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Horror Fear -GAME-

Now works on Windows Vista and 7

Here it is people, Horror Fear!

This is a game. Click download to obtain the 18.5MB ZIP File. Extract the contents and run the executable to play! But be sure to check the controls text file first!
This game is absolutely horrible, you should really play it!

Let's see... Credit goes to :iconagent-jin: for Rod Nijtor's voice.
And credit to :iconffgrandmaster: for the second and third RPG monster.

The music tracks are midi songs I made six years ago when I didn't know much about making music.

This game was made with 1% of the planning a normal game would take to make. Meaning it was 99% spontaneous. It has mediocre artwork with poor transparency, relatively bad voice acting, and it's fairly short. A must play.

If you run into any bugs or glitches, (and I wouldn't be surprised if you do) just report them here and I might do something to fix them.

Nevertheless, I hope you find much enjoyment in playing this amazing game! And Happy Halloween to all!

Note: Do not judge my game making or artistic skills based on this game. Just don't do it.
© 2010 - 2021 Veni-Mortem
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Going on my let's play list. hm... where did I put my mic
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Boy oh boy! Let me see the outcome!
Taylor0Savage's avatar
Sure will. I'll put up a post on my deviantart. I'll play it tonight! It'll be my first let's play =3
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Excellent! I'm watching you now!
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How do i download this ?
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Just click the "Download File" link over on the right of the page. It's uploaded to dA itself; not an external link!
Then just extract the .zip and play away! Enjoy the terribleness, lol.
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I'm the brother that Metabad showed this to! HORROR FEAR is a family game that brings families together!

But yes! This game is outstanding. The characters are all so hilarious and memorable! In fact, I had all of their voices stuck in my head for the entire day after I first played it. It was a pretty great day!
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Yep, I learned you were Metabad's brother through Agent Jin, who is my brother. It really does bring families together!

So glad you like it! I hope to dish out a sequel one of these days!
Metabad's avatar
I downloaded this today and already its one of my favourite games.

I showed it to my brother and he loves it too, ESPECIALLY the main guy's voice.

We eagerly await the sequel!

Also having seen The Dog 6 beforehand, this feels like a prequel of sorts...and everything's VERY interesting...
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Oh, excellent! I'm glad you like it! Yes, Jack's voice is one of my favourites to do. His voice was kind of still being developed in the start of the game, so I might make an updated version of Horror Fear where his voice is consistent, lol.

The sequel will come some time one day maybe I hope! I keep putting it off, like everything.

And you'll be seeing more Jack in The Dog 7 & 8! It's gonna be a blast.

Thank you for the comment and favourites! Hopefully you'll be seeing more Horror Fear soon!
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On a somewhat unrelated note, I also really like your voice for The Guy, and the karate chop song was pretty great too. The voices for Jack and The Guy are, as the kids say "da bomb."
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like my voices! The Guy has always been really fun to do, even though his voice has changed a lot since his first appearance, haha.

Also, I've started work on the updated version of Horror Fear, titled "Horror Fear: Reducks." This time, I'm going to make it a Flash, so it should be a lot smaller file size, and more accessible to all the internet wanderers!

Only problem is, I don't really know a lot about Flash, so this should be interesting!
Let the glitches ensue!

Oh, and thanks for the watch! I'll wear this one on my left wrist.
This is the best horror game ever. Screw Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Haha, thanks. XD I really need to make Horror Fear 2 sometime soon. It'll be amazing.
Sure it will! It'll be a blast!
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I just must suck. I die when those tentacle heads come at me.
I may not want to use a touch pad.
Veni-Mortem's avatar
I guess the touch pad doesn't work so well with it, hm. You've just got to shoot them all as fast as you can. Maybe a mouse will work better.
LavenderYouko's avatar
I'm gonna break out my tablet and lay it on those suckers >T
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Yeah, that'll teach 'em!
LavenderYouko's avatar
...after they made me feel stupid for not clicking the door. 8D

Next time you need voices, monsters, anything, man. Let me know? XD
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Great! Then I suppose you can become a proud member of the Horror Fear 2 team!!
LavenderYouko's avatar
Veni-Mortem's avatar
That's actually a great name, and I may use it for HF3, but the one coming up is called...


No kidding, that's what it's called. Writing for it has already begun.
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