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It's been a while since I've posted. Aloha, world!
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Just a few more days until NYCC/NYAF with :iconda-rk: and :iconserenadestrong:

Must finish all my work. *A*
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So :iconda-rk: and I now have a twitter for Deep Dive!  Yay more things to update! 8D

Twitter: deepdiveCosplay

Such a creative name. XD

In other news, we're going to be cranking out a lot more cosplays over the next few months. Small projects and lots of photoshoots, well at least in comparison to the 2-3 we average per year. oO Must sew, sew, sew!
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AB!!1!oneEeo!1!!oneeE1!11111!!!!! Twas insane. XD Spent most of the weekend with :iconda-rk: and :iconserenadestrong: and caught up with friends, who it was wonderful to see!

We did a panel called Cosplay Propmaking: Holy Crap How'd They Make That!? with :iconcrimsonnataku:, :iconcrimsonakuma: and :iconmarkiemark425:. It covered wood, mdf, sintra, leather and wonderflex. Whee!

This year :iconda-rk: and I did our maddening to the extreme cosplay for the year, Alucard and Hector from Castlevania. yay! And special thanks to :iconserenadestrong: for helping us around at the weekend. We're useless when in cosplay. xD Though this year was better than the past two since we could eat and go to the washroom. oOlll

Now for a brief con report.

-Woke up
-change into cosplay
-dating game

The dating game was the best. The Ash was brilliant, and Gary MF Oak made a cameo appearance this year. XD

-Woke up
-change into cosplay
-see friends

The Masquerade just gets bigger and better each year. >D

-woke up
-walk around
-sleep for the next 5000 million years

We didn't even make it to cosplay chess this year. We just slept through it. Seems that we go to fewer and fewer events every year and spend more time sleeping and eating. We're getting old. XD But next AB, we should be able to get to more stuff since we'll be doing a performance and our cosplays are going to be designed for mobility! Snap.


:camera: Castlevania Cosplay Photos

Alucard [Castlevania: Judgment] : Ven
Hector [Castlevania: Curse of Darkness] : Dark
Photography: Ollie Oberg

:bulletgreen:Castlevania Viktus
:bulletblue:Castlevania Underworld

:bulletgreen:Castlevania Judgment
:bulletblue:Castlevania Curse of Darkness


We made most of our stuff using thermoplastics and paperclay. If you're interested in trying your hand at making props with the thermoplastic sintra or paper clay, check out our tutorials:
:bulletgreen: Sintra
:bulletblue: Paper Clay


Deep Dive Cosplay >8D
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Wao! Long time no see DA! So in admist our preparation for AB, Dark and I did a quick photoshoot of out UK US Hetalia cvosplays, but [and that's a big but], we did blood and gore! And ruined the cosplays [for the first time ever!] for the shoot. Twas great fun and I think we did a bang up job for a day's effort. Messing things up is fun. XD We tramped around in the dirt and along a creek and garnered a lot of stares from the locals. 8D So if you have time, please check it out! Cheers!

Photographery / Editing : Deep Dive Cosplay
England Arthur Kirkland : :iconvenntus:
America Alfred F. Jones: :iconda-rk:
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Version: England - First Empire
              America - Colonial

Thanks to :iconf15h571x: for all her help on this shoot!

:camera: More from this Photoshoot:

:bulletgreen: And I See Your Face
:bulletblue: You Call My Name
:bulletgreen: You Come to Me in Pieces



The Hetalia cosplays are done all in good spirit. Please do not take them too seriously, instead have a party.


For the full photoshoot: Deep Dive Cosplay >8D
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Aloha! :iconda-rk: and I did a photoshoot in the wilderness of the Northern Hemisphere a few weeks ago. Over the next week(s) or so we'll be adding photos! Whee.

We travelled to a glacier and some ice fields to capture the feeling in the concept art. We also didn't plan for the weather and broke our faces in the oh-so-lovely process. Our shoots are getting more ridiculous. Anyways, it was a fun misadventure.

Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Characters: Sakura and Shaoran
Type: Concept Art
Mangaka: CLAMP

:camera: TRC Photoshoot
:bulletblue: The Beginning of Loss
:bulletgreen: A Search for a Reflection
:bulletblue: Alamakriev
:bulletgreen: Toscavivari

For the full photoshoot: Deep Dive Cosplay >8D

All cosplays were made by Deep Dive.
Note: These cosplays were based on a concept work by CLAMP. For practical reasons (such as transporting and hiking to such remote locations), there are some inaccuracies with the outfits in the image.
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Aloha! AB10 was a lot of fun this year. I have to say I was particularly impressed with the quality of the Masquerade and all the skits. It's always very good but this year was the best one I've ever seen there. As usual :iconda-rk: and I didn't get to many panels [something I wish we could change] due to the absurd amount of time it takes to change] but did to many of the cosplay events and VGO [which was the greatest concert ever].

We saw a lot of friends this year! [The best part] and made some new ones!

We cosplayed Adrammelech and Zalera, summons from Final Fantasy XII. I'm not sure what we were thinking when we picked these errr...things? Never again! XD We came up with a list of requirements for all future cosplays, of which includes the ability to go to the washroom in and actually see.

Everyone was awesome and I can't wait for next year! We're even going to try and host a panel with some friends!

Now off to begin planning our next cosplays since we started 3 months before AB this year. Never starting that late again! Too many sleepless nights.

:camera: FF12 Summons Cosplay Photos
:bulletblue: The Horrow Show Continues
:bulletgreen: The Horrow Show
:bulletblue: Adrammelech's Wings
:bulletgreen: The Horrow Complete
:bulletblue: The Horror Show on Parade
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:iconda-rk: and I finally did a KHBBS photoshoot out in the middle of nowhere! We took several days to drive to the desert and climb some rocks in pleather and plastic. Amidst the armour rolling down hill, yelled profanities, and random moments as hikers passed us by and gave us funny looks, we snapped a few pictures. Hence the name Death By Misadventure. Over the next few weeks we'll slowly post them (since we started really late on our last project. yay for procrastination!). So please take a look if you have time! 8D

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Aqua: :iconvenntus:
Ventus: :iconda-rk:
Photographer: :icontoosexyforyourparty:

Materials Used
plated armour - sintra, craft foam, paper clay
soft armour - craft foam
glass parts - plexiglass, plastic bottles (windscreen tint for the helmets)
body suit - pleather
keyblades - sintra, clear plastic tube

For this photoshoot we're trying to go for the KH trailer/in game feel.

:camera: More from this photoshoot:

:bulletgreen: Centre
:bulletblue: Aeolation
:bulletgreen: Vermilion
:bulletblue: Atmos

:bulletgreen: Refuge
:bulletblue: Radiance
:bulletgreen: Crossroads
:bulletblue: Solace
:bulletgreen: Departure

:bulletred: S.M.I.LE
:bulletorange: Reduce Reuse RECYCLE

Thanks a billion to :icontoosexyforyourparty: for dragging our bags up that rock, rolling around a mountain taking pictures and overall brilliance! Without you, all of this is impossible!

For the full photoshoot/our website: Deep Dive Cosplay >8D

Random Note: We made these cosplays back in 2008 when          
all we had were the trailers so the colour scheme and some of the armour is inaccurate as the game was in development.
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:flaguk: A few weeks back, :iconda-rk: and I did a Hetalia photoshoot with :iconserenadestrong:, our brilliant photographer! I was UK and Dark was US. The photoshoot captures the sweet relationship that turned sour so abruptly. Anyways, have a look and a nice day. Cheers! :flagus:

Axis Powers Hetalia

:camera: More from this Photoshoot:

:bulletgreen: Written Very Long Ago
:bulletblue: Beginning of the Divide
:bulletgreen: Imperial Consequence
:bulletblue: At the Base of Something Dear
:bulletgreen: The Gaze Shifts Away
:bulletblue: Someone You Can Lean On
:bulletgreen: Leaves Ripened to the Fall
:bulletblue: May the Day be Long
:bulletgreen: False Dawn

:bulletgreen: At The End of The Road
:bulletblue: Worth Fighting For
:bulletgreen: By Your Side
:bulletblue: Give Up the Fight
:bulletgreen: Memories of Old
:bulletblue: A Piece Once Had
:bulletgreen: Revolution
:bulletblue: Imperial Consequence


For the full photoshoot: Deep Dive Cosplay >8D
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bad food and thick eyebrows!

nantucket in my hair and texas on my face!
aloha! ahoy! boujerno!

i am happy to say we are officially retiring ven and aqua but we'll bust them out for a photoshoot and very special reason in summer 2010. yay no more tacky pleather!

on another note i didn't finish a cosplay that would've worked great in england, but meh. i'm too lazy to do anything right now. XD

on a random note 4chan is full of booger eating pinheaded wankers. and that's that!
aloha! ahoy! boujerno!

i am happy to say we are officially retiring ven and aqua but we'll bust them out for a photoshoot and very special reason in summer 2010. yay no more tacky pleather!

on another note i didn't finish a cosplay that would've worked great in england, but meh. i'm too lazy to do anything right now. XD

on a random note 4chan is full of booger eating pinheaded wankers. and that's that!
CTcon was awesome!1!!!one!11!!111

ugh. im so old. my shoulders and back hurt from cosplaying aqua. [twitch]
updated our website! finally. >D
Yay! Coonventions are fun! We saw I-chan, Brian, and spent time with lots of other friends! Dark and I competed in the Masquerade Ball Competition at the last moment too with our Lulu and Suzaku Christmas versions. Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting lots of photos. So busy.
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Done with VK! snaaap. :iconda-rk: and I did our photo shoot in high summer when the sun was shining and we were melting. in the words of Taka from Prince of Tennis we were BURNINGUUU!!!


yay! :iconda-rk: and I have finally uploaded the edited pictures our Vampire Knight photoshoot. Hers are realistic and mine are fantasy-ish. I'm not sure if Dark is done uploading, but I am. Here they are:

Photos from the set:
More from Dark:
--Black | White
--Hunter x Hunted

More from Ven:
--Dark Against the Sunrise
--Never in the Sun
--Bloody Rose
--Fading with the Sunlight
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yay. so i actually edited some photos from :iconda-rk: and i's vampire knight photoshoot. i should go to sleep but class was canceled for tomorrow.

when i was editing a giant bug flew across the room and i ran away. exciting.
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so i started work on my next cosplay. it's going to be a pleather sweat-fest and sintra adventure. hopefully thr armour doesn't fall off!

anyways, i've started working out again so i can get into shape for Dark and I's katekyo hitman reborn shoot of one of our favourite couples.
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woo. so it looks like i'll be able to make it to le con though i won't actually be cosplaying cause dark can't make it. pah.
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so i'm looking through the photoshoot :iconda-rk: and did with our friend spleenie as the photographer and we have no close-ups. XD then again we did the shoot outside i 38 degree heat so we were melting. my fake tattoo disintegrated off my neck and i use tattoo paper too. yay for theatrical makeup that never comes off! for the kh shoot we freeze in 5 degree weather in that pleather adveture and then boiled in a 4 layered suit. what is wrong with us?! well we get to freeze this winter when we do lighting and storm! yay
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