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TF-Orion - Empress Havoc

This is another character I created for the story Orion. I was not planning to share this online anytime soon, but after current events, I decided I should to protect myself. More on that below.

About this character. This is suppose to be Pharaohtron/Megatron's queen/girlfriend, in the story Orion, also found in the comic TF-Parallax: Orion with the City Commander toy. Some fans have referred to her as Pharaohtron's concubine. :D The basic idea came about when I was asked if I considered putting a female TF into the story, since this story was aimed for collectors, not kids, so there was more freedom to do things. Anyways, I decided on a "Flying Sand Cruiser" alt mode, then designed the robot mode from there. Inspirations for this design was GalaxyForce Dreadrock/JetFire, and the comic character Purgatory. Jetfire was for some of the transformation, mostly the legs, and Purgatory for realizing the color scheme I wanted to use would work.

I was asked by FansProject, at the beginning of the summer, to come up with some Transformer alternative universe stories. Orion, an ancient Egypt themed story was one of them. There were no plans to publish the story at the time. So I came up with some character designs, and was building the entire story by writing character bios, background on the planet and a new history for this universe.

Well, while working on it, I was sent an almost finished comic for City Commander, which they used my story for, and was asked to write the story to the artwork I was shown for it. That was the first time I found out my idea was actually being used. They had basically used my small summary of the story to draw the comic up. They had not, or have seen any of the actual background/bios I came up with, nor have access to it. Anyways, to my surprise, this character, Havoc made an appearance as well, and didn't get changed either. The Pharaohtron Megatron character was something I came up with along with a concept design, but the City Commander designer redesigned it so it worked more like a toy, and made it more acceptable.

Anyways, since some fans have been asking for a Pharaohtron figure from FansProject on forums, I decided I should take some action and post the Havoc design up, in case something big happens with this design, with out my authorization.

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can you post the lore of your continuity?
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I like the whitye face with cat years myself, but again it is a preference issue XD Love the alt modee, very desert-ish without being an animal :D
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Femme bot, yay! I'm torn between the white face or the one she has with the full body shot. Both are very nice. And I also like the feet, like she's wearing highheels. lol Also kudos on the sleek sand cruiser. =D

I hope that you want have any more copying issues. Nothing scares me more than having your own idea stolen. That's why I'm extremely hesistant to put my orginal stuff here on the net.
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Thanks for commenting. :)

The issue I was having wasn't copying, but using this character without my approval. I didn't mind to see this character in the comic, but there was never talks about who gets to own it, or if they were going to buy it off me. Its something I need to sort out with FansProject, as its hard to find time to talk with them.
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pretty good design.
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your welcome dude. i hope the situration with this character will be clear up asap with fansproject.
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i think i like the white face best...
she's got a bit of the ol' Bastet thing goin on here.
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Thanks for your comment. :)
I was definitely using some animal/egyptian god elements in the design. Havoc's is definitely Bastet, thats why one of the working names was "Blast"(crossed off in the image). Megatron has a sphinx motif, and shockwave had anubis.
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