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Coheed Desktop 2012

With the announcement of the new Coheed and Cambria record "The Afterman", I decided to update my old wallpaper and make a few changes. Once again, use as you wish, but make sure you link to this page.

Also, buy every Coheed and Cambria album ever. Twice.
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Catdruid's avatar
I was thinking... will he update the picture? And then I saw this lol. Niiice wallpaper :D Sorry, my english sucks
Mister-Saturn's avatar
Had I the money, I WOULD own every Coheed album twice.
This is my wallpaper now whilst I wait IMpatiently for the new album :I
Tooi's avatar
You are awesome! Thanks for making this! :heart:

Who wouldn't buy Coheed albums twice? :XD:
uzumaki1234's avatar
would you mind if i use this for my fb cover photo? ill credit your deviantart page in the description
tramirez89's avatar
I had the exact same idea! yay!
Use at will. That's why I made it! Gotta spread Coheed to every computer screen in existence!
uzumaki1234's avatar
haha true. I just went and saw them in chicago on Feb 9th so that was a wonderful concert haha COTF
planetahollywood2014's avatar
I Recently started working on DeviantArt Site
Very nice picture
Well capture
Keep up the great work
I will check out the rest of your profile
and fill in comments thanks
Have a nice day
feel free to check out tons of our pictures, art and to signup with our group
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