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The note taking manager

By ventimocha
Our manager types feverishly in all meetings, even one on one conversations. For every stupid word we utter, he spends 2x - 3x the time typing it down. And more often than not he doesn't grasp the meaning of what we said. This is just one example of what really happened. We were all like, "have you been here the whole time in the same meeting with us? What made you reach that conclusion that we are the ones that need help when it's you that have done nothing?"

I live in a living Dilbert hell.
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The type of manager EVERYONE loves.
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 After that meeting, my coworkers said I was visibly irritated and looked "about to explode". I started doodling/meditating on the spot lol!
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I had a guy in my office that used to do this... it's quite unnerving.  I don't think these people are actually taking notes... I think they're working on a novella.  That would explain how little they seem to comprehend what is actually being said.
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Lol! I was thinking I need to bring my laptop into meetings and write a novel. 

its amazing how some people could advance so high in the corporate world with so little between their ears.