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Happy new year, wishing everyone the best in this new year. 

I know I haven't been very active on deviantart. I haven't been drawing much either.

I spent 3 weeks in Japan and immediately upon my return, I had my birthday, Christmas and now the new year. I haven't had much time to just sit down and draw.

Speaking of Japan though, just being there for 3weeks has really made me have a hankering for drawing straight up cute anime girls. la in love 

So...we're probably starting out with a bit of a style shift haha.
The amount of really amazing art just everywhere in Japan is mind blowing, even in ad's I see drawings that inspire me. 

I can't wait to put out my first artwork for this year. I'm going to have fun with it. :')

This year, I hope to draw more than I did last year. 2017 wasn't really that artistically productive to me I feel. I want to do better,
but also I want to find more fun in art again and just enjoy myself. Pushing myself to improve all the time is actually exhausting, so that can take a step back and I'll learn to enjoy art again.  

cherry blossom What are your resolutions? cherry blossom 
Hey guys!
I'll be exhibiting as an artist this year again at SMASH anime and manga con at Sydney.
I'll be table #167. Don't forget to drop by. :)
My landscape prints will be for sale + some other cool things I've come up with. Last years prints will be available too if you missed out.

I'm very excited to see you guys there. <3
I am impatient.
I want the artwork done asap. I want to go do another artwork, or something else.
I want to improve but I'm too impatient to sit down and study.
I am impatient and I rush my art.

I feel I don't put nearly as much time and effort into it as I did, many years ago.
I look at the big picture too much and don't zoom in and do details as much as I did before.
And as a result the big picture tends to suck.

Just some self reflection.
I'm sick of being in a perpetual art rut.
This all changes!!! 

"Oh...this will do, it gets the point across so whatever."
"I could go reference some hands but let's just crop it lol."
"This was meant to be a couple art but nah...I can't be bothered."

Fk that. I know I'm better than this, and I'm sick of this art rut I've put myself in because I know I can do better.
I tend to put around 2-4hrs into my art avg. Or even 1hr or less.

And I'm sick of being like Ahh Amy you say you wanna do better but you never rly invest yourself like you used to. Your art sucksss.
Just some self reflection. Not trying to be depressing or anything, I think it's important to just take a moment and really analyse yourself sometimes.
It wasn't inconsistency that was my issue methinks. Just being bad and rushed lawl (but also inconsistency is something I'll work on too lel)

I feel like I'm having a mid life crisis at 19 too so there's that.
Anyway, I can do better. I will do better. AND I'm going to have fun while I'm at it!
I swear as soon as I get back from this trip I'm on, I'm going to put out god mode art. :^)
Hello ;u; ~ I'm interested in doing some art trades to get some art for my OC's: Vel and Camille
Art of them here: Stash

Also I wanted to specifically practice this one painting method which I used in my arts:

Nana by Velsinte Pastel angel by Velsinte

I'll be offering a painted illustration like that of your character. :')
Maybe with a simple background too.

I'm not going to overload myself with taking everyone's offers so I'm going to be a lil picky. >_<
If you don't get art from me this way, there's plenty of other ways.
(Psst, incoming raffles and contests and commissions.)


- If I don't respond it means I'm not interested, sorry! ;-;
- Girls only XD
- If we've art traded before, by all means ask again! I'd like to think since my last AT journal my art has improved. :P
- More likely to AT if we're mutuals. >_<
- I like pixel art if you do those! :')
- Looking for digital art only please.

If you're interested please comment:

Your character references: Please have at least 2 image refs.
Would you like to draw Vel or Camille:
Examples of your art you're offering:
Anything else:
I'm one of the artists who struggle from inconsistent art styles!

Here I am...with my gallery of...mostly girls but other than that it's pretty inconsistent. xD If you have been watching me for a while, that's amazing and I do wonder to myself why sometimes! 
I personally don't feel like I have an art style. To me, my inconsistency is glaringly obvious and it realllyyyy realllllly irks me sometimes.

But if anyone else is suffering from the same thing, we just gotta remind ourselves that we are still improving and learning and being influenced by other people.
I see some real good realism and I'm like...damn I'm going to do that.
I see cute anime art and I'm like OK I'm going to DO THAT.
I am wowed by landscapes and I'm like aiiight time to paint some scenerry babbyyyyy!!!

GOSh it's hard. I want a consistent and improving art style already!
I need to lower my expectations for myself sometimes. I wanna be the best but I'm still a noob.
But it's ok... >3<;

My comms are closed and have been for ages because I don't believe I'm in a good artistic place where my art is buyable.
I need to learn more, do better and experiment even more if I have to. xD

I WILL GIT GUD. WATCH ME GIT GUD GUYS I'm going to werk hard and make super good art one day.

UNTIL THEN!!! Thanks for reading the journal I wrote at 1am. =0= <3

working on a cute cat girl~!
come watch if you'd like~ <3
hey guys - I've been having a hard time finding time to draw lately but I can definitely produce a couple tutorials in the meantime, since they don't take too long to make!

I'd love any suggestions! any new kind of tutorials, hair palette or perhaps part B or a newer version of an existing tutorial.
Throw ideas at me in the comments!! :D

2017 Art features - DIGITAL.

Sat Dec 31, 2016, 5:01 PM
Thumbnail gallery feature of DIGITAL art I love and want to share!
Limiting this journal feature to just 5 categories.
Also wanted to keep the art thumbs in line and creating a pretty gallery of art,
sorry if you didn't get featured if you posted in my forum. Maybe next time! 
Please enjoy my selection!

Beautifully painted

Art Trade: JanaBanana1 by pastelcandi Lady Charity by Quixotii FIYAH: Rebirth by GDBee Ashryn by imGuss 10 : Sunshine by AssortedA-Art Autumn Equinox by Josephine-frays

Gorgeous anime styled

Clover by Semcool [F]-:::: by Nemukuri Cm: ArttMalak by Mochiaa Lily Moon by RanqiLi 2016123 by k-en

Mocha Truffle Full Body by CrimsonQueen97 Hanamaru and You by Hichiyan Commission: Ganymede by 3ciachu 12142016 by pindanglicious YOUNG GENJI by GAiTOsan Uri-pe and little birdie by swordmasterqueen

Super cool

What's up by Ony-b The Wild Bunch by toniinfante usagi by Chaotic-Muffin Pulmo by h-yde Waterfall by mate2priit Stars by Avatenia Talking to the Moon [Recorded] by yenbaa

Pretty pixels

peony ears by drawbun Re0 by yamiao Ssu Chibi Pixel by Sugaruni [COMM] Sugar! by macaarons Pagedoll commission - 10 by yukarink Fruit Cocktail for xMoonlitxDreamx by PastryPuffs

I'll be doing more different features in the future.
Don't forget to check these artists out!

Thanks for looking and have a happy new year everyone : D


Wed Dec 28, 2016, 1:15 AM
Incoming rambles! Mostly for myself to keep a reference of but feel free to read and give me some of your thoughts in the comments. >3<

For a fresh year here are some things I want to focus more on and improve!

  • Perspective work
  • Pictures incorporating both a figure+scene
  • More guys
  • Improving on girls and faces
  • Finding a style of art and getting some consistency into my life

What are some things you want to work on next year? 

Additionally I was thinking about a name change before my core ran out >_>
Should I? Ahhh I can't decide.
I wanted to keep it similar but also nicer sounding and preferably 2 syllable LOL.


I really consider 2016 my only proper year of art LOL the other years were important but not really documented or even mildly good here on dA. :'P
I was thinking about maybe organising my galleries into

- Pre 2016
- 2016
-2017 and so on. o.o

Just a thought. Reorganising everything might be a pain in the ass though lolol plus where would my memes go.
Random thoughts, we'll see lol.


My tutorials are really popular and I was wondering if anyone might be interested in getting to know me...even more...via YT! I was thinking about producing some videos with my art process/speedpaint vers with some voiceover or even cam. It might be entertaining. ^u^

I might do some for tutorials and describe some art processes there.

I'll have to try and make some of that $$$ with that and might actually get one of those juicy Patreon campaigns going.
Art is seriously I wanna make a living off of. So that's something that's been on my mind.

FIRST I GOTTA GET GUD @ ART SOOOooOOooo improvement will be my

#1 focus for 2017.

Hope everyone has a good holiday and a grand new year. C:


Fri Dec 16, 2016, 11:07 PM

Winner is Claire-Malfoy!!!

Thanks for participating everyone. I wish I could give everyone a gift otl


In the spirit of the holidays I'll be doing a quick Christmas raffle! >3<
Feel free to join!

ENDS: 23rd December!

The winner will win a free piece of art from me of your OC or something yea~~~

I will use a generator as usual to pick the ONE winner for this raffle who gets the art.

To enter:

  • Be a watcher
  • Fave this journal (your fave number in the journal will become your number)

If you're not currently a watcher, you may join in as well but do not watch me just for the free art, that feels kinda bad xD

There's no extra slots this time for sharing this. Feel free to spread the word anyway if you want!

Thanks for the support for the year(s), you guys <3 
New watchers, welcome haha.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, may 2017 be even more awesome and art filled. 


Who is Vel?!

Fri Dec 16, 2016, 4:28 AM
Enigma by Velsinte<da:thumb id="650239122"/> V-L by Velsinte Gaze by Velsinte

Who is Vel? She's my OC! She's being reworked right now. In the past she existed but sort of as a side OC.
Her origins actually came about first in this comic I was working on in the past - this post apocalyptic story. She was partners with another OC called Mickey!

This was her character back then. I did this art too - it's old and not so good. Vel By Vel Ocity-d9hubss by Velsinte
She was drawn in a trio, you can see her on the right. 
Trio by Velsinte

Left to right: Mickey -> (no name lol she doesn't exist anymore) -> VelMickey draw by Velsinte
This was Mickey! Haha.

As you can tell the characters are very greyish/monotonous. This was due to the storyline.
I used to do heaps of art of Mickey as my main OC, then I slowly began to drift into preference of Vel.

Here's them together!
Vel And Mickey by Velsinte
Such old art lol.

Now I'm redesigning Vel and planning on giving her another story probably - but I still feel like I can't leave Mickey behind so I might have to rework her too and stick her in the same story as Vel.

Also in terms of Vel's name - this gets kind of complicated.

My dA username is Velsinte. This came from a novel I wrote back many years ago, my first story called Shapeshifter had a male character called Vellasinte in it. In the story he was referred to as Sinte. Then I named myself Velsinte for my dA user - and then brought just Vel for this girl who is completely unrelated.

I really like V starting names too lol...all my gaming tags start with V. xD;

Anyway that's info on my OC and stuff like that.
I'll be drawing her more and working on her more, collecting art of her etc so I thought you guys may or may not be interested in getting to know this mascot-y girl who you'll be seeing more in the future.

Also this was a good opportunity to explain my username lol.


Thu Dec 8, 2016, 2:54 AM
deleted! that acc is dead. if anyone read this before - i'm sorry orz I don't have the energy to run two accs ><


1.   :iconleki-chan:
2. :iconspechie:
3. :iconqueenoftheoutlands12:

Congrats to the winners! I'll get in contact with you shortly about your prizes.
Thank you for entering everyone! I'll try make more raffles and give more people a go at winning stuff maybe in the future. :D



As the watch count number has hit the round number of 1,000 - celebrations are in order.
Whatever incentive you had to click that watch button and follow my art/me - I'm very glad and appreciative you did and that I'm worthy of your time and attention! So thank you again!
I recognise many of my watchers names and appreciate every bit of interaction you do with me ;u; GIVE ME A BIG OL' INTERNET HUG, YOU!


I just made a Facebook page! 
Please like it for +2 numbers! [If you like it, please make another comment stating that you have and I'll give you two more numbers!]


I upload some art that doesn't even get put on my dA there, among all my dA art + other sketches and WIP's :D

Everyone who comments automatically gets +1 number.


For more numbers:

Please +FAVE this journal for 1 number.
Please +WATCH me (if you are already, you get +1. If you're new and would like to join, feel free to watch but only if you're really interested in my art or something - not just for this raffle, thank you!)
Please +SHARE by making your own journal to promote this for +2 numbers. (TAG me in the entry so I get notified!)

When you finish, please COMMENT with what you have done and I'll give you your numbers!

I'll have my own lil list of everyone's entries! Will RNG the winners when time is up!




100 POINTS each!

for 3 winners! 

(You can pick art or the pixel set of icon+pagedoll. Art type will be up to me! You can get anything from a rough portrait to a fully painted artwork xD; )

P.S. There's no need to state what prize you'd like - if you win I'll get in contact with you to ask. <3

Please add in your comment any questions if you have any!

End date: 24th September


I'm going to be at the Sydney SMASH anime/manga convention, so if any of you are going - I'll be table 38.

3fec9f6afa8e8867c071f113b531ed83 by Velsinte

I'll be selling buttons and prints.
Price ranges from $2 to $10! Although subject to change throughout the day.

I'll be there both Sat and Sun, so do come by and say hi if you're going :D (Big Grin)
Sadly I didn't have time to piece together a cosplay though. :C

Oh yeah so that's it! 

I'm really busy this August with this convention prep + all my semester 2 assignments are currently flooding me! Uni whyyyyy.
Sorry if there won't be art for a while. T__T''


Might as well do one of these~
I was tagged by :iconniviee: :')

1. Can I have a hug?
Normally, no, but I'll make an exception 8)
2. Do you have pets? Can I see them if you do?
I have a pet calico cat named Opal. I took a photo of her when she's asleep xD  Eca7e3a83732726cb1428ad4943732f1 by Velsinte

3. Would you like ice cream?
4. If you have OCs, who's your favorite? (can I see them too?)
Probably a toss up between Koi and Lucia. Koi is my dA icon.
Here's some art some lovely deviants did for me!
AT:: Koi by Hichiyan .:AT:. Koi [SPEEDPAINT] by Amazing-Bayag LUCIA : ART TRADE : by Meyien AT Lucia by yenbaa  [AT] Lucia by b00pity

5. Favorite video game?
League of Legends (that I quit so I have time to draw) and Touhou (which I don't play anymore so I can draw LOL)

6. Are you in love with a non existent character? e.g. a character from an anime
Quite a number. Uhh Zuko from ATLA, Squalo from KHR, Ren Hakuryuu from Magi are some examples. (Wow there's a common factor between these...they were all antagonists once lol)

7. Do you have coloured hair? If you do, what colour? (Mines blue :3)
I'm blonde if that counts xD It's unnatural af haha.

8. I'm bad with questions, can you tell?
9. Do you play on pet sites?

10. I don't know what to put here, so tell me something random about you, k?
I don't really like sweet food yet due to the fact they are always presented so nice looking, I often end up buying them, eating them, then regretting it since I don't even like it? wtf Fool Emoji-13 (I'm sexy) [V1] 

11. Do you do/watch live streams?
I'M STREAMING TODAY!!! I don't really watch them though since I just do not have the attention span to watch someone draw really slowly unless they work hella fast.

12. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?
Return back to Japan or fly to Europe somewhere.

13. What would you do with a million moneys?
ONE MILLION MONIES? Prob just put it in my bank account and keep doing what I'm doing - and considering a down payment on a house. XD

Thanks for tagging me!
I was talking to someone the other day about how I'm worried that my art style is inconsistent.
I made a related poll about this actually!

Even though I'm experimenting currently, there's actually so many things I haven't tried.

I'm still drawing a lot of inspiration from artists I admire!
Who are some artists you admire?

While some may think that I do have a style - it's still changing a lot.
For example, 
Jafar by Velsinte Princess and Magi by Velsinte These two are quite different!

I think I will continue to experiment even if consistency is good in its own way - and I feel like it might be better.
A lot of people I see have a very distinct style - and I'm also wondering since I did that poll other day if anyone could expand their experiences with art and style. ^u^

I decided I'm just going to continue to grow until I find a style that I enjoy! Hope you will be here to see my art develop.

The last 4 yrs of my time were consumed by highschool and games. (Cough, League of Legends & Gaia)
I regret not spending more time on art but it's ok, I'll be doing my best now.
And as a result - I've been drawing a lot! I was wondering if anyone would significantly prefer I stagger my deviations out further apart in time so I don't spam too much.

Thanks for reading!

Congrats!! :D


I'd write a message about how happy I am but

I mean I'm really happy and am overjoyed at your support ;u; 
but let's get into the free things!

I'd like to give back. Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
I'll continue to do these things with different prizes at the next milestone! (1k)

Please comment in this journal if you'd like to win a dA icon!
(I've made my own and some in my pixels folder gallery if you wanna see)

Present 500 watchers only can participate.

There will be 5 winners.
If you win, I will let you know and ask for a reference!
I'll close entries 24hrs after this journal goes up! ~

I'll be picking winners using a random generator. Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

There if no need to use the icon if you win it but please credit if you do ~ Hug 

All 5 will be posted as a batch in a deviation with links to stash for individual ones.
+ there will be a free icon for everyone to use as well on top of that!!! :'D

Thank you again for watching!! Love you all~ Llama Emoji-79 (Fabulous) [V4] 

Hello! :D

I hit 400 watchers recently (hurrah!) All your support all means so much!

I was filling out an improvement meme and realised through 2014-2015 I really wasted those years aha. I could have worked hard on improving but all I did was do low effort Gaiaonline commissions with a (few) decent pieces on the side.
This year I really have gotten active on DA. I quit two big sources of distraction (Gaia and League of Legends haha).

This year I have been doing some pixel icons and I find pixelling and animating super fun!
I was wondering how everyone would feel if I submitted some pixel art more regularly. Not only icons but maybe I can try venture into really detailed bg+figure stuff. 8')

Waterflask by VelsinteWaterflask2 by VelsinteWaterflask3 by Velsinte<- I made some random waterflasks, haha! (Feel free to use these as icons btw, I'd be totally flattered aha.)

So since I quit Gaia & LoL, I feel like my creativity levels have depleted just a little. I spent too much time drawing things inspired by League or draw Gaia avatars. Now I'm kind of having a hard time drawing something interesting and original.

I don't know what it is. I mean when I'm not doing fan art I am obviously doing original art but still I feel like there's a plane of greatness out there for me. Or something.
Plus it seems I've forgotten how to do a drawing that isn't a portrait or waist up ... etc. I need to do a nice full body composition type piece with a background that isn't a sky!! LOL.

I feel like every artist reaches a point where they stick with their comfort zone and kinda chill there. What are you like?

So for the first time ever!!

I'll be taking art requests as a mini thank you. Current watchers only ^u^
I'd like to consider requests and possibly draw your OC/suggestions.
Please comment below with as much detail as you'd like to provide for me to draw inspiration from!
Please don't feel bad if I don't draw your character!

If I pick your character, there's no telling where I'll head with the drawing but I hope you will like it haha.

Also please consider my commissions as well!

Thanks for taking the time to read this entry if you did! 
I look forward to responses :D

- Amy
Little rant: I've been going nuts over my style lately. I used to use lineart and paint, then I started doing just freehand painting and I tried emulating cell shading anime style line art and blah blah.
Thanks for putting up with my inconsistency as I try and get my groove back or whatever. I have still so much to learn and I'm not nearly as close to the level I want to be right now, but I'll figure it out!

I think I'm going to go back to the painty style, try clean it up and improve on a lot of things like anatomy...backgrounds...faces etc. x-x

Hope I can make some kind of progress in 2016.

- Amy