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Tutorial - Gold

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Thank you!


I made another quick tutorial! I didn't see many on how to paint gold so I thought why not. I don't actually know how gold works and everything and *technicalities* but I like to paint it this way~ 
I know there's different golds but this is...this gold. Gold gold! ///

I hope this is helpful! (I even typed instructions instead of messy handwriting huehue)

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thank you so much

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I just gotta have to thank you for this one!
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happy to hear it's helped you!
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I needed this so bad! Thank you!Gold Star 
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this is gonna be real useful, thank you !
Great for gold! Are you able to do a tutorial on painting copper?
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Thanks! good idea. I'll consider making one :)
KrysaVorona's avatar
This is great and really useful, thanks! :D
Velsinte's avatar
glad it helps! :D
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Thank you this was very helpful
Velsinte's avatar
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Very helpful. Thank youu! ^^
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and again, thanks a bunch!^^
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Where was this when I botched that Wonderwoman request? :D Thanks a ton!
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Awesome tutorial! Thank you ^^
Velsinte's avatar
Thank you! Glad to help. I make tutorials frequently, I hope maybe you'll come to enjoy others too. ^u^ 
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Awesome~ i do enjoy all your tutorial ^^
Velsinte's avatar
Thank you! Glad to hear it :D
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This tutorial is a lifesaver! It worked wonderfully for me. Thank you so much for making this!

(I don't have anything to show quite yet, I am only experimenting. When I do have something, I will show you. :)
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That's so great to hear!! Thanks for telling me :D
I'd love to see when you do have something !! C: 
Scuse's avatar
You're welcome! :heart: 
I look forward to showing off what I could do :)
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