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Spring Time

:pointr: A bit of fun with imported images this time. All created within UltraFractal with some minor post-production editing: tonal balance, sharpening, addition of sig & watermark. 48 layers in total.

:pointr: Resources used for this image are all my own except for the Clock photograph which is a stock image by :iconsammykaye1sstamps:

:pointr: PS. This is not about Spring (the season)... this is a represention of a mechanical clock with coiled (watch) springs, cogs etc. The title is a play on words. ;)

:pointr: Other time related fractals:
Fractal Timepiece by Velvet--Glove The Chronomancer's Wand by Velvet--Glove Temporal Flux by Velvet--Glove A Question of Time by Velvet--Glove

I dot W logo Number 3 by PomPrint
:star: This fractal was voted Ispirare's deviation of the week, July 30th 2012. Thanks to all who voted!! Link :huggle:
:star: This fractal was voted 3Every30days deviation of the week, August 19th 2012. Thanks to everyone who voted! Link :huggle:
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Thank you for creating and sharing this very special artwork, which I have included in my new Journal Feature. If you wish it to be removed, please contact me and I shall do so. :heart:
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Thanks very much for the feature, my friend. It's appreciated! :aww:
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How clever!!!!!  A breathtaking beauty with magnificent details!!!! 
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Thanks, sweetie. Here's a kiss for you, my love!
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You're so very, very welcome!!!!!A flower for my love 
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Thanks very much for fav'ing! :)
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Thanks very much for fav'ing! :) (Smile)
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Superb. Marvelous integration of fractal shapes and photos. Harmonious colors and design. Elaborate and neat. The background fits perfectly. Great work.
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Thanks very much for stopping by for a closer look and to share your thoughts on this image, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :aww:
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You are very welcome :) You deserve it plainly, you do a fantastic, lovely work. I see you are selling it, this is not surprising, it is professional quality. I also see you are a tutorial author, thank you for that because tuts are a precious thing for beginner fractalists like me desperately seeking to improve themselves... :D :)
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Thank you and you're welcome. I remember how hard it was to get to grips with the program I use, Ultra Fractal, so I understand the frustration. :aww:
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Don't I know it! Aww  I'm lost in an infinity of settings, and, to make it worse, I rarely manage to finish the tutorials that I try (though they help me a lot). If I ever get anything presentable this is only by luck. For example I got a quite realistic nebula, but it just kind of popped out of nowhere. I've tried Apophysis and JWildfire (which is a bit more user-friendly) so far, I'm interested by Ultra Fractal, your work is the best advertisement for it, but I fear it won't be that easier either... Aww 

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Yes, UF does take time to master, there's no getting round that. I took a shortcut by taking Janet Parke's online classes ( - this helped me enormously and set me on a path of purposeful creativity (as opposed to random stabs in the dark). I can recommend them if you can afford the reasonable cost. Since then I have continued to work daily with UF so have a lot of experience and a lot of saved images and resources to draw from. I've seen many others grow in skill and experience too, it is a fabulously rich program to play with.  I've tried other software too but found all of them wanting in many respects and difficult to learn. :shrug:

I hope you will stick with UF too; that you will finish the available tutorials, look at published parameters and learn your way around. Right from the start I had so much fun with the program, even my earliest attempts were very satisfying. :love:
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I browsed some of your tutorials and the UF official page. It looks like a Rolls Royce compared to the fractal programs I've tried so far. Advanced gradient edition, graphical interface for the parameter manipulation, infinite zooming, 3D mapping... this is highly attractive :) Currently I plan to familiarize myself with the fractal concepts and techniques with JWildfire. The main problem with this program is that its GUI is very slow on my computer (at least 5s of latency for each input). I will probably download the UF trial version to see if it is more responsive. I didn't know it was not free. I'm a hobbyist and I rarely use pay programs, I like the idea of free resource sharing, but if I'm really pleased with UF, maybe I'll make to myself this gift... :)
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Thanks, sweetie. :blowkiss:
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You are welcome - and I don't know why I haven't seen it before :shrug:
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This combination of a clock that already looks beautiful on its own and well-placed fractal elements makes for an amazingly creative piece. This is definitely one of those fractals you never get bored of looking at.
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Thanks very much for stopping by to leave a comment and to add this to your favourites, I'm happy you enjoyed it so much. This is one of my favourite pieces too. :aww:
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Very Beautiful. Love your gallery

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