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Christmas Lights
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Published: December 23, 2012
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"Big sis told me there will be fireworks on the 21st of December. But there were no fireworks, so I made them myself!"

Spellcard 60: Forbidden Barrage "Starbow Break"


The epic follow-up to last February's "Flantasm", and my personal choice as Project of the Year, has finally come to my gallery. Now with twice the rainbow danmaku. For maximum eye candy, click on the image to zoom.



Flandre Scarlet is the Extra Stage Boss of Touhou 6: EoSD, and the "crazy" little sister of Remilia Scarlet, the game's Stage 6 boss. Kinda eplains why the artwork is so insane and chaotic yet poppy and colorful.

Always wanted to draw something this crazy again, something as crazy as a Phantasm Flandre with fancy wings, psychedelic rainbow danmaku, and a whole lot of eye-raping lights. I was inspired by various U.N. Owen Was Her? arranges (particularly, this)

So work began on the 20th, continued while the world was ending, and ended two days later. Work on this was split in six-hour sessions, though. I'm so happy that I was able to finish this...since as of now, it was super difficult to mix and match all the styles I've used this year into one crazy artwork. Almost gave up, but no, I had to push on, since I wanted to end my 2012 art collection with what could be the best work I've ever done.

The original: [link] (No thumbs since I don't have a sub anymore orz)

Flandre Scarlet © ZUN
Fanart © ~VenomousBlaze
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ShrillixFox's avatar
This looks amazing OwO
DaisukiFlandre's avatar
DaisukiFlandreStudent Digital Artist
This will be the best Christmas EVAHHH!
pokeboy719's avatar
pokeboy719Student Digital Artist
Me:um sis if you keep that move up 5...minutes later flandre:um...I think I went a lil overboard me:ya think?!
ShinigamiSaltana's avatar
ShinigamiSaltanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy SHIT, this is epic!
Sadistic-Lizard's avatar
VenomousBlaze's avatar
VenomousBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Any safe spots will be temporary as bullets are fired in all directions.

Which leaves us with two options: GRAZE OR DIE!
midori137's avatar
midori137Hobbyist General Artist
Ang EPIC!!!! nakakabano hahahha., wala na qong ma-say., sayang indi pansin yung xmas lights ko sa stage., feeling ko di ko carry kapag ganyan yung suot ko nun., ang sarap titigan..yeah
VenomousBlaze's avatar
VenomousBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Medyo creepy yung eyes. But that's completely fine; Flan's a psycho vampire, after all ^w^

Thanks again for the comment, Elly! (heehee...apologies for the weird-sounding nickname :3)
midori137's avatar
midori137Hobbyist General Artist
ganyan din tawag saken nung mga aklase ko hahahaha
Reishichi's avatar
ReishichiHobbyist General Artist
Epic as always bro.. XD
byakuganista's avatar
byakuganistaHobbyist Digital Artist
so awezum 8D
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
Daaaaaaamn! This is certainly going to my favorites gallery. I thought I was done with overcolored Flandres floating around, but you proved it can always look fresh again. xD

Could you by chance share the fullsize or make it wallpaper-friendly?

Congratulations, well spent sessions. 8O
VenomousBlaze's avatar
VenomousBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, thank you! :iconbrohugplz:

I do agree with what you said about this piece. I'm still wondering about what makes this piece look fresh, though. (would you mind sharing what made you say that?)
But the last time I looked around for Flandre pics, I can't really find anything that comes close. Even Flantasm Ver. 1.0 doesn't.

I'll put up a wallpaper-size version of this soon 8D
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
Well, I'm not completely certain of what or why it looks fresh, but I assume it has to do with color balance. While most of Flandre's multicolored pics are either black-with-rainbows or red-with-rainbows, yours' got a lot of white. Even though red is still very present, it's not as attention-drawing as the white. And even though, it's still an easily recognizable nocturne scene.

Browsing through my Scarlet folder, that's what I can conclude, since this is the most evident difference from your piece to the others I've got stored. I hope it helps. Not in the sense of only producing lots-of-white pictures, but to help you think about color dominance and how to make it break the usual.

I also found out your username was quite familiar, browsed through your gallery and BAM, I already favorited your Team Fortress Suika before! I don't usually distribute more than one favorite per person around, it needs to be really worth it. xD
VenomousBlaze's avatar
VenomousBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Getting the colors right is one thing, getting all the colors to go together and create awesome effects is another. But there's really no formula to that, it's a matter of trial and error, so I always experiment with different coloring styles and color combinations.

Anyway, your feedback was very helpful. Thanks! XD
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mobiusonedtHobbyist General Artist
That's pretty damn awesome. Could have used Flandre over at our house on New Years, we forgot to buy fireworks this year.
GagomonSeiga's avatar
GagomonSeigaStudent Digital Artist
You anatomy and Coloring is amazing as always. I wonder how you color~
I love coloring, but it is sort of hard at times, and sometimes I try my best but still fail, the color ends up in a boring and dull style.
VenomousBlaze's avatar
VenomousBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Improvement and progress will come to you gradually, just be prepared to accept criticisms and remarks by others. Also, don't stop if you're not happy with what you're working on; you might just do something that would add even the slightest hint of awesomeness to it. :D
GagomonSeiga's avatar
GagomonSeigaStudent Digital Artist
I do accept criticism, and I like how you critique a lot. But what I fear the most in drawing was always the anatomy and proportions. I never seem to be able to get it right, I'm planning to sell a Touhou artbook for points, but I doubt anyone would be interested if there are a few anatomy issues. Are you alright if I printscreen what I'm working on or send the .Sai file to you, so you can check if the anatomy is alright?
VenomousBlaze's avatar
VenomousBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
I guess that's fine if that would help you learn.
FruitTartz's avatar
FruitTartzHobbyist General Artist
OH MY GAWD THAT LOOKS SO AWESOME!! ASLDKJGARGIRENADSNV @[]@ The scarlet sisters are my fav characters and you drew Flandre perfectly!!! >A< I can't even begin to go on about how amazing and vivid these colours are!! Simply amazing and astonishing *A* I wish I could fav this a gazillion times aslkdjf <333 love love love~~~
TimelyClassicStudios's avatar
TimelyClassicStudiosHobbyist General Artist
wow love the colors
Peachiu's avatar
PeachiuHobbyist General Artist
So much improvement! I really love how you made her Christmas lights glow.
AustrianFireFox's avatar
AustrianFireFoxHobbyist General Artist
Awesome work!
But may I ask you a question?
Do you know how i can make things glow like Flandre's crystal-wings in Photoshop?
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