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Something has happened I need to post about.
Before I continue, let it be clear I did not know anything of this until just about two days ago.

I will write this as chronologically as possible when the events happened, and when I knew about it.
Names have been changed for this purpose.

About a year ago (so in 2018) a friend of mine at the time (from now on named as A) asked another artist (named B now) to edit a drawing. A wanted him to edit a drawing I made.
The artist, B, decided to edit the picture, knowing he didn't have permission of the original artist.
B gave this picture to A.
I've been told either of these people posted it publicly. Who the hell it is I don't care, it doesn't matter. I care that my character, my work was edited without my permission.
Artist B decided to not contact me, that they wanted nothing to do with it. OK, but then fast forward to the present.

Within the last two weeks a different friend of mine at the time (calling him C) came into contact with artist B.
B spoke to C about this and showed the picture as well.
Speaking (behind my back) about me and this situation, and definitely not talking about something they never wanted to do with (sarcasm).
That means this situation that should have only been spoken to me about is now being told between two people who just met, who are strangers to each other.
C decided to not talk with me about it but as far as I know with two other people I know.
Of which one came forward and that's how I found out about it.

I went to C with this information.
I asked who the artist was, C refused to tell me and the artist B refused too as well via the chat with C, according to C.
This should be spoken about between those who it's about, not including anyone else. Yet they both decided to hide behind anonimity, being scared to have B talk to me.

If you are truly sorry and regretful and all you ever wanted to do is to contact the person it's about, then now was your chance. Instead I had to find out on my own accord. That will not help your case at all. If it wasn't for how things happened after, I would have posted the artist name in this journal.
In any case, I had gone to A earlier and asked the artist name.
By "coincidence" before I could message the artist B, B messaged me.
I had to go through all sorts of extra trouble, talking through someone who does not read what I say or even understands English properly, I had to first find out this artist's name before he messaged me. What is this, a game?
This is all wasteful time and energy on everyone involved.
We could have spoken about this artist to artist, but now I have to clean up the mess you made for touching and editing my piece and my character.

By the end of it, the artist B acknowledges it was wrong and he won't do something like this again without permission.
It is only because I severely hope they mean that, that I will not take further (legal) action, nor post their name here.

I hope anyone who is an artist, who makes art, be it for a living or not, or someone who uses artwork, that they respect another artist and their work, ask for permission if they want to use or touch/edit the piece in any shape or form. And if you fuck up bad? Own up to it. If you have a chance to talk to the person(s) involved, then do it. Don't sit on your arse and let others talk for you.
That is what it means to be a respectful human being, and a true artist.

Suffice to say I really hope everyone learned from this. That this does not happen to anyone else, especially those who have been involved in this situation.

Names have been changed for this purpose, but I could have written all the names and contacts and links to those involved. I decided this time not to. Even the artist, because he said he won't do it again, that he has learned from this.
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Man, I wouldn't even dream about doing something like this to another person. :(

I'm so sorry this happened to you. :hug: You did not deserve this at all.

Hope it never happens again and that these people really did learn from their mistakes.
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No, you're not the only one ^^; 

Thanks :hug:s back

Yeah, I hope so too. It's all done for me, and fine. But now that eyes are on the artist, I hope they keep to their word. I don't want this happen to me or anyone else, no one deserves this. 
Thanks again though :hug: