:
5555 Sparrow by RealMantis by :iconrealmantis:

O.C. Laura by LicamtaPictures by :iconlicamtapictures:

Fortunate Sons by TAGFoto by :icontagfoto:

Cute Doodle Divider by cute-materials Cute Doodle Divider by cute-materials

Congratulations to all of you ! Keep up the good work ~
Your art will be moved to Venusa-Legion's Featured Folder !

Gif by Emoxynha Gif by Emoxynha Gif by Emoxynha

Another reminder that there's a donation pool on :iconsaywinter: profile exclusively for the group.
If you wish to donate, then that's the place to go ^^
And as always, please be respectful to other Deviants, and always have fun!
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

To Another World by AnthonyPresley
Come Sing with me- Kotori by Faelan1
5555 Sparrow by RealMantis
Puppet Master by Raivis-Draka
Traditional Art - Original
Magic by cadva
Day13 Teeming - Inktober2017 by BlackRayser
A Sassy Cookie by Marmarmia
Girly explosion by 7markus7
Traditional Art - Original 2
The Tree of Life (and She Who Guards It) by DorkWolf-Nightmare
[Ch. 10] The Memories by BirbAnk
Impossible! by Cranash64
Colored Pencil Drawing : Madness by CelineHot
Traditional Art - Fan Art
Lucas remembered Claus' smell by Cr4v1ty-4rts
Elizabeth in the Forest by saltykubiz134
Katla... Plus? by AkaiMeganeKiki
Request: Moona the Jade Fox by MinstrelScrewTape
Digital Art - Original
B787 Dreamliner by BlackHawk00021
Wanderer by Martith
The Bell Library by Travis-Anderson
Zenith by MintyFreshThoughts
Digital Art - Original 2
Flying through the night by justarandomfruit
At Closing Hour v.2 by SlytherclawPadawan
Comm: Jace Kippes by Tpiola
Snow Leopard by JoePhilliacTheBlack
Digital Art - Original 3
Copycat by AniLLem
your makeup is terrible by tirasu
LustFull by OminousHowl
BNHA: Roopa Imon Kapoor by BerrieBlosym
Digital Art - Fan Art
Edna by chrissyp123
The Hermit by JammyElf
A Song of Ice and Fire by Tronic33

Mature Content

Dead or Alive DOA Tina Nude by RadiantEld
Digital Art - Fan Art 2
Ta da!? by PaintingCinema
Gladiolus en Blanco by Kydoman
The Marked | Page 11 by Borillos
Xoeli by OminousHowl
Digital - Traditional, Black and White
F-16 Over Kyoto by CarlosRSL
BROTP by Kmicicowa
Sketch by FirePokeMaster
Ruo Yang by AnaissuBab
Commissions, Art Trades, Gifts
[AT] Kinesia by Ilikepony
Admin Only
Silent night by Martith
Gravure Bunny Camo Butterfly 1 by Gravure-Bunny

Mature Content

36 by CYTTER
GIF .:Infinite The Jackal:. by x7SilvrCaos7x
Art Dump 1 by DramaQveen
Blooming Under the Moon Light (Atsushi Nakajima) by SugarSongBitterStep
Watercolor Pencils Tutorial: Girl With Sunglasses by frankekka
Horarok Niphira from Infernal Realm by DamnedRealm
Artisan Crafts
Pink Rose Brooch by queenofexecutions
Nebula Flower Contest - Digital CLOSED
Flower in the dark by Amedeya
Nebula Flower Contest - Traditional CLOSED
Maiden of the Stars by Golden-Flower-Art



Fox emoji - hello by Martith

Welcome Legioners of Art!

:bulletblue: What is the advantages become a member of VL ( Venusa-Legion) ?

We provide a place for you the legioners to show your talent and artworks to everybody ! get your feedback and improve your skill ~

:bulletblue: What kind of art that is acceptable in VL ( Venusa-Legion) ?

The good news is we accept all kinds of artworks ! check out our group galleries Legioners ! you just have to respect our group rules ( you can see in RULES section below )

:bulletblue: The group is only a place to share my artwork and collect arts?

Apart from those, we also organize various group events, feature weekly and provides prize for the winner ! this is really fun :la:

:bulletblue: How to join in Venusa-Legion and become a legioner of art ?

You just need to click join group button, say your motivation to join this group and we will accept you!

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and become a Legioner!

Fox emoji - cool by Martith


:bulletblue: Please always be kind and support each other.
:bulletblue: Submit your own arts and not copy from other deviant.
:bulletblue: Submission limit is one artwork a day.
:bulletblue: Submit your art in correct folder!
:bulletblue: Use the mature content filter for mature content.

I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Difference Stamp by DemonFlare2343 The Gallery Stamp by Busiris
Copyrights Stamp by Roxx-1 Art is Love - Love is Art by Seiorai Submit Stamp by karemelancholia

Fox emoji - ho ho ho! by Martith

Affiliates news:

is looking for fox-loving members! ^^
I support Foxytales! by Martith

Fox emoji - play by Martith

Group Theme : :bulletblue: PEACE LOVE JOY :bulletblue:

I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog
Fox emoji - dance by Martith
Music for today:

Fox emoji - wut? by Martith

Confused where to submit your art?

Folders guide:

:bulletblue: Featured
The Greatest Works are placed in here. You'll need a vote from an admin to get your work accepted, and if not, you can put it in the proper folder. Art that is featured here will also come from the Venusa Legion Session and other events.

:bulletblue: Digital Art
Anything made digitally on a computer using software or anything like that.

:bulletblue: Traditional Art
Anything drawn only by hand on paper or other physical materials.

:bulletblue: Commissions, Art Trades, Gifts
Anything drawn for someone else. Please submit your commission info on the Journals folder instead of here.

:bulletblue: Photography
Anything that is taken by camera. Photomanipulations included.

:bulletblue: Painting
Anything you painted.

:bulletblue: Animation
Art that moves.

:bulletblue: Collage
The visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

:bulletblue: Cosplay
Anything about Cosplay, Film or Famous Character Costume.

:bulletblue: Tutorials
Share your tutorials and skills with other members.

:bulletblue: Admin Only
For Admins Only.

:bulletblue: Literature
Folder for writers.

:bulletblue: Artisan Crafts
Folder for handcrafted work. Anything you sew, mold, or fold goes here.

:bulletblue: 3D
3D models go here.

:bulletblue: Thursday Special Event

deviantART United by jonathoncomfortreed I Support CR - Red by electricjonny Happy Stamp by Seiorai
:bulletblue: Contest Folders

Fox emoji - hearts by Martith

If you have any suggestion or question, you can note any of the admins.


+ + + + + + + The Venusa Legion Assembly + + + + + +






Our Legioner visitors

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.”

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Thanks for visiting our Group, have a good day ^^
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Chikinugget Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you think it would be possible to add a "Commissions" folder? I don't feel like there's an applicable folder for commission arts, so I never end up submitting mine here.
GPAD Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Student Digital Artist
For like commission journals, or commissioned art in general?
Chikinugget Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I meant specifically commissioned art, but I don't mind if you want to make it broader than that. My main problem is just that stuff like art trades, commissions, gifts and stuff like that from one artist to another can't really be categorized as original or fan arts, and those are the 2 options that vensua-legion provides for traditional and digital art.
GPAD Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Added a new folder now. Thank you for the feedback.
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Danllen Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello everyone! I'm new in DA and also in this group! Hope I can share my art with all of you! :D Would love to know what you guys think. 
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