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4 Volunteer Artists needed ASAP! by LittleKirara, journal

After the chaos of the past 6 months or so, I am finally back in full swing. Things had been super hectic, and now that everything has settled - I'm back! Last month, after 9 years, I transitioned out of the Navy. I moved and got completely unpacked in 4 days (if that tells you anything about how much stuff I had) and I have been spending the rest of the time... well, figuring out who I am again. The military has been my life since I was 20 years old, and now I'm almost 30 and not entirely sure who I am outside of the Navy. It has been... surprisingly easy. I have had an incredible support system, between my boyfriend, family, friends (in and out of the Navy), and my RP community. I am currently not working, but I will be attending college full time in the fall. Right now I am starting to write and do art again, rediscover hobbies that I have abandoned for almost 10 years, and have been adjusting to my new quiet life. I'm ready to see what's next in life! Anyway, tldr: I am out of
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STOCK PHOTO RULES by venomxbaby, journal

8 years of life getting in the way later, I'm finally posting more stock from 2012 😂
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A huuuge thank you to the anonymous soul who gifted me a 1 month core membership! It's been an actual eternity since I've been active on DA, life kind of took precedence over the art and photography chapters. I am in my mid-thirties now, how time flies. I'm itching to get creative digitally again. Kind of inspired with the gifted membership and creativity of the AI-generated art for ideas. I miss you all! I still look at the art created from my stock, and check up on my fav artists. Kind of wondering how the RPGs are doing? Are there any left active these days? If not, what else is inspiring you guys to create digital manips/drawings?
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Holy smokes, thank you for the watch and the wonderful gifts! I'm barely out of the bed but you already made my day <3

You're so welcome! So happy to share. Enjoy :)

Ahh thank you for the watch!! I've been in love with your stock for YEARS!

My pleasure. I try to follow manip artists, not many of us around we have to stick together lol. It inspires me the most to see what you all create. Gosh I'm so rusty, I'll enjoy the manips vicariously thru you haha

It certainly feels as though we are a dying breed sometimes! You can always start back up! I started back with GIMP (quickly remembered how much I disliked it) and got Photoshop again!

I know right. A few years ago, I started a manip. When I got to the hair part, I realized I no longer had my awesome hair brushes in photoshop. I downloaded some but couldn't get it right. I was like sigh let me try this again later...and I never did. I started doing acrylic pour/fluid art and have been enjoying that to release creative energy

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