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Happy new year, wishing everyone the best in this new year. 

I know I haven't been very active on deviantart. I haven't been drawing much either.

I spent 3 weeks in Japan and immediately upon my return, I had my birthday, Christmas and now the new year. I haven't had much time to just sit down and draw.

Speaking of Japan though, just being there for 3weeks has really made me have a hankering for drawing straight up cute anime girls. la in love 

So...we're probably starting out with a bit of a style shift haha.
The amount of really amazing art just everywhere in Japan is mind blowing, even in ad's I see drawings that inspire me. 

I can't wait to put out my first artwork for this year. I'm going to have fun with it. :')

This year, I hope to draw more than I did last year. 2017 wasn't really that artistically productive to me I feel. I want to do better,
but also I want to find more fun in art again and just enjoy myself. Pushing myself to improve all the time is actually exhausting, so that can take a step back and I'll learn to enjoy art again.  

cherry blossom What are your resolutions? cherry blossom 

2017 Art features - DIGITAL.

Sat Dec 31, 2016, 5:01 PM
Thumbnail gallery feature of DIGITAL art I love and want to share!
Limiting this journal feature to just 5 categories.
Also wanted to keep the art thumbs in line and creating a pretty gallery of art,
sorry if you didn't get featured if you posted in my forum. Maybe next time! 
Please enjoy my selection!

Beautifully painted

Art Trade: JanaBanana1 by pastelcandi Lady Charity by Quixotii FIYAH: Rebirth by GDBee Ashryn by imGuss 10 : Sunshine by AssortedA-Art Autumn Equinox by Josephine-frays

Gorgeous anime styled

Clover by Semcool [F]-:::: by k-kuri Cm: ArttMalak by mocimori Lily Moon by RanqiLi 2016123 by k-en

Mocha Truffle Full Body by CrimsonQueen97 Hanamaru and You by Hichiyan Commission: Ganymede by 3ciachu 12142016 by pindanglicious YOUNG GENJI by GAiTOsan Uri-pe and little birdie by swordmasterqueen

Super cool

What's up by Ony-b The Wild Bunch by toniinfante usagi by Chaotic-Muffin Pulmo by h-yde Waterfall by mate2priit Stars by Avatenia Talking to the Moon [Recorded] by yenbaa

Pretty pixels

peony ears by drawbun Re0 by yamiao [COMM] Sugar! by macaarons Pagedoll commission - 10 by yukarink Fruit Cocktail for xMoonlitxDreamx by PastryPuffs

I'll be doing more different features in the future.
Don't forget to check these artists out!

Thanks for looking and have a happy new year everyone : D


Fri Dec 16, 2016, 11:07 PM

Winner is Claire-Malfoy!!!

Thanks for participating everyone. I wish I could give everyone a gift otl


In the spirit of the holidays I'll be doing a quick Christmas raffle! >3<
Feel free to join!

ENDS: 23rd December!

The winner will win a free piece of art from me of your OC or something yea~~~

I will use a generator as usual to pick the ONE winner for this raffle who gets the art.

To enter:

  • Be a watcher
  • Fave this journal (your fave number in the journal will become your number)

If you're not currently a watcher, you may join in as well but do not watch me just for the free art, that feels kinda bad xD

There's no extra slots this time for sharing this. Feel free to spread the word anyway if you want!

Thanks for the support for the year(s), you guys <3 
New watchers, welcome haha.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, may 2017 be even more awesome and art filled. 



1.   :iconleki-chan:
2. :iconspechie:
3. :iconqueenoftheoutlands12:

Congrats to the winners! I'll get in contact with you shortly about your prizes.
Thank you for entering everyone! I'll try make more raffles and give more people a go at winning stuff maybe in the future. :D



As the watch count number has hit the round number of 1,000 - celebrations are in order.
Whatever incentive you had to click that watch button and follow my art/me - I'm very glad and appreciative you did and that I'm worthy of your time and attention! So thank you again!
I recognise many of my watchers names and appreciate every bit of interaction you do with me ;u; GIVE ME A BIG OL' INTERNET HUG, YOU!


I just made a Facebook page! 
Please like it for +2 numbers! [If you like it, please make another comment stating that you have and I'll give you two more numbers!]


I upload some art that doesn't even get put on my dA there, among all my dA art + other sketches and WIP's :D

Everyone who comments automatically gets +1 number.


For more numbers:

Please +FAVE this journal for 1 number.
Please +WATCH me (if you are already, you get +1. If you're new and would like to join, feel free to watch but only if you're really interested in my art or something - not just for this raffle, thank you!)
Please +SHARE by making your own journal to promote this for +2 numbers. (TAG me in the entry so I get notified!)

When you finish, please COMMENT with what you have done and I'll give you your numbers!

I'll have my own lil list of everyone's entries! Will RNG the winners when time is up!




100 POINTS each!

for 3 winners! 

(You can pick art or the pixel set of icon+pagedoll. Art type will be up to me! You can get anything from a rough portrait to a fully painted artwork xD; )

P.S. There's no need to state what prize you'd like - if you win I'll get in contact with you to ask. <3

Please add in your comment any questions if you have any!

End date: 24th September


I'm going to be at the Sydney SMASH anime/manga convention, so if any of you are going - I'll be table 38.

3fec9f6afa8e8867c071f113b531ed83 by Velsinte

I'll be selling buttons and prints.
Price ranges from $2 to $10! Although subject to change throughout the day.

I'll be there both Sat and Sun, so do come by and say hi if you're going :D (Big Grin)
Sadly I didn't have time to piece together a cosplay though. :C

Oh yeah so that's it! 

I'm really busy this August with this convention prep + all my semester 2 assignments are currently flooding me! Uni whyyyyy.
Sorry if there won't be art for a while. T__T''



Congrats!! :D


I'd write a message about how happy I am but

I mean I'm really happy and am overjoyed at your support ;u; 
but let's get into the free things!

I'd like to give back. Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
I'll continue to do these things with different prizes at the next milestone! (1k)

Please comment in this journal if you'd like to win a dA icon!
(I've made my own and some in my pixels folder gallery if you wanna see)

Present 500 watchers only can participate.

There will be 5 winners.
If you win, I will let you know and ask for a reference!
I'll close entries 24hrs after this journal goes up! ~

I'll be picking winners using a random generator. Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

There if no need to use the icon if you win it but please credit if you do ~ Hug 

All 5 will be posted as a batch in a deviation with links to stash for individual ones.
+ there will be a free icon for everyone to use as well on top of that!!! :'D

Thank you again for watching!! Love you all~ Llama Emoji-79 (Fabulous) [V4]