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On the Doorstep: Thorin and Bilbo

By Venlian
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At last the Erebor… Long was the journey but now the King has come to his land, ready to fight for it. Thorin is standing proud and confident against the Lonely Mountain, true ruler, seeming so similar to severe nature around him. Bilbo is amazed with the landscape, seriously thinking about what’s upcoming. Turning point of “The Hobbit” adventure.

The King beneath the mountains,
The King of carven stone,
The lord of silver fountains
Shall come into his own!

Thorin and Bilbo my own non-movie version.

Commission for :iconlostgryphin:
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An-Old-OtakuHobbyist Writer
Very nice picture but I doubt Bilbo would have ever carried a big sword like that.  His weapon was 'Sting' a very small and easily concealed elfin blade.
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An interesting take...they both look so tall, and Bilbo looks more like a Man or Elf than a Hobbit. However, excellent detail, great setting and background, and great detail on their clothes, items, hair and face!
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DarnokthemageHobbyist General Artist
Bilbo looks a bit more elf-like then i imagined him.
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Bladeninja76Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice mountains and their gear looks good.
alithking's avatar
Amazing art work. Nod 
bit-of-stuff's avatar
great work! I looove how you've made Bilbo looking much more mature, opposite to the comedian version seen in the movie. once again, amazing drawing!
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NGC292Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work! Your Thorin and Bilbo much more beautiful and better than Jackson.
I liked how the two of them smoking pipes, a lot of symbolic details Bilbo and Thorin, and the beautiful mountains behind them!

Must fave! :rose: :rose: :love:
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Cris-NicolaHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful artwork!
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GalopaWXYHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing painting ! So many details ! And that moutain is absolutely stunning !
If I had one critique it would be Thorin looks very thin ^^ but then again maybe journeys will do that to you =p
LostGryphin's avatar
LostGryphinHobbyist Photographer
I love it - the details are stunning!
AnonymousOakenshield's avatar
AnonymousOakenshieldHobbyist General Artist
Why... Mister Baggins looks very well himself... I....
You have done very well.
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MirianesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my! I love it so much I can't really tell!!!  Sure they are better than in the movie! Their outfits are wonderful! These details make me stunned! Bilbo is so lovely! :heart: Makes me think about Frodo. The analogy is so strong. Bilbo and Frodo leaved their house for dangerous adventures being just wealthy hobbits living in their pleasure. But the journey made both of them stronger. It is seen in the picture, that Bilbo is an experienced traveller and I love that you payed so much attention to what he wears and carries with him. Like famous Sting or this bag on his belt (it is for tobacco I believe? :) ) Really I like that they stand both smoking. That makes the situation more vivid and real, you don't think:" A! they are just two book characters, not more."
Thorin's outfit is great too. The horn and the key, also his armour and fur on his shoulders. and all metal decorations. 
I love Thorin's face. It came out so manly and thoughtful, face of a brave person having his strengths and weaknesses but still a person who is a leader. That's why his pose seems to say:" Look! That's my Kingdom. I am the King. I came back home." That's why he is standing higher than Bilbo. He has already taken this place and the mountain behind him (amazingly drawn I must say!) seems to accept him already as a Master.
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Alexgv-artStudent Digital Artist
very cool!
kyrawriter's avatar
Bilbo looks better here than in the movie. 
That is a lovely scene.
Scutterland's avatar
ScutterlandStudent Digital Artist
I second this XD
anosmianAcrimony's avatar
My first thought was "what's that kid doing smoking?!" but then I realised he's a 50-year-old hobbit.
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PepperScratchHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so good.

The book is also good.
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YsydoraHobbyist General Artist
Nice version! Heart Love 
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FeivelynStudent General Artist
thorins arm seems a bit too long, looks strange.
Apart from that it looks awesome
AlessandraImperio's avatar
AlessandraImperioProfessional Digital Artist
I like this version!! I have only some doubts about the different size...were hobbits and dwarfs so different in height?
lenayga's avatar
lenaygaStudent General Artist
Bilbo is a level below Thorin. If he stood up to full height,it looks like they'd probably be about the same.
AlessandraImperio's avatar
AlessandraImperioProfessional Digital Artist
I see. Thank you 😊
Alpanu's avatar
AlpanuHobbyist Writer
I like how different they are from movie version.
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