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Bonfire Mimic

Just some enemy design idea, A bonfire Mimic could be a nice and friendly (?) addition to Dark Souls.
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NO no no no no no no no no no just NO!

Imagine going through a very harsh area and then you're like "thank god, a bonfire at last".

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my group is not ready for a dark souls themed dnd game

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It would be awesome. 
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Why Satan? WHY?!
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Calm down Satan. :P
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I hope pray that bonfire doesn't work, or I'm that thing's mate until the end of time!
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Oh damn I never tough about that,  you use the bonfire, mimic wakes up and eats you, loading screen get back at last bonfire (mimic), spawn try to run like mad but the bonfire eats you once again.
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He forces a warp, unless you can git gud and kill it once you step off...
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Imagine this: you just had a fight with 2 black knights and an army of skeleton wheels, so you have low Health. Then you see the bonfire and rush to it... And Then you get torn in half and die :)
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I thought it would activate, walk away, you get rekt by said black knights and bonewheels, and you find yourself 10 minutes away because it walked into a cave of enemies more powerful than you have the right of knowing... including itself, so you have to warp away and waste lots of time, or git gud to proceed.
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The idea is good, But what if you attack the bunfire mimic while its walking away?
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If its lit and used, it will keep moving until it reaches its destination. If killed, the bonfire reappears where the mimic is originally found
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So it won't fight back?
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Not until it reaches its goal. Kinda like the Duke's Archives man-serpents in the first game, except those can be aggravated early. This mimic won't, but it will act as a miniboss and fight once it reaches its goal point (advice-- nail some hits beforehand to shorten the battle if possible!)
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I've only played the first two (having only a PS3 and a small amount of money), but as for the first game-- I did beat it on SL1 once, amassed a SL 200 character (my first file), and made multiple PvP files.

I'm no novice, but "veteran"? That's a stretch, compared to those found on YouTube...
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this would make for a good boss. but not a good enemy.
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Can agree with that.
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This would be a great concept for a tutorial boss.
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someone need to made a mimic elevator.
you know for trolling the speedrun players
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