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Sarah/Venom| Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx| Sexual Orientations - Pansexual by TwinkJinx/ Romantic Orientations - Panromantic by TwinkJinx|18|Animator, Artist, Everyone's Gay Mother|DOB- January 12th
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hello my son
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//drops down// i'm gay
Mon Jul 24, 2017, 10:05 PM



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About Me!

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Hello! My name is Sarah, but I'm known online as either Venom, Venomlion or Lion Mom! I'm an 18 year old digital artist and animator currently in community college, and I love Attack on Titan and Smash Bros a lot (and if it isn't already obvious I'm also a huge Venom and Spiderman fan)! I'm a Cis Female and I use She/her pronouns, and I'm also pansexual/romantic! I'm gay as hell and I love drawing gay shit so if you like gay shit you've come to the right place

I use Paint Tool Sai to draw and animate (tho I sometimes use Photoshop Elements 9 and FireAlpaca for effects and whatnot) and I use Sony Vegas Pro 12 to edit my videos! I use a Bamboo Intuos PT M tablet for all my digital work!

My fursona/online mascot is Venomlion! I've had him since I was in 1st Grade (I believe he was my first ever character) and he's my baby boy,,,, Venomlion 2018 Reference by Venomlion3

You don't need to ask to draw me fanart or anything like that! Just mention me in the description and/or send it to me and I'd love to see it!! Doesn't matter how skilled you are, I'll love it with all my heart :"D (Especially if you draw my Next Gens and/or suggest headcanons/drawing ideas for Venomverse.........if you do any of that I might literally combust).

You can find my social media, links to my commissions, explanations about my Next Gen AU Venomverse, and more in the various other custom boxes!

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Where To Find Me + Art Stuff

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Social Media
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You Tube Icon by poserfan YouTube - Venomlion3
Twitter Icon by poserfan Twitter - @QueenLionMom
Tumblr Icon by poserfan Personal Tumblr - venomlion3
Tumblr Icon by poserfan Venomverse Tumblr - lionmom-svenomverse
Art Fight [Button] by popolis Art Fight -
Discord - Pixel Button F2U by DasChui Discord User - Venomlion3#2294
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Commission Info
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Commissions! (UPDATED, NEW LISTINGS AND PRICES!)New Update 6/2/18 - Hello everyone! While I'll also be opening Pride-related commissions soon, I think I'm ready to update my current commissions list and introduce the new prices and whatnot! The listings haven't changed much besides some new art related commissions and a 'Coming Soon!' section, so if you guys have some suggestions on other things I should do let me know!
After today the prices for the commisions will be changed! This journal will be updated with the new prices and will include new examples and listings, so if you're interested check it out!
Ok so yeah please go through me first to decide what you'll be paying so I can make a listing for you in the commission widget! I forgot I can only have 10 commission listings in the thing so I think I'd rather just do it this way instead ;w; Sorry for the confusion!

*This will be updated from time to time if I decide to add new commissions/examples

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Art Statuses
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Commissions - Open - black by Sukiie
Gifts - Friends - black by Sukiie (also includes creators that I enjoy and want to make fan content for)
Requests - Ask Me - black by Sukiie
Art Trades - Ask Me - black by Sukiie
Collabs - Ask Me - black by Sukiie


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What is Venomverse?
:bulletblue: Venomverse is a fanmade Next Gen storyline that is made up of multiple fandoms, although these different fandoms follow different plots and are in no way connected -unless I draw crossover content-. These fandoms include Attack on Titan, Super Smash Bros (including characters not in these games), Boku no Hero Academia, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and personal OCs made by myself and Snowleopard13. Venomverse also includes minor sections where Next Gens aren't given as much content/detail as those in the major sections. After initially being inspired by Lopoddity's Pandoraverse, I decided to make my own Next Gen universe!

What is a Next Gen?
:bulletblue: Basically the child/offspring of characters from a certain series! For example, I ship Ereri, or Eren (ADULT Eren, mind you) and Levi from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin. In Venomverse, they have two children that are biologically theirs, Alrick and Kalani Jaeger-Ackerman (shown above) and Venomverse explores their relationships with one another.

Where can I learn about Venomverse?
:bulletblue: You can learn more about Venomverse as a whole or each specific Venomverse section by clicking on the links below! You can also get more details from the Venomverse Tumblr, which is listed above! :heart:




Lion Fam Box

Steven Universe Pixels - Lion by Hollulu
LION FAM - SINCE 2/3/16 -
"enough expand dong" -Venom 2k16

my lovely husbands and darling children

:iconbrightandblue: :iconvenomlion3: :iconeridanamporra:
:iconmisty-muffin: :iconlieberher: :icontidalwavekitty: :iconitslilmoonlight: :iconmedlocrlty: :iconfrost-rated: :icondogcitiez: :iconsocksanimation:

Do you guys mind if Next Gens have super long in-depth bios, mainly due to their relationship section? 

6 deviants said No; it helps develop the character and would be interesting to read, regardless of how long it is
5 deviants said Yes; it would be better to include the more important relationships and explain the others in future content


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Hey darling I'm doing wonderful!! I hope you're doing ok too!!

Love you too <333
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How is life treating you? uwu
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Pretty good! I'm working on math stuff rn (which is a lil stressful) but other than that things have been good x3 How about you dearie? :00
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oh my gosh i remember that MAP.........flashbacks
Not much!! I'm a community college student now! How've you been? :00
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aw heck yea college is currently destroying me so i relate, but otherwise ive been really good how about you?
Venomlion3 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Same hat.....
Awesome!! I've been doing lots of homework and whatnot lately but other than that I'm doing pretty good x3 I can't wait for the next break from school tho let me tell you
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