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Kunzite by Venus-Snatch-Trap Kunzite :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 2 0 Self Insert Portrait by Venus-Snatch-Trap Self Insert Portrait :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 0 2 Morgan Portrait by Venus-Snatch-Trap Morgan Portrait :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 2 0 Sadface'd Wren by Venus-Snatch-Trap Sadface'd Wren :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 0 3 Moar Crap on Muro by Venus-Snatch-Trap Moar Crap on Muro :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 1 3 Paranoia by Venus-Snatch-Trap Paranoia :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 1 1 Blue Eyes by Venus-Snatch-Trap Blue Eyes :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 1 0 Cartoony Blonde by Venus-Snatch-Trap Cartoony Blonde :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 0 0

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:Rq:Gaara x reader: Neglected
:RQ: Gaara x reader: Neglected Drabble
Rqed by Vaneroxx
I don't own anything but this fan fiction 
He was a petty little monster. One who would rip you apart at the seems. No one could ever love him, or return the love he forced upon them. Or so he though. Fast forward a few years, he was the Kazekage of the hidden sand village and coated in love by the villages....and his beautiful wife... 
Too bad he didn't spend anytime with her.
"Gaara..." your voice rang out like music to his ear. Your finger tips riddled his skin as you sat your plump bum on the pile of paper work he was filling out. He looked up at you, those clear turquoise eyes prompting you to move. You didn't budge. His murderous gaze didn't faze you...nope,not one bit.
"I'm not moving at all." you said firmly. 
"That's fine." came his reply. With a flick on his wrist, there was sand under your bottom, lifting you up. You grumbled and made yourself as heavy as the Tian Tan.  He sighed and tried
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 32 3
Edward x Tall! Reader -Call Me Short One More Time

I've always had the unfortune of being tall. Hey I'm not going to complain too much about it, for it does have its perks.
For example, I can reach objects on higher levels, and I can pick on my friend Edward.
He's such a tiny fellow, but that's what makes him so cute! His anger about his height makes teasing him so much fun. But even with all those perks, being tall is a negativity.
All the males are shorter than me, so when I date one of them, it isn't one of those classic romantic, guy leans over to kiss the girl type of thing.
It's more like, we are both the same height, so all we do is lean across, or in worse case scenarios, I lean down to meet them. Sighing, I shake my head of the thought.
Continuing down the halls of the base, I close my eyes and hum a little tune quietly to myself. Stuck in my own little world, I didn't notice the person walking down the halls in front of me.
Walking straight into a body, my victim and I fall over with a lou
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 166 42
1 - French class [Sanji x Reader]
Nami and Robin were sunbathing and chatting about the weather, Brook was drinking tea, Zoro was probably napping somewhere on the deck of the Thousand Sunny while Chopper, Luffy and Ussop were, once again, admiring at all Franky's gadgets, like it wasn't the hundredth time that they saw it. The only one missing on the deck was the chef of the boat. Sanji, was making some snacks for everyone – well especially for the girls. Feeling bored you decided to join the ero-cook in the kitchen. As you stepped in the kitchen you heard Sanji grumble.
- I said nobody's in the kitchen while I'm cooking !If you are that hungry then eat your shoes Luffy !
- Oh...Hmmm...Sorry...I just wanted to chat with you .. but if you're busy I'll come back later !

Sanji turned around and looked at you with his creepy heart eyes.
- Oh ______-chwaaan ! Noo, you can stay, I thought it was our idiotic captain again. Take a seat, I'll give you something to eat !
- Thanks, Sanji-kun.
- You're welcome my
:iconcawy-x:Cawy-x 238 76
Hitachiin Twins x Foreign!Reader -- Learning Fast
               “Hey, you got any gum?”
            (Name) jumped in her seat, the novel she was struggling through tumbling to the floor with a dull thump. It would take her forever to find the page she left off on. She stifled a groan before looking to see who had spoken the two students in front of her were tipped back in their chairs, presenting their identical faces to her. Upside-down faces.
            She gulped as she mentally replayed their inquiry. “Uh, gum?”
            They nodded upside-down. “Yeah.”
            “You like mint?”
            “Whatever,” was the simultane
:iconhidingfromhumans:hidingfromhumans 199 21
6- I can't give you my heart! [LuffyxReader]
    The young pirate was standing in front you, his round eyes were fixed on you, tears freely falling from them.
- I'm sorry I can't give you my heart, ____ !
   You froze instantly. Did he found out about your feelings ? You had a crush on your captain for some time now, but you honestly thought that he was too stupid to figure it out. You silently gulped, your throat was dry, you weren't mentally prepared for that. Should you deny it ? Confront your feelings for good ? Ignore it ? More importantly how did he found out ? Why was he telling you this ? Did your feelings were a burden for him ? Your brain was about to explode, you had to think of something and quick ! In addition, before you could repress them, some traitorous tears started streaming down your face and by the time you could hide them, Luffy's warm fingers were already brushing them off, surprised you instinctively stepped back.
- Sorry, I am so sorry ____. I wish I could but I really can't
:iconcawy-x:Cawy-x 316 56
Air Gear [Agito x Reader] Chapter 1
You sat there at your desk staring out into the night sky before looking at your mother who stood by the door. She seemed really annoyed with something, though you had no clue what you did wrong.
“Why, do I keep hearing from the neighbours that a female around your age keeps sneaking out at night to get into those fights?”
“What? Mother…I can’t even escape this prison in the first place and second I am not the only teenager who is 14 around here…So please ask them if they saw my face before questioning me…”
Your mother sighed and then shut the door before locking it once more…You sat there annoyed how you had to always be locked in your room studying constantly, you really never felt free at all. Why did your parents lock you in, why couldn’t they let you do as you please?
You then carried on writing away until your phone buzzed, reacting to it you quickly picked up and answered.
:iconrunningmanfan1:Runningmanfan1 17 7
Unveiled: Older! Ciel x Reader
            Ciel had told Lord Grey to be quiet then silently stared out the window. Seated next to Ciel, you occasionally look over at him trying to piece together what could have made you guilty in his eyes. ‘The only evidence brought to mind is the fact that you were reading that book about poison when he came to get you and probably saw it even though you did not mention it until later. Plus he confessed to having feelings for you that very same day, if he cares so much how can he throw you to the wolves without definitive proof? Perhaps you were set up by some outside force and that was the reason for you being kidnapped, not that Ciel knows as far as you can tell’. Venturing away from such thoughts, you look over at Lord Grey who momentarily makes eye contact with you sending a glare which you return. The man is about to say something but Sebastian whispers something to him that causes him to be silent. Nodding to
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 307 112
Lies: Older! Ciel x Reader
            Groggy. That’s how you felt right now; your eyelids did not want to open even your limbs felt too heavy to lift. There’s a cold sensation on your wrist but you have no idea what it is, maybe the blanket wasn’t covering it. Even if that is the case you have no way of knowing or doing anything about it. It crosses your mind that you are sick but you also wonder why none of the maids have come to wake you yet, after all it probably is somewhere near the middle of the day. You can only tell from the light pouring down on you that seeps through to your shielded eyes. With nothing to do you resign to going back to sleep. Right as the world of dreams was about to take over your consciousness the creaking of a metal door sounds in front of where you currently are. ‘That’s weird, my door doesn’t creak, perhaps the maid brought a tea pot and that’s what I heard,’ you think to yourse
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 166 59
Distrust: Older! Ciel x Reader
            The carriage ride back to your house was silent after you ended the conversation both because you did not wish to talk anymore and Ciel did not know what to say. Both of you looked out the windows trying to ignore each other’s presence for the time being more so you than him. Ciel kept his gaze out the window but his thoughts are on you trying to figure out some way he can get through to you that he is no longer acting. In the mean time you are trying to console yourself and wondering why you gave him a second chance when there is no chance that you trust anything he says about your relationship. At your mansion the two of you pretend to be a happy couple while having dinner with your parents quite the opposite either of you were feeling at the moment. Ciel tried to enjoy it while it lasted and you simply wanted to get it over. The only thing that you do not have to fake is the love you have for Ciel even if he we
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 170 43
Questions: Older! Ciel x Reader
            A couple days have passed since Ciel revealed the case he has been working on to you. You sent him a letter stating that he can meet you this afternoon to tour one of your family’s factories but left out anything else that you wanted to say to him thinking it would be better to do so in person. You have made up your mind to call off your engagement to Ciel seeing as he most likely has no genuine feelings towards you, after all, who falls in love in such a short time? Aside from that, the only proof that he might have felt anything is when he immediately made it clear to Undertaker that you were his. That was probably just another part of the act, what better way to figure out your family secrets than pretend you want to be a part of it? Running a hand through your hair you make your way to the study to read a bit before heading out with your father and Ciel. Ciel is most likely going to arrive early and tell you w
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 182 24
Sheltered: Older! Ciel x Reader
            Ciel looks at you silently for a minute mulling something over in his mind then nods as a sign of acceptance to your being involved with this case. Steeling himself for your inevitable bad reaction he speaks,
“I’m investigating your family for a serial killer.”
Raising an eyebrow you wonder for a second if he’s serious then start to laugh at the ridiculousness of his statement,
“Right and I’m best friends with the queen,” you sarcastically respond quieting your laughter, “That was good, now really, what’s the case you’re working on?”
“I was being serious,” Ciel deadpans not at all amused and still waiting for you to get mad at him for doing his job.
This time you just stare at him silently all kinds of questions bombarding you, ‘How could he possibly think my family has anything to do with this? Did he know this when he proposed to me? I
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 150 15
Older! Ciel x Reader: Hidden
            Ciel walks into his office where an expected but unwanted guest is waiting for him a smug smile upon his lips,
“Well, what does the Queen want?” he questions the man curtly not bothering with pleasantries.
“The Queen wants to know how your plan is progressing. She is quite eager to hear what you have found out about the (Last name) family’s business,” the man answers with a glare though keeping his voice even.
“I’m still investigating the matter; the (Last name) family is good at keeping things from others. In order to gain their trust and get closer to the family I have engaged myself to their only daughter,” Ciel informs him taking a seat at his office chair coldly looking at the queen’s servant before him.
“Do proceed quickly, Her Majesty wants this matter resolved soon,” the man states with finality getting up from his seat and exiting, “See you
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 183 38
Revealing: Older! Ciel x Reader
Notice: This is a continuation of my first Ciel story Secrets and I've decided to make it into a series so I hope you enjoy
            Since Ciel proposed to you things have definitely been interesting. You’ve slowly started to discover his secrets; of course he doesn’t seem to mind telling you as every one of them has a price to go with it. One thing you’ve been curious about is if he really did get over Elizabeth’s sudden death even though it was years ago. It’s been a week since he proposed to you and the only things you’ve managed to learn are his love of sweets and games of any kind. You want to know more personal things though in order to better understand him. Rather than asking his servants for the information you want to hear it from his mouth so he won’t take any offense to your curiosity. Currently you have just arrived at Ciel’s mansion under invitation to have lun
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 293 23
Secrets: Older!Ciel x Reader
       A glance, it was just a small look but you could sense the darkness, the cold heart, see the innocence in his eyes that tried to look bored with the world. Each move measured, actions accounted for, and even every word that slipped from his lips was practiced in his head before anyone ever heard them. How can someone hold such control over themselves? The man’s blue eyes seem to gaze around you as though you’re invisible or just not good enough to be seen. He seems far too intent on finding whatever it is he’s tracking to pay much attention to his surroundings.  Another man follows him carrying a darker aura than the young man but he does not peak your interest. The hidden fire that courses through his being is quite obvious to you; however this is Lord Ciel Phantomhive you’re talking about, his secrets should stay hidden. You do not know Lord Phantomhive very well personally, although your family does work with him in
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 556 105
3- Flower crown [MinatoxReader]
You finally had a day off after such a long time. You let the cool breeze ruffle your hair as you headed toward your secret spot. No one knew about this place. You went down the hill and laid on your back on the grass surrounded by flowers and closed your eyes enjoying the sunny day. After a few minutes you frowned, something cast a shadow on your face and you cursed, you slowly opened your eyes, ready to glare to whoever was disturbing your nap. Your eyes widened as you noticed a smile a few inches of your face. A smile that you knew too well.
- Minato...., you sighed even though you were happy to see him.
- ____ you shouldn't frown, you're cuter when you smile, the blond haired boy stated.
You rolled on your side to hide your blush.
- What are you doing here ? You asked.
- Enjoying the sun, he smiled, laying next to you.
- This place is my secret place don't come as you please..., you said trying to act angry.
- I know that's why I came he
:iconcawy-x:Cawy-x 135 16
2- Selfishness. [ItachixReader]
Don't read if you haven't finished season 6 of NS
    You weren't from the Uchiha's clan but you spent almost all your youth within them, more especially with a certain person : Itachi Uchiha. You hated him at the beginning, he was good looking and the best in everything he did and you were jealous of him since everything you tried failed miserably. You started to spy on him, hoping that you'll find techniques to beat him, but it never worked and he found out pretty easily that you were watching him. Itachi has never been the kind of guy who's close to people so you felt really special when he agreed to spend time with you to help you train and that's how you became friend with this little prodigy.
After the massacre of his clan, he tried to brainwash you like he did to his little brother but you weren't as naive as Sasuke and knew there was something more to it.  After arguing for days, he finally decided that he could trust you and
:iconcawy-x:Cawy-x 55 21




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