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Hi everyone, it's us speaking again!

It's been a while since I last wrote anything so today I have two news, one good and one bad, for you guys who have been watching me. Normally people would go with the good news first, but personally that is just so downfall-ish. So basically, I'll spit out the bad news first.

Well, to put it blankly...I'm not gonna draw the Gate of the Dead project anymore...





Thank you for wasting 3 precious seconds of your life. Did you enjoy that trolling?

No, seriously. I'm not gonna make G.O.D a manga anymore. My reason being? First, I'm beginning to feel that drawing a crossover fanfic with characters borrowed from another artist is plain stupid and a waste of time. Second, I'm in university now. So I'll have to use most of my time to start thinking about how to get money from thin air. Basically, it's just a matter of time and interest.

That's it for the bad news. A moment of silence for G.O.D manga... All right it's over. I know it's hard for some of my watchers who might have watched my for a very long time but hey! We still have the good news in store so cheer up!

Well so what's the good news? That's although I won't draw G.O.D anymore, I still have the story with me right inside my head. So guess what? I'm going with the popular trend and will make it a literature work. If you think that's okay for you, now is the right time to strip yourself naked and run three laps around your house.


Sorry I trolled again. But seriously, if you think it'll cheer you up, please do. Actually, never mind.

So for now I've written about 2/3 of the first chapter. It's not chapter 1 though. It's chapter 0 to be precise. Yeah I know. I released a prologue some time earlier but that is that and this is this. That. Prologue. This. Chapter 0. Period. I don't think it's a good idea to go straight into business right off the bat so I decided to write an opening chapter. So you can expect why Model O is in Aile's possession and where did the SZX come from. Sounds nice right?

So that's basically the good news. But if you guys think that's not enough, I might as well say that I have a different plan in mind, which I've yet to decide whether to put it into practice or not. You can see here and there in my gallery there are characters that you don't know. Well maybe you guys knew about Luxuria already, but there's still a *cough*redhead *cough* outside just waiting to have her cuteness stolen.

Well that's the plan for now. I'm currently in the second year (I skipped the first year) so at the moment I'm quite busy with examinations. Not that they're difficult, but I'll have to see if I can survive accounting or not. So just wait a bit longer and I'll something good for everyone.

On a side note...anyone here playing Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook? If you do, I'd like to invite you as an ally. My ID is Tổng Thống but since it might be hard to write for you guys, just tell me your pages and I'll invite you to my crew!

Well that's it. Adios, my friends. See you next time!
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It's been a while, folks!

Lately I've been so busy with university that I barely had time to touch a pencil... Seriously, writing a 3000-word-report almost every single week isn't really a pleasant work to do. Now I have two weeks of relaxing, but I doubt if the upcoming months will be peaceful... That's why I worked like a maniac in two days straight to give you guys this new piece of artwork (albeit a little rushed, sorry).

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your families, my friends!
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Howdy guys. It's been a long time since you last heard from me, hasn't it? To tell you the truth, just like a few other of my friends here on dA, I've been very busy with schoolwork; especially when it's the final year my High School Period so I wasn't confident enough to pick up the pencil and draw something (really, I'm having serious trouble with most subjects at school). Therefore, I'm very sorry for not giving my watchers something for such a long time.

Saying this doesn't mean that I'm back to action. Not yet. It's the final period of my schoolyear, so I'm in quite a rush right now. The soonest I can begin making more artworks is by the end of August. Please forgive me for this. I'll give you the teasor of my MegaMan Tribute's entry as compensation for the time being.

In addition, I also want to apologize to my friends who said 'Happy Birthday' to me on December 23rd that I didn't reply. Honestly, I only found that out 3 weeks later so sorry and... thank you.
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These are something that I made a while ago. This is also one of my hobbies, and it seems to be in the very few things that I'm really good at.

Zero 1:…
Zero 2:…
Zero 3:…
Zero 4:…

Since I'm taking a great deal of time for my artworks, I guess I should give you guys something to watch until I have new stuffs. So, enjoy and feel free to comment.
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From my next pieces of art onward, the finalising phase will begin.

I realized that I've been messing around with designing too much instead of concentrating on my fan-fic manga, and result is that I've created a bunch of sh-*censored*-t without knowing. So, as mentioned above, I will be drawing final concepts for my fan-fic from now on. There will be no further changes to the characters' appearances when the manga is released.

Unfortunately, that also means that the amount of time I need to complete a design, which has already been too damn much, will become even worse.

Still, I'll try to get you guys new artworks as fast as I can, so...please be patient.
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