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They are not switching their outfits but their heads ;-)
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This is amazing. Nice work +favlove 
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I almost never leave comments anymore, but thought you deserved this for how well this is done and your description. I was clicking  through, saw this and thought it was beautiful. Then I read your description, said, "hmm, that's creepy", and favourited it.  :) I just like the idea of a head-swap instead of clothes for this fandom.
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ahhh i love this! 
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It's amazing! this is art! ;)
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Fantastic. Simply...fantastic :)
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Amzaing work!
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I love the colors and their expression, it looks like a picture frame. Really beautiful.
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You drew this?!?!?! WHY THE HELL IS THIS NOT FAMOUS?? *ahem what I'm trying to say is that it's besutiful.
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I enjoy the subtlety in the gore.  Very nice
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One or more of your hannibal fanarts has been featured here: furiarossaandmimma.deviantart.…
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Love the whole role reversal idea. Trully makes for good artwork. Really adore this piece <3
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Hannibal is one dude i'm afread of
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Oh. That's a great concept and a greatest realization. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece! :heart:
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me thinks I've found my new wallpaper. Superb.
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this is creepy and fascinating at the same time :heart:
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This is so beautiful. The symbolism is made that much better due to the gritty manner in which it was painted. I foresee myself staring at this a lot in the future. :D
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This actually speaks volumes metaphorically after the season finale. This picture shows how Lecter plays victim and tries to make Will the killer he really is. Incredible job on this!
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And when I say he really is I mean Lecter's the killer, not Will. I realize the way I wrote that could be mis-read.
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