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Spider-Ham by Venoms-Lil-Nibble Spider-Ham :iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 5 0
Overprotective Eddie/Venom x Pregnant Reader
Your currently five months along,your sitting In the living room just watching some movies on Netflix while Eddie makes breakfast,til the baby girl starts kicking away at your ribs."Ow!Eddie,Venom!Get In h-here!!"
You hear Eddie drop the pan he was scrambling the eggs In and yelling about burnt toes,then the floor shakes as Venom comes bounding Into the room,he doesn't even ask what's wrong he scoops you up and goes towards the door no doubt Intent on taking you to the hospital,you laugh a bit."Wait V,no!"
"But you are In distress morsel!Our offspring."
You pat his chest and he places you back on the couch."Here",You place his big hand on your belly and she kicks again making you wince but smile.
He grins."Strong offspring!",He leans down so his face Is closer to your belly."But you must be gentle this Is your mothers first time."
You giggle a bit and smile,Venom then shrinks down back Into Eddie who Is crying a bit he places his hands on your belly and she kicks o
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 18 6
Cuddles betray you Bane x Reader
Your currently shivering on your little cot and there's water dripping on your head every few seconds,your loyal to Bane and your In love with him actually but the man chooses the worst places for lairs,your currently In a sewer!Yes you need discreet locations such as this to operate but ugh!
You grumble and sit up there's no point In moving your cot even If you got away from the leak you would still be cold,you make your way over to where Bane Is sleeping trying not to wake the others up.
Bane Is laying on his side his bare back facing you his breathing Is steadily coming out of his mask.
You whisper."Bane?"Then you nudge him well sort of nudging him Is like trying to make a brick wall give way,you sigh and think for a moment,you look at the scar that runs up the center of his muscular back and then run your soft small fingers along the scar he let's out a little groan and then sits up."What Is It (Y/N)?You should be In bed."
"Yeah well It's cold and
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 9 1
My Marvel Funko Pops by Venoms-Lil-Nibble My Marvel Funko Pops :iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 1 6
Sakaarian Nights Loki x Reader
Loki and you arrived on Sakaar a week ago,still no sign of Thor.
Your currently staying In the Grandmaster's home which Is a large tower decorated with strange representations of beings heads on the outside,the Interior Is just as strange the rooms are red and white and the furniture Is oddly shaped or made out of some beasts jaw bones or heads.
Loki Is standing at the large window looking out at the city,there's always ships zooming around the buildings or heading out Into the junk wastelands.
You get out of bed and walk over to him,you stand In front of him and hug him nuzzling his bare chest.
"I'm sure Thor's alright love,he's one of the toughest men I know."
"Your right."He runs his fingers through your hair."I just wish we could at least know where he Is."
You nod then nuzzle his chest some more and place a few kisses on his pecs before turning around to look out at the city with him,"It Is beautiful at night."
He chuckles prompting you to look up at him a bit confused,"Yes you ca
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 7 0
Code Breaking DJ x Reader
DJ and you are currently In a prison cell on the planet of Canto Bight,It's a place for the wealthy to gamble In casinos,bet on fathier races,and to relax In lavish spas.
You two aren't In the cell for a crime no DJ and you rarely get caught In your many devious acts,you needed a safe place to sleep,so when DJ noticed you yawning he lead you out of the casino and down some alleys til he found the ventilation system to the jail,soon he found an empty cell for you two to crash for the night,he helps you drop down Into the cell first before dropping down himself.
The jails here are super clean and the beds aren't half bad,often times the police are to busy gambling among themselves to even notice you two sneaking In and out.
DJ takes the bottom bed and you think about taking the top one but you slip your boots off and decide to cuddle up to him as he kicks his boots off and pushes them to the corner up against the metal wall,he wiggles his feet a bit his t
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 5 0
Journalists and Symbiotes Eddie/Venom x ReaderChp2
The next morning

You wake up around 8AM,start up the coffee maker,and scramble up some eggs and pop some waffles In the toaster once you have your coffee and food ready you turn the tv on and your met with more murders even more gruesome than the last ones and more footage of the red symbiote Is shown.
Cletus Kassady pops up Into your head again and you shudder after breakfast you decide to see If there's any news reports online about any escaped prisoners,nothing,you sigh partially In relief yet If this Is him,If he's this symbiote you could maybe get him put away fast In a more special prison or facility.
You finish up with breakfast and decide to go out to a local park just to calm your nerves,once you arrive you take a seat on the nearest bench watching children play and listen to the birds sing til someone touches your shoulder you turn fast and go to punch whoever It Is but you stop It's just Anne and Dan,you lower your arm and sigh,"I'm sorry you guys.."
Anne sits by you
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 11 2
Sleepy Host Eddie/Venom x Reader
Sunlight Is pouring Into the bedroom,you look over at Eddie who put a pillow over his head to block out the light,he had another late night courtesy of his new job as Venom the lethal protector.
You carefully get out of bed and pull the curtains closing them,you go back over to the bed and very carefully remove the pillow,you watch Eddie sleep he's just so beautiful with his messy hair and plump lips.
Venom wakes up and forms out of Eddie's back he first peeks out at you blinking his milky eyes then he pushes the blanket down and raises up til he's face to face with you,"Watching Eddie sleep again?"
" see It's just.."You sigh."Yeah he's so beautiful,I can't help It V,and your amazing and dare I say beautiful as well."
He let's out a soft deep chuckle,"Thank you."
"Your welcome.So busy night huh?"
"Yes lot's of robberies."
Eddie mumbles a bit his eyes slowly opening he looks up seeing Venom and then he looks at you.
"Oh sorry Ed,we were trying to be qu
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 21 5
Do you take chocolate? Venom x Reader
Your currently heading home from work you walk home from work every evening It's not a big deal to you,yes your well aware that there are bad people but no ones bothered you so far you've lived In San Francisco for five years now,of course there's a first time for everything..
Moments later three guys walk out of an alley and start following you at a distance your still wearing your apron and name tag from the bakery you work at and you smell of brownies and other sweets.
You walk faster hoping they'll just give up and leave you alone but they walk faster to you attempt to lose them by going down an alley but they've caught up to you,one of them pins you up against the building and leans down,"You smell really good little baker."
You kick him In the shin and then smack him across the face as hard as you can,you then run as the other two grab at you and pursue you,a moment later you run Into something well actually someone.
Venom leans down to look at you then he looks at the two men th
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 20 5
Rescuer Venom x Reader
Rescue #1: Muggers
It's Friday night finally the weekend you just wanna get home and start your weekend since you have both Saturday and Sunday off,you unfortunately don't live In the best part of the city so It doesn't really shock you when a man grabs you from behind while another grabs your purse and takes out your wallet grabbing what cash you have.
You struggle against the man who's holding you ramming your heeled shoe Into his shin which makes him let you go but not for long he tosses you to the ground and kicks you,"We've got ourselves a feisty little lady let's have some fun shall we?"
His buddy snickers agreeing and they drag you off down a nearby alley you kick them,scream for help but then a hand gets pressed tightly over your mouth he tears your shirt open a bit but then you hear his friend attempt to scream,It just ends up being a gurgle then his corpse crashes onto the pavement the other
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 21 13
Aftermath Confession Tony Stark x Reader
Ever since Pepper left him Tony has been keeping busy and he seems fine but those closest to him like you know otherwise,Pepper ended their relationship after the whole Thanos Incident,Tony found the ring no doubt thrown onto the concrete walkway at the Avengers facility.
You've known Tony since college and a few years ago he hired you your excellent with computers your a hacker and you also know your way around his suits and other tech heck you helped design the Iron Spider suit specifically the legs that shoot out from the back.
Your currently pulling up to the facility you head Inside you spot Steve and Natasha,"Hey Steve,Nat."
"Hey (Y/N) It's good to see you glad well..the snap didn't get you."
"Yeah..I'm sorry about Bucky."
He nods a bit.
Natasha hugs you,"And I'm sorry about Peter,I know he was like a little brother to you."
You bite your lip a bit trying not to cry,"He was thanks Nat..Is Tony here?"
"He's In his office."Steve hugs y
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 6 0
Snow Day Peter Parker x Reader
You slept over at Peter's last night since your Mom's been working night shifts again,your both awake but you don't want to get out of bed til May knocks on the door,"Yeah..were up May."He buries his face back Into the top of your head making you roll over and bury your face Into his chest,She opens the door.
"Aren't you two just the cutest."Both you and Peter blush sitting up to stretch.
"No school today there was a big snow storm last night,I called your Mom (Y/N) she said It's okay for you to stay til tomorrow."
You and Peter high five and say In unison,"Awesome!"
"Thanks May."
"Your welcome dear.So I tried to make some omelettes but-"Just then the smoke alarm goes off as smoke fills the kitchen she rushes over to the stove and puts a small fire out then fans the smoke away from the smoke detector coughing a bit,"Get changed you two we can walk to the diner a few blocks over."
You change In the bathroom while Peter does In his room he just tosses on some jeans,an over sized sweater,
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 7 0
Always Hungry~ by Venoms-Lil-Nibble Always Hungry~ :iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 19 5
Cold Season Eddie/Venom x Reader
You sneeze for what feels like the one hundredth time today,yep you've got a cold,a bad one.
Eddie went out a few minutes ago to get you more tissues,tea,meds and lastly your favorite soup from the nearby bistro.
He and Venom feel responsible for your cold they took you web swinging a few nights ago and despite every precaution you still got a cold you get at least one every season,you've tried telling them that multiple times they won't listen so your just going to let them pamper you.
30 minutes later
Eddie rushes back up to the apartment and unlocks the door coming Inside he places the bags on the small table and starts sorting things out he hears you sniffle and brings you the box of tissues,"Here babe."You take them and open them up pulling one out you sneeze Into It and groan a long string of green snot dangles from your face to the tissue before landing on your shirt,"Great!Ugh..thanks babe..sorry I just..I'm so unattractive and gross right now."You dab the snot off your
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 15 11
Venomous Cuddles Venom x Reader
The rainy season has arrived In San Francisco which means It's cold at night the temperature drops to thirty and forty degrees and your currently freezing to death you've tried putting on more clothes,sitting by the furnace,drinking some hot chocolate the list goes on,nothing Is working.
The only thing that ever works Is Venom holding you against his massive body while cuddling you but he's out doing his lethal protector gig you have the police scanner on and It's one crime after another tonight.If you weren't freezing to death you'd march right out Into the night and give these criminals a piece of your mind while throwing your house shoes and many other objects at them.
You sigh and get off the couch again moving about or standing In front of the furnace hoping he'll be back soon,after awhile though you make yourself a bed on the couch and lay down falling asleep.
You don't hear the door to the apartment open,"Hey babe were back sorry It took so long but well you were hearing It all,
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 28 14
Rocket Is Not Amused~ by Venoms-Lil-Nibble Rocket Is Not Amused~ :iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 7 3


Venom by Dante-Feng-Shui Venom :icondante-feng-shui:Dante-Feng-Shui 2 0 Spiderman2099 by glencanlas Spiderman2099 :iconglencanlas:glencanlas 97 12 Toxin by glencanlas Toxin :iconglencanlas:glencanlas 168 7 Venom by SaraDraw Venom :iconsaradraw:SaraDraw 196 41 venom by frogbillgo venom :iconfrogbillgo:frogbillgo 5,770 307 Mad Max: Fury Road by GabeFarber Mad Max: Fury Road :icongabefarber:GabeFarber 310 48 Bane by GabeFarber Bane :icongabefarber:GabeFarber 793 135 Maul by SamDenmarkArt Maul :iconsamdenmarkart:SamDenmarkArt 100 4 Bane by SamDenmarkArt Bane :iconsamdenmarkart:SamDenmarkArt 1,670 207 Bane by YALIM1907 Bane :iconyalim1907:YALIM1907 1,195 440 Venom by KazerOnDA Venom :iconkazeronda:KazerOnDA 19 0 Bucky Barnes- Winter Soldier by B-haddad94 Bucky Barnes- Winter Soldier :iconb-haddad94:B-haddad94 3 0 Adopted blue sibling who wants to kill you squad by MayTheForceBeWithYou Adopted blue sibling who wants to kill you squad :iconmaytheforcebewithyou:MayTheForceBeWithYou 20 1 - Goodbye, father. by Fairloke - Goodbye, father. :iconfairloke:Fairloke 574 76 Venomous by Rayner80 Venomous :iconrayner80:Rayner80 9 2 Venom Version Elyamisama by elyamisama Venom Version Elyamisama :iconelyamisama:elyamisama 3 1


I want to write more fanfics but I've been to busy today I think I've fainted. and tomorrow were having friends over so maybe next week I can write some more with Venom/Eddie and possibly another Star Wars fic.
I may attempt to draw Spider-Man Noir soon or Scarlet Spider I love his suit design! Heart 


Venoms-Lil-Nibble's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! :wave: I'm 27 years old and I live In a small town In Tennessee I like to go to the movies,go shopping,and hang out with family and friends.I also like to play video games,read books/comics,draw and cosplay.

Most of what I will post on here will be fan fictions I will write some and take requests so here's the fandom's/series I will write for:
Star Wars
Star Trek
Mad Max
Jurassic Park/Jurassic World
-I won't do a fan fiction for every character In said fandoms/series.-
-I may occasionally write a fan fiction for a movie,series,etc. that's not listed but I prefer not to.-
-I will NOT do mature content such as "lemons" only fluff.-
-I will be very active on here at times but then there will be times I won't be active for several days.-

Eddie Brock and Venom [Version 1] [Fanart] [F2U] by Trudy-The-Wolf

The maze runner - stamp by Rumay-Chian .:Sherlock Stamp: B O R E D :. by zealferal
Thor Ragnarok - Korg Stamp by SuperMarioFan65 Growling Blue Stamp by DeckyV
Porg Stamp by CassieCros13 BDT Stamp by su1c1deb0b
Free to Use: Hei Hei Icon (Moana) by Pepperjack-Kiwi Mal Stamp by Wesker-Chick
Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park) Stamp by Ips666 Phineas and Ferb Stamp by Marzarret
Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul Stamp by Allendra3 Rocket - Oh Yeah! by Marlenesstamps
GotG Stamp: Ronan the Accuser by TMNT-Raph-fan Sherlocked Stamp F2U by bIuebelle
Nightcrawler Stamp by FireStump I'M MARY POPPINS Y'ALL stamp by MayTheForceBeWithYou
Ant-Man Stamp: Shrink by TMNT-Raph-fan Ewoks rule stamp by Raephen
'Bones' McCoy -stamp by Clopina Lord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
I'm a Gamer Girl - Stamp by RomysStuff Tauntaun Stamp by LovesCarmen
Guinea Pig Love stamp by Animal-Stamp Coffee Lovers Stamp by coffee-lovers
Vision 3 by makohoe DoFP Quicksilver Stamp - Smile by jovialHarlequin
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Baby Groot Icon by SuperMarioFan65 Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Star Stamp by KariahBengalii
BG6: yahyah.. by Vane-otaku Anti-Venom stamp by 2ndCityCrusader
Marvel Comics Toxin Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Marvel Comics Lizard Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Marvel Comics Gambit Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman The Iron Giant -Stamp by Dactik


Working on a new Eddie/Venom x Reader fic may have It up later or tomorrow! :D (Big Grin) 


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