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Deviation Actions

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- You must credit with a link to my account:
- Credit must always be on the picture if used outside DA.
- NO use in violent, graphic, or 'rated R' work. No blood, gore, bones sticking out, or nudity.
- NO pre-cuts of my stock.
- NO photo blends.
- You must at least cut the horse out on a new background, you can NOT use my stock 'as is'.
- You do NOT need to notify me of use.

- Yes, you can use as a reference for digital painting, traditional art, or lineart.
- Yes, you can use your artwork on Sim Games and RPGs.
- Yes, you can use it to make Howrse coats.
- Yes, you can sell your artwork.

If you want to share my photos on RPGs, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or a blog:
- You must credit with a link to my page:
- If I find my photos on another website without credit, they will be reported & deleted.


I want to say thank you to all of the artists out there who follow my rules and create beautiful work with my stock. I also really appreciate everyone who supports my work in general. If you see a rule violation please let me know. I do enforce my rules. I'm happy to provide stock and will continue to do so as long as people respect my rules. Thanks and enjoy!

© 2010 - 2021 venomxbaby
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Photo credits given

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! they are fantastic reference shots! photo credit always given 🥰

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I just thought i'd comment here asking if its okay if i use some of the horses to create their markings for Sims 3?
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A few questions!

- Is it okay to use your images as references (NOT traced) for YHH pieces?
- If art with your image as a reference (again NOT traced) is uploaded to specifically Instagram, would it be okay to have credit in the description (as Instagram allows a description) rather than the image, since the image of the art itself doesn't contain any elements directly from your stock photo? If not, I understand!
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I have a small question regarding rule number 3.
If I should ever consider drawing something like the four horsemen and want to use one of your amazing stock pictures as pose reference for famine or death
(so skeletal frame) would that be okay? Not manipulating the existing picture but really just use the pose as reference for a digital drawing.
I totally understand if it falls under rule 3 but I thought asking might never hurt.
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Just for clarification. I can use your stock offsite as long as the credits are on the image. However, I was sure howrse didn't allow any type of wording on coats. 
I am new at this...what does it mean "no photo blends. can it be used in composite photography work? Thank you.
Hi, is it ok if i use your images for a layout on a horse sim game unaltered. I will put credit on the image. thankyou
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Thank you for your generosity!!
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If I am using it as a RPG image must I still cut out the horse onto a new background and credit you for the image? 
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Technically you're supposed to, but I've seen people direct linking my images on RPGs all the time. I let it slide, but would ask that you at least credit the image with a link to my page. That would be the ethical way of doing it.
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Alright, thanks!
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Would it be okay if I made a line art for personal use only referencing one of your photos?
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I allow any kind of linearts
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Thanks for sharing I have used this resource here :Fantasia infantil* Children's fantasy by Mvicen  greetings .
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I REALLY hope this is what you meant by that you allowed linearts to be made from your stock, I recently got into lineless paintings and I wanted to make a few bases to practice and share with people :aww: 

I made this: 
Lineless Horse Base 1 by Scutterland

From this gorgeous photo of yours :aww: 
chestnut paint stallion 4 by venomxbaby

and if you're ok with it, then I would love to make a few more! 

Thanks so much :heart: 
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Oh yes that is perfectly fine with me. Technically this is usually what lineart looks like, from what I understand:…

But what you created is certainly allowed and you are welcome to make more :]
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Thank you. I used your stock here:
Fire of eternity by LadyAdaia
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Can I use it for lineart for free use for others? I wil, credit you & ask them to credit you too ofcourse. 
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Yes that is fine.
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Merci pour ce beau stock.
Voici mon utilisation,
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