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FREE Top Down Sprite Pack

Here is a sprite pack I threw together today. All are from an old game project I started, but will never finish. And so! I offer them to the public.

You are free to use or edit these for any project you may wish. Just be sure to credit me (Veni Mortem) and give me a link to your project once it's complete!

You can find the Top Down Zombie Pack here:
You can download the full sprite sheets here: (They also include some extra sprites not shown in the pack!)

(Take note that these sprites are from 2007, so they aren't spectacular, and my sprite skills have greatly improved since then.)

Just click Download to download the zip file. File size is 212KB.


Package contains:

02 top-down backgrounds/rooms

10 various object sprites

22 Main character animations

01 Mecha Sprite

10 NPC sprites

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Saiyaman452's avatar
Thanks.I was planning to create a Top Down Shooter Game
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Awesome! Hope these help!!
Zeobis's avatar
Veni-Mortem's avatar
No problem at all!! Hope it helps. c:
Rakops's avatar
I freaking love it! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Awesome! So glad you're finding use for it!
Bluepomchii's avatar
Very Nice Job appreciate the hard work you put into developing this
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Thank you! And I'm glad you like them!
IzId0r's avatar
Very Nice :)
Novally's avatar
Looks pretty good. Sight lack of contrast and shading issues though.
Veni-Mortem's avatar
Thanks! Like I mentioned, these are pretty old, so I know they've got some mistakes.
Novally's avatar
Ohh alright.
A3R0DYNAMIK's avatar
I search the same style of sprites for my Hotline Miami-like game, thanks !!!
Veni-Mortem's avatar
No problem! I'm glad they can be helpful!
C-Hudson's avatar
this is sooooo helpful thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wouldnt have an top down death animations would you? cause im really strugglingg with it.
Veni-Mortem's avatar
No, no death animations with this set. It's true, death animations can be rather tricky. Sometimes I find it best to draw the last frame first, of the character on the ground, and then work with the in-between frames. Of course, there's always the option to have the character simply explode, lol.

I'm glad you find it helpful though! I wish you luck with your project. c:
Zinnia-Aster's avatar
Awesomeniise. Mhm. I like it a lot. :)
Zinnia-Aster's avatar
You're welcome! :)
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