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Thranduil With His Son Legolas

By Venlian
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At last I finished this epic picture from Thranduil's life) It is a sequel to this picture from one series.
Thranduil [commission] by Venlian

 I do covers! If you want cover, note me, I can put you in queue.

Commission for Isabella Cocilovo-Kozzi
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© 2015 - 2021 Venlian
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Love it 👌🏻❤️

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They're so sexy together Fabulous! 
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Super awesome 
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it is absolute beautiful.
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Beatiful art work, they look great, congratulations! Clap Worship 
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This is really stunning. ^^ 

I love it. 
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I love the idea of relationship between these two! Because we know so little about it from books, we also didn't see father/son relations in Jackson's Hobbit. They are just two elves living near each other for years without feeling anything. 
But here it is so strong and convincing I can really feel smth stretching between them, very strong link of father\son love. It also is so sexy and seductive. Such stunning and perfect scene of vassal loyalty and also moment of son's adoration. I love the poses! Legolas is so tender, his gesture is so gentle and his eyes are so bright and frank. And Thranduil is so unbelievably amazing! Such ideal face and such ideal mood is shown. He is proud and his heavy sight shows so clear that he is drunk and he gets so much pleasure in son's adorations. And I think his eyes say "Oh! yeahhh... He is my son. Best of all and he is all MINE!" 
Also I love idea of light from the stained glass and the hall and throne and all the entourage. These grapes ornamental motifs make Thranduil look like Greek Dionysus. And Thranduil's nude torso is... oh god! I'm really speechless! It is so sexy and real that I want to touch it! :love: :love: :love: 

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Absolutly wonderful WHUT 
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Wow, this is gorgeous and awesome! Heart 
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One of the most intriguing pieces I've seen of the two. The dripping cup makes me wonder if Thranduil spilled it in drunken apathy and self-loathing, which his face clearly shows, or whether he tipped out the liquid at his son's request. He can't/won't leave Middle Earth, but he finds other means of escape and all of them tear his son apart as Legolas watches his father waste away. So intriguing.
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omg! its just perfect
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It's just so marvellous!!:heart:
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It's absolutley gorgeous! I love the colors, the designs (at last sth different than how they were portrayed in the movies ) and the overall athmosphere of this picture. Stunning!
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The artwork clearly conveys a sense of kingship embodied in that of Thanduil with the dark grey robes. The choice of a dark grey highlights well the amber coloured leaves found in his crown, on his belt and inner robes and helps to guide the eyes through the artwork, The green of the Legolas' robes along with her pose makes clear his relationship to the other characters and his blue robe makes his silver hair stand out. The color of Legolas' blue wristlets are captured in Thanduil's outer robe serving to guide the eyes back to Thanduil. The trees combined with the stained glass windows combine nature and gothic architecture to provide a sense of power and majesty to the character which puts the viewer into the shoes of Legolas without there needing to be any words. What gave you the inspiration for this piece?
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wow so amazing!!!La la la la 
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Absolutely amazing picture, all those details are awesome...Clap 
Great work, very well done...;) (Wink) 
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