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(Welcome to my Bio! I'm more active on Instagram these days. My Instagram is…)

Art had always been my least favorite class and my worst subject in my school days. I have horrible hand writing too- it's like I have little control of my hands. So I never dreamed I could draw anything.

After I'm all grown up and started working, I started making dolls (sackboys for you PS gamer peeps), and I couldn't figure out how to place the facial features to look cute. So I bought myself a "figure drawing for dummies" book. After some practices, I could draw better than stick figures with things I learned! I started taking screenshots of interesting faces I saw on TV and sketched them. I learned some pencil techniques from "Five pencil method" on youtube and improved quite a bit.

I put my pencil down for a few years after I had kids, focusing on photography, scrapbooking and oh, keep my babies alive. I recently picked it up again after stumbling upon Proko on youtube. He does such amazing job on explaining figure drawing I decided to tackle the body, in addition to faces. (Actually the reason I browsed youtube for tutorials is all of a sudden I had this idea in my head that I wanted to paint with acrylic. To complete that painting I needed to understand figure drawing and gesture drawing, not just faces.)

Hopefully I can keep it up longer than a few months this time around!

My favorite resources:
1. PROKO TV (learn the fundamentals in a fun way)-…

1a. This is the most amazing brief of what to learn when it comes to human figures. So I'm inserting this toward the top of the list!…

2. five pencil method if you want to draw realistically- Start with this playlist:…

3. It's mostly for digital artist but he covered a lot of basic concept such as line weight, composition gesture drawing and perspective that all beginners can benefit from.

4. Sycra: He tends to ramble on and on but he has so many useful videos and he explains things for dummies. I don't follow his video playlists from beginning to end, rather I search for my question and watch relevant video(s) he has.
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-Collect artworks, screenshots that you like that has good color palette and contrasts, and do quick studies (20min - 1 hr). Pay attention to value studies.
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Easter Sunday morning - me thinking, "this is the perfect morning to go to Costco. There will hardly be anyone here."Sure enough, there was NO ONE there because it was closed. The same thing happens every f' easter sunday. I'll never learn.
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THINGS TO THINK ABOUT: Who Where When Personality appearance Age mannerisms attitude physical details -------------- Story gesture design forms details SHAPES: use simple shapes variety. big to small, long to short, fat to thin, from person to person and/or from head to toe. ALL THINGS TO CONSIDER - DESIGN: Construction, caricature, basic shapes, volume, form, line, shape variation, silhouette, positive-negative space, balance, contrast, unity, color, value, variety, rhythm, flow, placement, scale, proportion. EXERCISES: Draw a caricature of yourself Recall actions, emotions you had this last week Draw them It is ok t
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Happy Birthday! Birthday cake  icon 
Thank you! Hope you had great holidays too!
Thanks for the watch!
Pleasure is all mine!
thank you for the fave ad :D
Thanks for the fave! 
And... wow, You're truly dadicated to drawing, keep up the good work! :heart: 
Welcome to dALibrary! :tea: :biscuit:

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