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One of my newest characters. Still unnamed for now.
Its head is based on that of a bear´s skull, in particular the Andean bear.

I am really happy how this turned out. I had gotten the idea spontaneously, out of nowhere, and the skull... the shading...
YEP! I´m very glad with it!

When I first  started drawing skulls last year, I was worried it wouldn´t be something I could do. At the very least, that it would take me an enormous amount of time to get a handle on.
A skull is a strange concept for me to draw.
Now I know more and more how to draw one, perhaps some day I can start designing my own self/created creatures with showing how their skulls look like!

Art made by: Ventus-Fall
Character©: :iconventus-fall:

>> Please do not repost any artwork I make unless you fully credit me and link back to my profile/website and/or link to the original artwork. Editing any artwork is not allowed, nor are you allowed to claim the artwork or any characters I draw as your own. You can only claim the character as your own if you are the creator and owner of the character, you cannot claim the artwork as your own in any case. Any characters I draw belong to their owners respectively. <<
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© 2020 - 2021 Ventus-Fall
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Skulls are pretty difficult for me too, so I know how you feel. :O_o:

This looks so awesome though! :love: You did amazing!

Love the lighting effects too!

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Yeah! ^^ 
Thank you o3o

Haha, same. I love lights and glowy stuff. So whenever I can implement them, I do!