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Feanor and Fingolfin Reunion

By Venlian
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OMG, i love this picture, Feanor is my fav. character from the Tolkien world.

and i love how it looks tat the brothers stand so close and yet so far from each other

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One of very very few depictions of Fëanor in the fandom that is worthy of him, to my mind. You capture his beauty and more importantly his fire and passion. Very well done!

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That looks interesting. Is that a time in Namo's halls? Someday in Aman? It's a bit like they are approaching each other very carefully, though Nolofinwe had much more reason to do so than Curufinwe. It's good that you underlined this contrast with your colour choice for red and blue.
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A masterful piece, filled with a raw sort of passion and emotion. Thank you for this!
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what sort of passion can be betwen brothers? i think you are a bit weird :D
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Clearly you have not read the story for which the art was commissioned :-)

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This was a commission for me, and I do write that they have a relationship :) 
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Not a passion between them, a passion in their poses like they're reaching for their own separate goals. Although yes, I'm weird. XD
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This is extremely beautiful, I enjoyed looking at the piece. 
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Gorgeous work *.* I'm a pretty big Tolkien fan myself, so I appreciate any work that draws from his as inspiration. The detail in the clothing is well-done, but my favourite part of the piece has to be the shading in the sheen of Fingolfin's (The right one. Sorry if I got that wrong) collar piece.

I greatly enjoy the shading usage in the open palms of the brothers. The oil painting look of them reminds me of works during the Renaissance. While it does look a tad different from the rest (More due to their isolation, from my point of view), I feel it is good because of that. My eyes are immediately drawn to the center of the artwork because of the hands' minor difference in look from the rest of the piece, making it a smooth transition towards the edges of the piece. It lets the viewer start at a fairly uneventful part of the piece before allowing them to roam free and see the vast detail everywhere else.

Again, fantastic work!
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ahhh this gorgeous <3
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there bouth very handsome
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Gorgeous artwork! Heart Love 
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I think your characters are gorgeous :) never be apologetic for drawing sexy elves/men/women!sexy isn't a sin! 
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I like the characther of Fingolfin, your work is very beautiful
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It is like the background behind them, as though Fëanor and Fingolfin like angels in the heavens. And how are they to each other hand pull.
I like also their eyes and I think they are very well reflect the characters of the brothers.

And their clothes are developing very nicely)

Beautiful and amazing work ! Hug Heart  :rose: :rose: Heart Heart :rose:
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OH MY GOODNESS ! you did them so well ! :love:
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Their outfits are wonderful! I'm speechless!!! Fantastical imagination you have! And the idea of waving cloths around them gives the feeling of strength of their souls and you feel that this moment is unusual, frozen in time. And it is more than important for both of them. Also the gestures of their hands are great! Fingolfin lending his hand openly and Feanor with some inner proudness.
The starry sky is amazingly done! Also works on impression that their reunion is frozen in time between the worlds Before and After.
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