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For those of you who didn't know, I will soon be breeding the amazing Ragdoll cat. This adorable little guy is one of my first Ragdolls ever, and he's going to be one of my 2 male breeders. His name is Mercury. I just got him this week, so naturally I had to get a few fun shots of him playing. He is so sweet and cuddly, this guy is the perfect example of the breed persona. He's like a puppy - follows me around the house, sleeps in my lap, and meets new people at the door. So cute! I am already in love with him and its only been a few days. I can't imagine how nice his future babies will be! For any of you genetic pros, his color is a very rare blue lynx sepia with dark teal eyes.


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Wonderful capture! 
Mercury is absolutely adorable and gorgeous❣️❣️ I am looking for a buddy my 3 year old Ragdoll, Daisy Mae, can hang out and play with during the day. I have never seen this breed of Ragdoll before, but Mercury is definitely a stunning lil fella! I would love ❤️ to here about what kittens you have available. Please let me know how I might find out additional information.

Many thanks in advance,
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heeheehee Attack of the ferocious lion! "Iz wunts deh gween stwing"
Do all these guys usually have bunny feet/standing up tendencies?
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*_____________________* cute
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*despicable-me-girl-voice* It's so fluffy I'm going to DIE ! :squee:
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haha, just watched that 2 days ago for the first funny
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How to you insert items that are in color into a black and white photo?
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i did it in Lightroom 3, they have color sliders so you can select which colors to keep and which to turn into black&white. its called 'selective color' so you may want to look up some tutorials on youtube about it.
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that's sooooooo cute :D
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It's sssssooooo fat and FLUFFY X3 X3
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Owwww is so cute!
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aww such a cute little babe!
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How freakin' flipping precious!! Love him so much > <
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He's beautiful. I couldn't have the heart to breed, I'm a firm believer in adoption. I really wish shows would allow mixed showing as well. It's a great hobby, but it leaves those of us who only adopt out of shelters without any options.
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i breed, but i've done the adoption thing. i've fostered a few kittens over the years too. right now i'm feeding a stray, have a mutt shelter kitty, and then have my bunch of Ragdolls. but i dont think adoption is the only option, there's nothing wrong with supporting beautiful, quality breeds. even if every person on the planet adopted a cat from the shelter, there would still be extra unwanted pets, because the problem is that people don't spay/neuter their pets. so just adopting isn't going to solve the problem. you can't save them all, trust me i wish you could. you can only try to support education for spay/neutering and pray that more people spay/neuter so that there will be less over-population. i don't think this problem should cause people to miss out on enjoying the stunning pure breeds that are out there, not everyone wants the typical, plain alley cat for a pet.
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I agree, there's nothing wrong with breeding. I just prefer the strays. They have a harder time finding homes, sometimes, because they're not up to standard. So I wanna be the person to give them homes. It's the same with dogs for me.
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