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Daily Deviation
May 5, 2008
Commit Suicide by ~venomx
Featured by arhcamt
Suggested by Sander-Seto
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Commit Suicide

A Digital Typo work, I tried some thing different this time. here "That" means drugs
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As most see with their eyes...but are quick to comment or comment with the mind. art is art.

Scorpiokym--Quite offensive to you, and as you said " In your opinion"

scorpiokym's avatar
I'm surprised this got a DD. It's quite offensive, and in my opinion, potentially harmful. I am aware that drug abuse is a factor in many suicides, but it seems the point of your piece is to trivialize suicide and even promote it in those who have substance abuse problems. Your art skills are quite good, so, why don't you take some time to learn some facts about substance abuse and suicide instead?
venomx's avatar
why don't you check your face in the mirror to see your nose is missing, because its currently in my business, so shall I air freight it to you, or you can wait for the ground shipment.
scorpiokym's avatar
Your crude and callow reply says it all. Just saying, this piece is misinformed and hurtful towards both of the issues it attempts to address.
Wow such a emotional piece!
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very nice great work dear
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hendraahmadi's avatar this
stwiki's avatar
loving this man :) kiu
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I hope you're not thinking of committing suicide are you?
bionikdesign's avatar
pretty awesome work
OmerTariq's avatar
concept isn't strong but its excellent typographic piece
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smoky00's avatar
good wall
Kosai106's avatar
Its great. I really like it
Sander-Seto's avatar
Your work has been featured in the SPECIAL big Text Art issue! :#1:: [link]
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