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buckskin akhal-teke stallion 1


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Jun 15, 2016, 4:15:20 PM
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Used here, thank you!

MBS Frosted Diamond Dust
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Used here:

A030 - Muiredach

Thank you!!

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Hi used your lovely stock here Vale1 credit to you is in the description and on the image. Thank You!
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Wooded Pony by midholly
Used here thank you!
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N1889 Xeno's Grave Ref by xxstarmaire101xx  Used here! Thank you!
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Used here: Magiya
Thanks :heart:
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Used here:
Versus by Cierra-Frost

Thank you a bunch! <3
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Used Here: |Apocalypse|Updated Ref Thank you so much!!! Such an amazing Horse!! :heart: :meow:
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Hi, I have used your stock here.…
Thank you very much.
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it's a bit funny how people are saying the horse looks underweight, he's healthy for his breed lol

but what's sort of good about people saying that is at least they care about the horse
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Forever laughing at anyone who comments on a picture of an akhal-teke and says it's underweight.  :')

That point aside, beautiful horse :heart:  I'm always a big fan of the cream diluted akhal-tekes.  The way they shine like gold in the sun is to die for.  
Thank you for this reference!  I have a buckskin teke over on TLI who I need to make up a reference for and this is exactly as I picture her coloring.
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I know right? I was already prepared for the comments lol. I'll be posting more of this horse as I find time to edit out the bridle, so hang on you may find that you like one of the newer shots/poses better.
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Haha I feel you here xD
Underweight horses would definitely not have such defined muscels,
you would see the hip bones and shoulder bones sticking out and they would not have such shiny fur.
Same with greyhounds ;D
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He might be muscular but still skinny. You cant see ribs of a healthy horse.  They have long neck,body and legs but they are fit and muscular. Not thin like that. 

Even the greyhound shouldnt be skinny. They are covered in muscles so you shouldnt be able to see its bones.
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As I mentioned in my other reply to you, sometimes it's the angle/pose of that particular photo. Here is an example of the same horse in different lighting/angles:……
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Skinny but not in an underweight/ malnourished way.
You can see the ribs on a healthy well trained greyhound or Akhal in this case, because the muscles on top of them defining them even more.
It is totally normal.
And please don't compare this horse breed other horse breeds where you might not see the ribs, because it is completly different build.
I can also see some ribs of my dog and he is definitely not skinny. And I know, if I don't see some of his ribs ( or muscles on top of them) he would be too fat.
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