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Jane Humillation Part 1 by Dark-Wolf-935
Jane smiled brightly, she was walking outside in a park, she wore a pair of jeans and had a white shirt on, under her clothes she wore a bright pink bra and matching panties, she loved to wear pairs of panties that felt nice and soft on her butt, sadly though with one of her friends named 'zoey' would constantly mess with her, zoey gave jane wedgies daily. It seemed for jane she would constantly be in a atomic wedgie, shoulder wedgie, jock lock, and sometimes a hanging atomic!
"Oh my, such a beautiful day" jane continued to walk around, the park wasnt to busy at all, if amything it was kinda quiet. In a few moments though jane did feel a cool breeze on her legs and rear "huh?.." As she looked down she heard an evil snicker
"Hello jane, im just here for you daily WEDGIES!" zoey was behind her, in a instant of saying the word ''wedgie" she had a grip on her panties and with one hand and swift pull she had jane in the air
"AIEEE!!" Jane yelped as her panties stretched up her b
:iconandrice-productions:Andrice-Productions 21 0
Mercury Black by NDGD Mercury Black :iconndgd:NDGD 185 17 Chrom and his Family Together at Last by PhantomSkyler Chrom and his Family Together at Last :iconphantomskyler:PhantomSkyler 143 28 Callie and Marie's Flagpole Wedgie [Sound] by LeatherSFM
Mature content
Callie and Marie's Flagpole Wedgie [Sound] :iconleathersfm:LeatherSFM 94 8
Winter Wedgieland (by the-Killer-WC) by LexiAndBrooke
Mature content
Winter Wedgieland (by the-Killer-WC) :iconlexiandbrooke:LexiAndBrooke 452 33
Skyla Wedgie Pokemon by Pikminpro Skyla Wedgie Pokemon :iconpikminpro:Pikminpro 381 9 Daily Paint #2080. Furtune Teller by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #2080. Furtune Teller :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 7,538 264 Megara (Commission) - Ecchi [Coloured] by Aur0raZ0ne Megara (Commission) - Ecchi [Coloured] :iconaur0raz0ne:Aur0raZ0ne 312 11 Robin!  Not Again! by Glee-chan Robin! Not Again! :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 87 50 Patreon Request - Blake and Neo Double Atomic by MrBragas
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Patreon Request - Blake and Neo Double Atomic :iconmrbragas:MrBragas 279 6
Do you have any Fetish'es Sandra? by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
Do you have any Fetish'es Sandra? :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 533 138
Clockwork Torchwick by Lifoures Clockwork Torchwick :iconlifoures:Lifoures 240 22
Fire Emblem Fates: A Fitting Punishment? (Camilla)
Hey, this story is also a wedgie fetish story so again, take that as you will. Originally I was going to write this later, but seeing as the first part got to 10+ favorites ( Thank you all so much BTW ) I thought I should try to get this out a bit sooner... that and I want to write a story to go with the pic I just commissioned from MrBragas ( Link to both the pic, and his page, in the description! ). 

Again any and all feed back is wanted, and appreciated!

So let's go!
    "Listen Flora, I know you only came here to be around Kamui more, and I'm fine with that..." Hinoka told the blue haired maid, "And you know that I approve of you but..." The red head trailed off, looking away from the other girl.
    "But, you don't want Camilla to be in Castle Shirasagi?" Flora finished.
    "...Yeah...I-I know that we're not fighting anymore but I just don't
:iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 18 11
Fire Emblem Fates: Valla's Curse ( Azura )
Hey, so this story is a wedgie fetish story. So take that as you will. Also this is the first time I've tried writing a story, so any and all feedback is appreciated. So, yeah, don't get your hopes up please.
Also this story will take place after the story of the game. So there won't be any real fighting, in this or any other stories I do or don't do with this universe. That said, there also won't be any pre-existing relationships, as in Corrin won't be married to anyone, but she will be in love with someone who she could end up with later.
Spoilers BTW, don't know if anyone cares, but again, Spoilers!
Also don't expect the guys to show up often, they will probably make brief appearances but not much more.
Female Corrin - Corrin ( raised by Nohr )
Male Corrin - Kamui ( raised by Hoshido )
K, so now I'll actually start writing the story. ( Hey if anyone knows if there is a proper spelling to "Vallite" that would be swell to post in the c
:iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 18 6
Commission - Fire Emblem Wedgie Bet by MrBragas
Mature content
Commission - Fire Emblem Wedgie Bet :iconmrbragas:MrBragas 338 8
Patriotic Bumblebee [RWBY] by PhantomSkyler Patriotic Bumblebee [RWBY] :iconphantomskyler:PhantomSkyler 233 16


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Well Jory This isnt a computer. Its a Wii U so the only thing you'll be seeing is me playing video games. This was done pretty well considering it's your fourth caption but you might want to make them a little longer. The pictures you choose are always nice to look at and your writing never disappoints. My only issue is the writing isnt very long. There isnt much else to say and these things have to be one hundred words long so I'm kind of just typing whatever comes to mind. I was watching the stream when you played it but I didn't get to Sayori's death because I lost connection.
I really enjoyed it but there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I must say you write the characters a lot better than most people do and Ozpin was really funny. Although it took a while to come out I believe in quality over quantity in most cases and this certainly had quality. I think you could have a future as a real author if you ever wrote a book. There is a hundred minimum words required for a critique so I'm just going to add some random words so I can post this. Popsicle, Lampshade, Cumulonimbus, Dentistry, and finally Horchata.
My favorite deviant CriticalZinogre blocked me for reasons I don't know. This especially sucks because he is the reason I made an account on this website. I wish I at least knew why. I won't be able to read his stories now.
Playing Deviant Roulette right now. I've seen some weird shit.
I am not a very creative person. I suppose I used to be before I was forced to start taking behavior altering medication. Now I feel like an empty shell. I can barely make my own decisions now. I spend most of my time just drifting through highschool and then coming home to bleakness. I have no inspiration. I bet whoever you are that is reading this is thinmking about how they will never get the time they spent looking at this back.


United States
I am super awesome.


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