Oh my god.
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I can't believe what happened today, I don't know if any of you heard this.
But a gunman entered an elementary school, and killed 27 children an I think
two or 1 teachers. I can't believe someone would do something so awful, I feel
so sorry for all those little children. They had so much ahead of them, and I think
the gunman shot himself when his work was done. To tell the truth, I hope that man
burns forever in hell for what he did. Killing innocent children is awful, especially if they
were young............:cries:
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VenomousLoganStudent Photographer
18 children, rest were staff
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Venom2204Student Photographer
Get lost you fucking asshole, and close your account while you're at it or I'll report you. Oh wait, I already did!
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I'm not breaking any rules buddy
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GodzillaKruegerHobbyist Writer
My mother was in tears.

Mass murder seems to common nowadays.
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Venom2204Student Photographer
I know