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FREE Top Down Zombie Pack

Since my original top-down sprite pack seemed to get a lot of attention and usage, I thought I'd release some more materials from that old game project that was abandoned. Zombies seem to be a frequent enemy in these sort of games, so I hope these will be of some use!

You can find the first Top Down Sprite Pack here:
You can download the full sprite sheets here: (They also include some extra sprites not shown in the pack!)

You are free to use or edit these for any project you may wish. Just be sure to credit me (Veni Mortem) and give me a link to your project once it's complete!

(Take note that these sprites are from 2007, so they aren't spectacular, and my sprite skills have greatly improved since then.)

Just click Download to download the zip file. File size is 140KB.


Package contains:

09 Zombie animations- Three types of zombies

08 Bag Monster animations

06 Blood animations

01 Proximity mine sprite

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Thankyou soooo much!
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No problem! Glad you like them!
Would you be willing to supply both sprite packs with the individual frame files rather than the gif animations?
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That would make editing the sprites easier, huh? Haha. Luckily I still had the sprite sheets, so here they are!
If you literally need each frame as a separate file, you'll have to do that yourself, but this is all the sprite frames on four sheets, with some extra sprites included too!
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You're very welcome!
Do you do any freelance work?  I've been utilizing your sprite packs for a small game I'm working on and I need some environment stuff drawn (top down view buildings, trees, benches, etc).  If you are interested please let me know and what rate you charge.
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[link] hope your not disappointed i used scratch to make it, enjoy XD
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I think it's very cool! Nice work! It's actually very similar to the game these sprites were originally designed for! An endless Zombie onslaught!

Thank you for sharing! c:

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