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Keeping Ghosts
Devcon had thought that he would never go back to Cybertron. Even now, as he gently slid into the atmosphere, he kept silent, reluctant to hail the planet although he was probably setting off all kinds of security alerts. Cybertron looked very different from when he had last seen it, over a million years earlier, yet in many ways it was no different: a destitute planet, ravaged by violence and all but drained of its resources. Old feelings of frustration bubbled up within him and he suppressed a ridiculous urge to turn and flee.
Incoming ship, you have entered Cybertronian airspace. Please identify yourself and state your business. The words were calm but curt with annoyance that he had not done so before. Devcon was also fairly sure he recognised Kup's voice.
"This is the Autobot, Devcon," he radioed back, a little surprised that they didn't have a visual on him yet. Judging by the state of the planet, he perhaps should have been surprised that they had radio. "I have an invita
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To swim with sharks
In so many ways, they were such children.
"For Cybertron's sake, lower your fuming ramp!" Brainwave screamed. He was in full panic, clinging to the top of Cruise Control in her armoured car mode, and shooting ineffectually at what Solar Flare could only assume were the combined security forces of Monacus' casinos.
Amused more than concerned, Solar Flare complied, although her crew were still long minutes away from entry. The golden ship's engines stayed cool, although she primed one of her wing-cannons, just in case.
Being an asteroid, Monacus had no governing laws, however the independent casinos that exploited this were apparently allied against thieves and frauds. Solar Flare's crew was being pursued by a mixed bag, a diverse group of aliens on one-man skimmers of varying technology. Ahead of them, the black box-shape of Cruise Control plunged doggedly over the unsurfaced road as fast as her treads would allow, while Brainwave hung onto her roof, neon green limbs sprawling. Rough gr
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Two Voices
The Short Fuse was one of the more peaceful bars in the mixed bag of societies and planets that made up the Orgenon Cluster.  It had the same amount of brawls as any other drinking establishment, but the patrons generally observed the courtesy of using their fists rather than guns or knives.  Consequently, it enjoyed a fair degree of popularity among those truly looking for a break from the daily struggle of living in the Cluster and also among those who were passing through and looking for a rest-stop.
Devcon had not been through the Cluster for a good century, so he was pleased to find that the Fuse was still thriving.  A bounty hunter by trade, he usually went where his work took him.  However, he had no new leads on Decepticon fugitives at the moment; it was a personal reason that brought him here.
Unsurprisingly, the barkeep was new: a female of the reptilian scuxxoid species.  She barely reached Devcon's knee, but as he entered, s
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Soldiers First
"I think the answer may be in the Matrix—in the memories of the ancient Autobot leaders."
Rodimus Prime's tone was heavy, and Arcee frowned, her euphoria draining away.  Since their arrival on Junk, the stress of the past several hours had seemed to be over.  Springer had been miraculously rebuilt, they were back among friends, and the path home to Cybertron was clear.  Even the implications of Galvatron's return were diminished by the knowledge that today, at least, everybody was safe.  Yet their leader was still worried, not only by Galvatron, but by the Quintessons and their mysterious interest in the Autobots.
Springer, on the other hand, still seemed disinclined to think there could be much wrong with the world.  "So, just get blasted again and almost die," he suggested lightly.  "Then you can enter the Matrix and find out for sure."
Rodimus gave him a sharp look, and Arcee felt a stab of fear.
"He's only kidding!" s
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Reason for Life
"I have to say," Ratchet was heard to observe.  "Organic bodies never cease to amaze me with the things they're programmed to do—without programming, as it were."
A handful of Autobots had gathered in the Ark's medical bay as much for the purpose of socialising as anything else.  The med-bay was one of the few rooms in the Ark that had been initially designed for its current use.  True, half the Ark's original med-bay had collapsed and the rest had since been merged with the crawlspace that had formerly housed coolant ducts, but a med-bay it had always been.  Although there were four Autobots in the current ranks who were capable of performing extensive repairs (plus Sparkplug, who had a deft hand for mechanics), this hadn't always been the case through the war, and most of the Autobots were used to dropping into the med-bay to do their own patch-ups with the equipment to hand.  
There were exceptions to this, of course. 
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Alpha Trion's Decision
The war came one morning, not in the explosion of violence that Ironhide had expected, but in a stream of injuries.  Robots from across the city came flowing into Alpha Trion’s workshop sporting damage from laserfire or explosions, or carrying the worse injured.  Alarmed, the workshop inhabitants protested that they were not trained medical personnel, that they did not have the necessary resources.  The answer came that all of the hospitals were already overflowing and two on the far side of Iacon had been bombed.  The reason?  The Decepticons had declared war on all Autobots.
Much daunted, they got to work.  There was a hangar behind the workshop which was silent today: most of the shuttles were still in their bays, and from all reports, the ones that were not present would not be returning.  It became a makeshift infirmary.  Chromia, Ironhide and Alpha Trion tried to sort out the emergency cases from
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The Originality Illusion
It's come to my attention that, in the online amateur writing scene, no one seems to understand the proper role of characters in conjunction with plot.  
From what I have been able to observe, literally everyone tries to create characters outside of plot by outlining what they look like, what they eat for dinner, and what bands they absolutely abhor.  That's the law on how it's done.  The amount of "character survey sheets" containing a never-ending list of questions for prospective characters is ridiculous--and sad, because determining these things will in no way help you create a good character or, more importantly, a good story (which I define as an account of a character's actions within a given plot).
In reality, your character is not going to comb his hair, sit down to the dinner table, or workout in the gym with his iPod during the erupting mayhem of your story.  If he does, it's because you've invested way too much time in randomly select
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