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Icy Blood

I see you...

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Wonderful! To me it's Feanor!

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Absolutely love this. He would almost fit in on some smutty romance novel cover if it weren’t for how cold his eyes are.
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... ehhh ... yes ... you ... see me ... and I ... ehhhh ... X3 Emote :eeeee:
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Omg his eyes.. I would probably walk straight into the next wall if he looked at me like this.
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What a beautiful man. :3 
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I love this picture, it looks strikingly like my spiritual father. <3
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Your comment made me curious... whose your spiritual father? 
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This is one sexy vampire!!
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very beautifulHeart 
Глаза - лунный камень. Сердце - лед, Образ - обворожителен
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Wow... love the eyes
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DUDE (or dudess) my cousin fell in love with him

my fcking cousin

a dude...

great job cuz he's  not gaySo funny 
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hes stunning, his eyebrows bring out his eyes
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Lovely!! I see Jean-Claude from Anita Blake ,  Is he a charter of your own creation?
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Он великолепен! Просто потрясающие черты лица, глаза и волосы. Он прямо завораживает! *__*
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What program did you use to create such a beautiful man?

Did you have reference material or is he purely from your imagination?

Is he based on a character from a book?

Thanks for creating him!!
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He's quite lovely.  
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