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Mai v Chun-Li

I never know what to say in these things.
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Damn, can't believe I've never seen this until now.
Do you still draw? It seems like you've been inactive on deviantart for a long time.
SamuraiShinai's avatar
haha nice poses here !!
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Of course Chun-Li will win, it'll only take one kick to the face ;P
CCKins's avatar
Chun gonna have fun kicking ass... Maybe she'll go easy on Mai! :D
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J-Century's avatar
DD cup VS B Cup, that's all :XD:
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Mai: 87-55-91 cm
Chun: 88-58-90 cm

Cup size isn't documented. You can have Mai, I'll take Chun's firm buns... :)
J-Century's avatar
What? Chun Li 88? :wow:
dragonturtle78's avatar
Yep, Google it, those are published stats... :)

But let's not debate game girl chest sizes, LOL. I like Mai too, her bounce is practically a video game trademark.
J-Century's avatar
Yea, that's her trademark since her very first appearance in KOF.
AJthe90skid's avatar
why is this censored?
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Yeah good question. It's not anymore.
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Maï Shiranuï FTW!!! :shakefist:

I think this deserves a :+fav: fav.
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Thanks for the love, ShadowSkilz.
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Mai's gonna win!
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aaronmag's avatar
What the?!!! How did I not see this until now. This is incredible. And Chun will win, btw.
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Glad you like it! It was a great experience creating it.
Vensin's avatar
Thanks! (with a thumbs up)
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Excellent work, a nice and unusual perpective too. Requested for my two groups

greets, gbk
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Accepted! Thanks!
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