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Requiem - Chapter 20
Soren slowly opened his crimson eyes to find himself lying on a pallet of soft blankets and sheets, the chipper sound of voices echoing from just outside of Ella and Tami’s cottage home.
The dragon blinked, lifting a paw to rub at his crimson eyes before he slowly worked himself upright. He was incredibly sore and weary, but all it took was recalling the last things that had happened to him to put life and energy back into his step.
Ike hadn’t abandoned him. Mistakes had been made, but their friendship remained steadfast and stronger than ever.
A small smile flickered to the dragon’s lips as he shook himself, moving over to the door and nudging it open with his snout. It was funny to him how the movement didn’t disturb him as it once would’ve. After accepting the part of himself that he had always fought against, being stuck as a dragon didn’t seem so bad.
Especially not when Ike had completely accepted it, as well.
Soren stepped outside, blinking at
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Requiem - Chapter 19
Soren plummeted, wind whipping at his useless wings and battering at his long tail, the whistle created by the speed of his descent taunting him with the knowledge that he was probably going to die here.
He pushed these thoughts away as quickly as he could. Ike was all he was concerned about; it didn’t matter if he himself died in this fall.
The commander had managed to slit the throat of the laguz that had tackled him, and he now kicked the corpse free and let go of the knife he’d held, free-falling through the air towards the ground that waited far below. He had yelled at first, but now he was pale-faced and silent, knowing that screaming would get him nowhere.
The young man twisted sharply in the air, dark-blue eyes widening at the voice. “Soren?!” he gasped as the dragon swept in close. “Wh-What are you doing?! I tried to save you! You weren’t supposed to just fall over with me!”
“You have saved me, Ike.
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Orin by Ventarix Orin :iconventarix:Ventarix 1 1
Requiem - Chapter 18
It wasn’t hard for Soren to pick up the trail of the other mercenaries. All he had to do was follow Rhys’ bloodstained path back to the ambush site, then look from there. Not that it would be an easy thing.
The scene of the attack was a mess of blood and bodies. Luckily, none of the corpses on the ground belonged to the Greil Mercenaries, but it was still a horrifying sight. Feral laguz bodies littered the area, along with a few of the mercenaries’ horses. Soren winced when he saw Ike’s black steed lying twisted on the ground, guts hewn through the dirt from a pair of sharp claws.
The dragon turned away from the sight, bending his head to begin sniffing the ground. It felt a little degrading, smelling the dirt like a dog, but he shoved his feelings away on the subject. It was the only thing he could think to do in order to find his friends.
Picking his way through the scattered bodies and pools of crimson liquid, he managed to locate a scent that was not that of
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Shadows Calling Chapter 68
Jirios soared high over Kilvas castle, searching for the last two people he needed to see. The first was his father, as he needed to say a few things to him.
And last, but not least, was Adrian.
The boy hadn't sought him out to speak with him since he had ran from the infirmary the other day, and the assassin needed to find him again.
Strangely enough, the two were together. Adrian was running in unpredictable circles, chasing a butterfly, as Whispin watched him, seemingly amused at the boy's antics.
The older white dragon lifted his head as Jirios landed, eyeing his son quietly, forepaws folded over one another. "Jirios," he greeted calmly, as a hello and a warning for Adrian that his friend had arrived. "What brings you?"
"Things," his son answered, glancing at Adrian.
Adrian twisted around to look at Jirios, then promptly ran over and buried himself in Whispin's paws.
"Adrian..." Jirios said forlornly, letting Rose slip off of his back as he took a step closer, lowering his head dow
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Shadows Calling Chapter 67
Adrian was trotting along a wall, his arms flung out to the sides to help him keep balance.
Rose found it odd to see him without Jirios, so she went to check on the commander.
When she approached the infirmary, she instantly knew something was off. There was a generally colder air about the room, and she didn't even have to get inside to see that Jirios wasn't there.
The trail of blood drips leading from the room and off down the hall was a big enough sign to her.
Rose broke into a run, following the trail of blood. "Jirios!" she screamed, her eyes not straying from the trail as she knew it would lead directly to him. "Jirios!"
It lead all the way down to the ocean's edge, where Rose found him slumped against a tall, sweeping palm tree, staring out over the water. Blood dripped, very slowly and delicately, from the corner of his mouth, but it was already stilling. Not that he was close to dying, far from it.
But from the small tracks down his cheeks, he had been crying, and that
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Shadows Calling Chapter 66
The next morning dawned bright and early, revealing a quiet hush that had fallen over the castle. It found a weary, battle-worn Jirios sitting up in an infirmary bed, the white shirt and black pants he had been provided with hanging low on his body. Even to those who didn't know him well, the exhaustion showed clearly on his face, coupled with some unknown feeling that apparently had surfaced in the night. From the disheveled state of his long black hair, he hadn't slept well, coupled with the dark circles under his eyes.
His thoughts wouldn't let him rest. He didn't know what to think now that Manteke was gone. It was a mixture of relief and a faint feeling of dread. Relief that the evil man was gone, and dread because, what now? Certainly he would return to being the leader of the Saorsa Mercenaries. He could never abandon them, not for anything. But he still couldn't piece what the odd feeling that had kept him awake all through the night was.
To be honest, all he wanted to do was h
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Shadows Calling Chapter 65
Whispin was able to carry most of them on the return trip, though they had to pause a few times to let him rest, and some raven laguz soldiers had to carry the rest. But they made it back in due time, landing safely on the shores of Kilvas.
Mist ran over to them as Whispin touched down, looking over the group for any sign of injury or any missing members. She nearly sobbed with relief when she did not see any.
Shinon was quick to slide off of Whispin's back, and held up his hand to Saia to help her and Lexy get down.
The laguz took his hand gently, sliding from Whispin's back and into the archer's arms, Lexy held in her opposite arm, tucked safely against her mother's neck.
Rhys was next off, looking careworn and exhausted, but well enough. Especially when Mia tumbled her way off, ending up knocking them both over. Rhys laughed, however, gently kissing her forehead.
Adrian was the next fastest to run over to Whispin, screaming Jirios' name. He looked around on Whispin's back for his br
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Requiem - Chapter 17
The red-haired woman glanced up upon hearing her name, blinking her eyes wearily as light illuminated Oscar’s room. “Boyd,” she said by way of greeting, standing up to face him. “What is it?”
“How is he?”
Titania sighed. It was the seventh time that hour that the warrior had entered the room to ask after the paladin. Turning her gaze down to where the eldest of the three brothers lay, Titania took in the sight of him, still unconscious. Occasionally his eyelids flickered, as if he wanted to open them, but was unable to. The deputy-commander lowered her hand and stroked his hair back, checked the healing burns on the side of his face, then lifted her gaze back to Boyd and said “Still the same. No change.”
As had happened each time she reported the same thing back to him, but with increasing frustration on his end, Boyd gritted his teeth, clutching the handle of his axe so hard that his knuckles turned white. Th
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Shadows Calling Chapter 64
Addar felt a few tears slip down his cheeks, and he quickly moved up his hands to cover them. Pulling away from Rose, the boy shakily stood, moving over to Jirios. Meghan was already over there, her healing magic being pushed to its limit as she worked to heal the dragon. Gently, Addar pushed her staff aside.
"I can do it," he said, an odd white glow forming around his hands. As Kyrik had passed his mother's life force into Addar, the boy had felt some sense of order quell his chaotic magic powers, and now, he felt in control of them. He placed his hands on Jirios' side, and the glow quickly spread, healing the dragon.
Jirios' destroyed body began to right as the power flooded over him. He let out a soft, pained sigh, keeping his eyes closed, even as Rose once again took his head into her lap, stroking his bloody scales gently. He was limp even after being healed, utterly exhausted from the battle and his days of captivity. But as Addar healed him, he left the brink of death and return
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Shadows Calling Chapter 63
"No! No!" Shinon screamed, running towards Saia. He didn't care that he was charging straight into danger - he had eyes only for the fallen laguz, and her child. "Saia! Lexy! Saia!" he shouted.
"No, no no no! Give them back! Give them to me!" he demanded.
"Why should I, when all I would be returning is a corpse?" Manteke purred, then threw Saia's limp form towards Leanne. "Close the wound," he ordered, lifting his hand at Jirios now. He sent out a spell that caused a long chain to form between his hand and the dragon's neck, which he promptly jerked on. Jirios roared as if wounded, turning his half-conscious, broken gaze up at the sage.
"Come," was the order, and Jirios immediately flared his wings open and leapt skyward, landing near Manteke a moment later.
Shinon let out a bellow of anger. "Lexy! GIVE ME LEXY, NOW!" he ordered.
Addar dropped off of Jirios' back, moving to stand next to his father's side with an expression of horror.
Leanne, crying, knelt o
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Requiem - Chapter 16
Soren paced. He found that he could do nothing else but pace. Stride the floor, claws clicking softly against the wood as he walked, tail lashing from side to side.
Ella was caring for Rhys. The healer was resting now, settled on a pallet of blankets in front of the fire in order to keep him warm. His bloodstained robes had been removed down to the thin pants he wore under them, and his bare chest was bound in compresses and bandages. His skin was pale – dreadfully so – and he had developed a slight fever. Ella did her best to keep cold rags pressed to his forehead.
Soren cursed, a bit of fire leaking from his jaws. What could’ve done something like this? He had gotten a good look at the wounds crossing the healer’s chest as Ella had worked on him. They had been claw marks, unmistakably. Soren’s first thought was an animal, but he had doubts about that supposition.
Whatever did this had to be at least semi-intelligent, he thought, watching Rhys
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Requiem - Chapter 15
Soren lay quietly on the bed, watching as Ella stoked the fire. Against his belly, Tami shifted and rested her cheek against his warm black scales, sighing in her sleep.
The dragon was resting in the little hut with the two he had chosen to protect, still feeling a bit woozy from blood loss. Ella (that was the mother’s name) had safely removed the poker from his chest and had bandaged him up firmly. He’d been lucky, she had said, that the tool-turned-weapon hadn’t punctured a lung or gouged out his heart.
Now, with his narrow chest swathed in a mass of white bandages and his stomach full of warm stew, the dragon felt a sense of something that he hadn’t felt in a while.
He was content. Content and…was that happiness, that he felt?
No, he thought, shaking his horned head. I’m just tired, that’s all. Besides…without him, can I ever be happy again?
Ella glanced over as the dragon yawned, smiling at him. “How are y
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Shadows Calling Chapter 62
Manteke stared down from the lofty perch he had set himself upon, watching the battle below.
His army had finally met the laguz one, and both had literally collided in battle. Dragons howled through the air, sending bolts of fire down upon the beasts below, while Feral laguz charged amidst their fellows, tearing warrior after warrior apart.
And bound by Manteke's side, forced to watch the chaos alongside the one he hated, was Kyrik, brutalized and beaten, blood dripping steadily from his little feline nose.
"Shall I join the fray, milord?"
Soul, newly recovered and back at Manteke's side, had been with him since the start of the fight, using her magic to control the feral ones she had converted from the rear lines. However, if she were on the field, she could contribute more to the fight...
Not that it was entirely needed. If the battle kept going as it had been, it would be a victory for the new rulers.
"Not yet, my dear, not yet." Manteke's voice was cool and collected, his red-maroo
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Shadows Calling Chapter 61
Wyr was nestled on Israel's back, and the group was finally heading home. The tired, frail little beorc was glad to being going back to the castle, even if it wasn't really his home. He counted every place where Israel was as his home, though.
Israel let out a soft trill and looked over his shoulder at Wyr, then further back to view Tibarn and his retainers and Wil and Void. Wil was still carrying Whispin and Adrian on his wyvern, and neither had moved much.
"Are we close?" the raven called back to the others. Janaff cawed a reply.
"We're close. I can see it...uh-oh."
The hawk offered nothing more, but he did pick up the pace quite a bit.
The castle was destroyed.
Just like the hawk one, the raven fortress had fallen as well. Dead and dying ravens lay scattered, and to their shock, Naesala was one of them. Only Leanne knew how it had happened; a dragon had tried to attack her and Naesala had engaged it in full combat without thinking.
"Easy, easy, hold still," Meghan said, kneeling ove
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Shadows Calling Chapter 60
Naesala leaned back in his chair, exhaling as he looked out the window.
He wished Tibarn would hurry up and return already. The war was constantly shifting, and he wanted to figure out which side was currently winning.
With many of the others gone, there weren't many people for Leanne to speak with. Not even her brother.
Not even her brother.
She doubted she'd get another free moment when Tibarn, her brother, and the rest returned, so she used her time now to find Naesala.
As always, it did not take her too long - she was accustomed to finding him in his room now. She knocked gently on the door, waiting for him to answer.
The raven leaned his chair on its back two legs, not lifting his gaze to the door, instead keeping it focused on the papers in front of him. "Come in," he called, rocking back and forth lightly on his chair's legs. "Just finishing up some things. If only Tibarn would hurry his tail-feathers up, I would be able to sleep again..."
Leanne peered in with a concerne
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I am 100% not active anymore, save for a few small things, and that will likely not change. But most importantly, I wanted to put a final closer on my Fire Emblem story, Requiem, since I was on the last chapter before I stopped writing. Someday I may do it justice and finish the last chapter, and give my best and only real fanfiction a true ending, but I'm going to spoil it here for those who've ever wondered about that last, unfinished chapter.


The previous chapter ended with Soren being left with a choice, courtesy of the herons, to either remain as a dragon (which he had made peace with) or resume a beorc form. The final chapter was to open with the mercenaries back at their base, with life as normal, from Soren's view-point with his changed look on life, and with the newfound acceptance of the other mercs. It would be revealed that he chose to reclaim his beorc form, but with his new acceptance of his bloodline he would have retained abilities from his dragon-form, including being able to resume it at will. (Making jokes with Ike about being the taller one now and such.)

He and Ike would then walk along the rock path where Soren had clawed Ike's name into the stones, discussed FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and generally had fluffy brother-feels moments, before heading back to the base together and the story ending, likely with a brief interlude between Soren and Ranulf before or after this part.

And that was going to be my story, with a lot more little tidbits and details here and there. (Soren acknowledging an apology he'd made to Nasir, having a small affectionate moment with Rhys out of gratitude.) Like I said, maybe someday I'll actually write the chapter, but for those still interested (if there are any), this is as close to an ending as it'll be.

Thank you for sticking with it this long, and thank you for loving and enjoying my story. :heart:


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