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Medieval Stained Glass

Hahaha, I'm totally supposed to be working now...

... buuut I've been listening to the Elizabeth: The Golden Age Soundtrack all afternoon and then suddenly this pops into my head and I had to do it. An old sketch, but I've tried playng around with textures to make a stained glass effect.

Just a quick experiment, but it killed some time in the midst of a very boring essay!! :D

Textures are from #resurgere and patterns are from Pixels & Ice Cream.
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Hi! You said you wouldn't complain if someone try you drawing in stained glass... so I did! :) I made some little modifications, but I have to say I love the result. I am new in stained glass.

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Love the pattern on her clothes!
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A brilliant piece! O_O
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a couple shapes should be changed, an you'd have to do an overlay for the necklace and buttons, but otherwise it is a viable pattern!
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That's cool, I don't really know nything about the actual process of making stained glass pieces, I have just seen a lot in old churches and houses and kind of woked from memory. :)
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the rules- no long pointy pieces- they like to shatter. no inner angles, glass doesn't work that way, and the same with inner curves. the hands would need to be changed, and one sleeve piece, but I could make that.
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Well, you know, if you ever found youself wanting to try it, I totally wouldn't complain. ;) Lol.
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whoa, soooo beautiful!
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I really like your use of textures--it is never unnescessary. ^^
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Thankyou, that's really good to hear because I am still learning how to use them, so it's nice to do experiments like this one! :)
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Great! The effect is brilliant :]
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I absolutely love the Elizabeth: The Golden Age Soundtrack, it's so great. Again, as always, awesome work. You've really captured the style of stained glass but gave it more life.
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Thankyou, I'm glad you liked the stained glass effect, as it's a new style I've never tried before and it's always nice when something works unexpectedly. :)

I :heart: that soundtrack, anything by Craig Arnstrong is sure to be good, but that is definitely one of his best imho!
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Really good idea! *fave*
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Thanks, I was just itching to try it out as soon as it came into my head. :)
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