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Princess of Ruin [Visual Novel]

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Princess of Ruin is now released!
This is an otome, fantasy visual novel for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A demo is also available:
For more details, visit at
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Could you make another link for the walkthrough? I know you already post one in your twitter page but when I click it tells me there's a general error.
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i loved it! your games are what got me in to dating sims and visual novels. i hope you continue to make games!
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The guys remind me of Frozen Essence's characters; it's like the new version of them.

Their designs seem reminiscent of them one way or another.

Left to right (bottom row): Aurelius, Rune, Mina, Oryon, Caius
Top: Zareh and Varian

Hahaha; I still remember their names!
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 I never thought of it that way :D
I don't see resemblances like this myself when I make the art.
It'll be interesting if you'll see resemblances when I show new character art in the new project.
I guess there's no way for an artist to draw characters who look completely different from the old ones. :D
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i have thoroughly enjoyed this game so far!! i'll be checking out unbrokenhours's other stuff for sure!!

btw thanks for making this available for mac >.< i really do appreciate it!!
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I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for playing so far! :D
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I just got done playing the demo and.. THE CLIFF HANGERRR IT HURTTSS!!! In other words, I'm definitely buying the full game later today!! XD The art is really pretty and the plot is amazing and interesting. I've only played the demo and have seen three out of six of the boys and I already think it's a great game! 
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I'm glad you think so! I do hope you enjoy the game!
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Ahhhh so excited! :D Frozen essence was <3. You have no idea how many times i replayed Caius' route these past years. Caius is my bae <3  His ending made me cry so many times. Still love it. Have it downloaded even on my school laptop. I'll be sure to buy this game when I can! Very excited to play it!
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Oh my goodness. That's really cool and I didn't know people would replay it so much. ^^

Thanks! I hope you have fun playing it since Princess of Ruin is much more polished and clean unlike Frozen Essence, lol.
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First I was like "YAY!!! A new game after so many years!!!!!" then I was like "Awe......" after I saw the price on it. Ahh well guess I better start spending XD
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If you're unsure why the price is like that, just check the features. I added a lot of content. :D
There's 24 endings, 4 per guy, and it's pretty long. ^-^
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Well I think I is good to be charging you games now because in a sense it shows the support from the fans I think this defintly deserves some money compared to your previous projectslike frozen essence. The true endmade me so sad lol.
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Ever since I fell for the stories imbedded in Frozen Essence, I have been waiting for this game with bated breath.  Each character is amazing, and your approach to the storytelling and the otome game framework is so unique!!  Here I come!!! By New Years, you have my money!! 
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Thank you so very much.
I hope you enjoy the story when you get to play!
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In this post, things that could possibly spoil anything (not much, though) are in small font. Beware.

Wheeee, I just finished my first playthrough! :woohoo:

I went after Xallaun, kind of against myself, because I usually pursue the guys who look hardest to get, but there was just something about him that caught my attention (what can I say, I'm a sucker for men with tragic backstories). I loved his path (got only the Light path so far) and am now reluctant to follow anyone else - I mean, I'm sure I'll do that eventually, but I have a feeling I've already found my favorite. :D

All in all, there were some resemblances to Frozen Essence (a girl wakes up in a palace, there are others with her, they use magic, they venture out by accident and meet more people), all that, but it still felt like a completely different game. You did a tremendous job. If you make any games in the future - you have my money. :)
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Xallaun is also one of my favorites but I'm probably biased ^_^

Thank you for leaving your thoughts. I love knowing what people think and thank you for your support! :D
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Playing through this after I play through Hakuouki on PS3 and Backstage Pass, so excited~
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I hope you have fun! :D
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Hey I always get an error message :

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While loading the script.
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-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
 File "C:\Program Files\Princess of Ruin Preview Demo\renpy\", line 289, in bootstrap
 File "C:\Program Files\Princess of Ruin Preview Demo\renpy\", line 244, in main
 File "C:\Program Files\Princess of Ruin Preview Demo\renpy\", line 2002, in load_module
 File "renpy/common/_errorhandling.rpym", line 30, in script
   style _default:
 File "C:\Program Files\Princess of Ruin Preview Demo\renpy\", line 1992, in execute
   s = # undefinedvariable
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'get_or_create_style'

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