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Since I am not photographing much other things aside dolls, I decided to make an entry with the doll names and their molds. That might be helpfull to some visitors.

So here they are:
Sereshka - Dollzone cherry
Leana - Dollzone coney
Ivan - Luts delf Lu-Wen
Lilliya - Luts delf Lu-Wen Vampire girl
Varushka - Luts delf Dark Elf Soo Vampire
Yelena -  Luts delf Dark Elf Soo
Zorana - Feeple Ashley (head sharing body with Yulia)
Yulia - Feeple Ashley Vampire
Alexis - Peakswoods Goldie
Skittles - Luts delf Angel Elf Soo
Isadora - Dollmore Ha-Yarn Cho White Vulpes (limited edition)
Sergei - Souldoll Chiron human grey skin
Yasha - Soom Heliot (the head with horn)
Milehva - Soom Heliot Girl (Open Eyed head)
Andreiana - Soom Amber
Irina - Soom Cass (human)
Zoya - Soom Galena grey skin
Yeva - Soom Galena white skin
Lena - Soom Ai (faun)
Mira - Soom Ai / Glot Hybrid (human head Ai with Glot hooves and horns)
Umbra - Soom Ai human
Vladislav - Soom Chalco tan
Vanya - Soom Breccia
Lily - Soom Syen Gargoyle/Vampire
Ella - Soom Syen human
Elenora - Soom Nenad
Camila - Soom Mixi
Bunny - Soom Mylo white skin
Ysabella - Soom Pel bronze skin
Anastasia - Fairyland Puki Ante Multihead (on resinsoul body)
Ninochka - Angel Fantasy Alice
Nadyenka - Angel Fantasy Alice
Echo - Angel Fantasy Niki
Jack - Bambicrony Ping Ping
Dvora - Dollzone Anson
Vlada - Doll Chateau Alberta
Elissa - Luts Dorothy
Angelina - Dollmore Trinity Golden Jude
Daish - Dollmore Lusion Daish
Ruby - Dollzone Coral
Sapphire - Dollzone Eudora
Gina - Fairyland Chicline Dark Soo
Arianna - Iplehouse E.I.D. vampire Aaliyah (grey skin)
Sariël - Iplehouse J.I.D. Leona
Sharra - Dollzone Iris (human version)
Mirrim - Dollzone Ivy (human body)
Sugar - Doll Chateau Elizabeth
Jack - Doll Chateau Andre
James - Doll Chateau Jakov
Fausto - Iplehouse vampire Claude (nYid body, grey skin)
(no name yet) - Souldoll Aehael centaur (white skin)
Dante - Iplehouse E.I.D. vampire Viktor (grey skin)
Luciana - Iplehouse S.I.D. vampire Stella (grey skin)

Xara - Doll Chateau Delia (k-body 13, white skin)
Bubblegum - Doll Chateau Lillian
Xenon - Doll Chateau Lillian

So when new dolls arrive, I'll update this post.
I don't have pictures of all my dolls uploaded here yet.

(Last updated: February 22, 2017)

And a message to all people who comment and favourite my pictures:
Thank you very much! <3
But I don't log into deviantart very often so sorry if I don't reply! But I really appreciate all comments and faves! ^_^

edit: sorry for all the inactivity for a while. I am not dead and I haven't quit bjds. Due health problems I haven't been able to finish my newest dolls (but I still keep buying them XD) or do photoshoots with them. I hope to return to the hobby more actively in the future.
Another "I haven't updated this thing"-journal post.
I just forget updating this.
I have been busy with my newest (and also biggest) hobby: asian ball jointed dolls. And also with making clothes. I still need to upload some of my BJD pictures.

For my other photography.. I haven't done that lately. I still need to hold another shoot, I guess. :D Too bad that there are only 24 hours in a day, and that this body needs to sleep as well. So I don't have time for other things because I am spending huge amounds of time at my dolls and clothes.

I want to much.

I guess I better stop writing here and upload some pictures. Lol.

- VelvetBat

EDIT: I've added some pictures of my dolls!
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I haven't updated my deviantart much lately. The reason is that I am waiting for my ABJD's to arrive. At December I had ordered a dollzone cherry (and a petdoll bunny) and I hope they'll arrive next week. Also, around 15 days ago, I ordered a Lu-Wen. He shall arrive within a month I hope.

So when they are here, I shall SPAM them a lot here ofcourse. So I hope that from the day that one of them have arrived, I will update this gallery frequently.
And I also hope to take more non-ABJD pictures as well, but not as much as the ABJD ones.
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Well, it's now 23.54 here and I am getting tired. Right after my last journal post here I thought "why not taking photo's now?", and so I did. You can see the results at my gallery.

Some pictures are of the second mystical series, and some are shot just for fun.
And there is one of my collar. I might make a fetish sort of series too some day.

Well, I hope you like them. Now I am trying to change my room back to normal and get some sleep.
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Oh, I am really bad. I promised in my past journal (at August!!) that I would upload new pictures. And I still haven't... I am ashamed of myself.

Well, I had planned to make some new pictures last week, but I got a sore eye. At the end of the week, it was gone and saturday I shopped some new eyeshadow and a skirt which I want to be photographed as well. So I made new plans: for this week.
And now since yesterday an other part of my eye got sore.

So no pictures of me this week.

I am trying to get some other stuff online. Maybe I'll make a serie photo's of objects (like my current pictures, but then slightly different).

I'll try to see if I have any other deviantartable (nice word huh?) stuff as well.

Oh, and I had made some pictures of my newest clothes, but I am not happy with the results. And I mean the photo-results, the clothes are fine.

So I'll try to upload something this week.
I can't promise anything at the moment because my health isn't really great (both mental as physical).
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I do sometimes mak clothing. I'm going to upload a few pictures of stuff I've made soon. :) So another update is coming!
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Well, it is a long time ago I have posted something new. I have deleted my old stuff (I don't like it anymore) and I am now ready for something new. I have discovered photography now, so I will post a few of my photo-art. I have also done a few phptoshoots as a model, so I'll post some of those as well.
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