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Happy 'early' Halloween

This is something that is sorta what me, :iconsnowleopard13: and my cousin Meagan are gonna be doin on Halloween. Me and Kim :iconsnowleopard13: would be hunters, we would hide in the bush that is in front of Kim's house and we would jump out at children and make noises *recorded* while my cousin Meagan would be a witch, crying by a bowl of candy. There would be a sign that says "Startle the witch............if you dare!". Basically if the children get too close to Meagan, she will make noises *recorded witch noises* and then swipe at them. Also we are gonna make this a Halloween to remember. Me and Kim are already planning! In order to be a hunter, we need to have claws *fake and press on, black colored would be nice*,fake blood, a dark blue hoodie with taped arms and legs, brown pants, vampire teeth, claws on the feet, and lastly a fog machine and also the witch! Now ima go tell the people who made those brushes I used the brushes or else they'll go on a rampaige if I dont ._.

P.S *like the shading on the head and eyes and face? I loved doing that part ^_^*
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De nada (welcome) !! =p
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Looks like hunter xD