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I made this wallpaper as a request from :iconzmarra: , but in the end I couldn't keep it just for us. It's a singer of the group DBSK {Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki}. They go by a lot of names but this are the ones I know them by and I use.
I'm just addicted to them... :heart:

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Oh ok.. have you read all of the books of Vampire Academy? Up until Blood Promise? I love those books! So cool! And Richelle Mead really has a way with her stories.. :D

oh wow... so you're versatile when it comes to your taste in men? I mean 'cause some other women only prefer one type, for example like a woman only prefers American men..
me too.. I have different tastes in guys.. haha! lol! :))

Uhm.. me? I discovered DBSK because I have some Korean friends.. and they recommended that I try to listen to their songs.. and I loved it! But the song that I hated by DBSK is their song "Balloons".. It was so damn cheesy.. have you heard that song? If not, try to watch the video too! I didn't like it.. hehe.. :D

hey, try to listen to another Korean group called BIGBANG. they're awesome too! as in! And also 2ne1.. 2ne1's a girl Kpop group.. and BIGBANG is a male Kpop group.. I just love their songs! hehe..

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I haven't had the time to read them all,
But i'll make some time in the future.

I prefer every men. :D lol
Just like you, if i see a really cute gyu, i like him;
It doesn't matter what nationality he is.
All that counts are the brains, the good manners and looks. :D
That's all I care. :D

For me "Baloons" is the first song I've heard from them.
It really shocked me, the MV, I thought "How can this men have the courage to do something like this?" I, liked the MV :blush:, all I said in the end was... "Dorks." :D
Then, the second song and MV i think it was "Shine" or "My destiny"... I don't really remember.

And I like everything about Korean Kpop.
I also like BigBang, 2ne1, SNSD, SuJu, Shinee, Wonder Girls etc.
Also Korean movies. You?
Have you seen "Heading to the ground." Starring Jung Yunho? :heart:

If you want to talk more we can exchange our messenger ID or something else to keep in touch. :)
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Oh ok.. You should read the next book: "Blood Promise"..
I haven't read that book though.. Cause whenever I go to the store,
they always run out of copy.. So I'm always pissed off by that.. X(
But I know it's good cause it's by Richelle Mead.. love her books! :D

hahahahah! me too! I also prefer every type of guy..
I mean, if he's cute, I like him.. haha!
But sometimes I have weird tastes.. lolz!
do you like bad boys?
Uhm.. all that matters to me is the good looks, the sense of humor, and has brains..
but mostly the good looks count.. lol! :))

hahahaha! I didn't like their "Balloons" video. it was sooo weird and
so gay.. It was so not manly.. and was childish..
but it was kinda cute.. cause they spent time with kids in that video..
the other thing I didn't like in that video is, they wore costumes, which made it more weird..
hahahahah! Nice thinking! "how can these men have the courage to do something like this?" nice! haha!
oh.. I haven't watched those videos.. I'll try to watch other DBSK videos.. :D

wow! hehe.. what's SNSD stand for?
Oh ! I love the song "nobody" by Wonder Girls! hehe..
It's really catchy..
I also like Tmax..
My cousin also listens to Kpop, but she's more into the korean dramas and movies..
I'm into both.. :D
Oh yep.. I've seen 1 Korean movie: "Seducing Mr. Perfect"..
When I watched that movie, that was the time when I fell in love with Daniel Henney..
Makes me drool! lol!
Have you watched that movie?
Oh no.. I've not watched "Heading to the ground"..
But I've seen some pictures and trailer of it on the internet..

Have you watched "Boys Over Flowers"?
Starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Sang Bum, Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Hyung Joon..
I LOVE THAT SHOW! It's so funny and dramatic!
It made me laugh so hard and it made me cry too..
If you haven't watched that.. you should try..
and all of them sing pretty good..
Kim Hyun Joong is in SS501 and Kim Hyung Joon is in Tmax..
and Lee Min Ho has a song titled "Extreme" try to listen to it
Go to youtube and type "Extreme by Lee Min Ho" in the video, he has a partner Jessica Gomez
who's SOOOOOO beautiful.. She's the Asian version of Megan Fox.. lol! :D
and Kim Bum has a song "I'm Going to Meet her".. love that song too! :)

Uhm.. by the way, what website do you use when you watch Korean dramas? Just curious..
cause I use 4 sites..

Aww.. thanks! How friendly! that's nice! ;)
I can give you my ID.. it's

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I'll add you on messenger :) let's talk more there. :)
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but I'll be online around next week..
because my laptop is broken..
so I need to fix it..

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yep.. I also prefer him with black hair.. and shorter.. uhm.. the hair down til his neck.. not shoulder-length...

I love JJ's lips! haha! :))
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yeah, jj has such beautiful lips. :heart:
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haha! you got that right! ;)
Uhm.. I was just wondering.. why is it when you type DBSK in wikipedia, TVXQ (their other name) pops up? Which was their 1st name? DBSK or TVXQ?
And I'm just curious... what's your nationality? :D

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their first name vas Dong Bang Shin Ki (Dbsk)
tvxq, tohoshinki etc. are in other languages.

and i'm romanian :)
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oh ok.. hehe...

really?! that's SO cool!
There's also a Romanian in the book I'm reading!
Uhm.. you know the book Vampire Academy? hehe..

How did you discover DBSK then?

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I've read the book. :)

Well my cousin found a picture of Jae on the internet and "fell in love" :D
then we found pictures of the hole band and listened to some of their songs.

What about you>?
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JJ is so cute in there ^^
I prefer him with black hair,but he is amazing at all photos :XD: specially in this one you used in the large size, he was so young (he still is) and so dorable T_T
omg *fangirl* XD :heart:
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Duuude, one just can't help lovin' them asian guys XD
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I know... I really know... :heart:
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You rull matz-hyung :love:

You made it PERFECT :boogie:

DBSK 4 eva' :glomp:
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