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Boxed Solus

Completed 9th December, 2019.

It's been very difficult to work on any art, considering my PC is completely non-functioning right now, which is where I create most of my work.
Luckily I do have a back-up, although creating/finishing any art does take a bit longer than usual.

In any case! Hope you enjoy Solus in a box!
Finally she too has found and jumped into her own lil' box ;D

Art made by: Ventus-Fall
Character©: :iconventus-fall:

>> Please do not repost any artwork I make unless you fully credit me and link back to my profile/website and/or link to the original artwork. Editing any artwork is not allowed, nor are you allowed to claim the artwork or any characters I draw as your own. You can only claim the character as your own if you are the creator and owner of the character, you cannot claim the artwork as your own in any case. Any characters I draw belong to their owners respectively. <<

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© 2019 - 2021 Ventus-Fall
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Love the colors on this! =D

Sorry to hear about your PC. >_<

Hope you'll be able to fix it soon.

Hope you're doing well otherwise. :hug:

Ventus-Fall's avatar
Thank you!
It is new littlemascot for my business cards xD

PC was unfixable, so have a new  PC now, butI still have to set it al up how I want it exactly. Luckily I got the streaming+recording set up, my email,  games xD Yup.
I´m doing good o3o  Yourself=  (ahhh why is my question mark key not working!)
Schizo-Of-Destiny's avatar

That's so awesome! I never had business cards except some joke ones as a kid. Maybe I'll get some serious business cards once my new thing takes off. :meow:

Ugh, the whole set-up process is the worst part about getting a new PC, but I'm glad you were able to get one! =D I hope it's to your liking.

Also good to hear you're doing well. :aww:

As for me, things are a bit messy. I sent you a discord message some time ago, but I can send you another update if you'd like. :)

(maybe your question mark doesn't work because your keyboard settings are set to 'international' or something that isn't 'international'? Mine messes up if I set it to NL :P )

Ventus-Fall's avatar
Yes, you should definitely get some then! :P

Yeah... at least it runs DOOM without any issues! xD
Not that my other PC really had any issues with DOOM either, but wwith the intro it would stutter a little bit. 

Oh! Sure, I don't use Discord that often, moreso Telegram. It's easier for me to use xD
But I'll check it out in the following days. I hope you're doing well though ;-;

I tried to indeed set that up like so, but it's being dumb.