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I deleted my Fate/stay night comics from this gallery.  It wasn't because of the art...no, the art was just the right amount of crappy for those purposes.  I deleted them because there were parts of the script I regret immensely and I was absolutely old enough at the time where I should've known better.

I also want everyone who comes here to know that no matter how inactive I appear to be, I still check this site daily.  If you want to ask me anything, give me a Note and I will usually get to it within a day.


If you should want to watch me ramble about anything and everything that leaps to mind, I'm on Twitter as veloxiraptor, and on Tumblr at veloxiraptor.deviantart.com.

See you 'round!
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So, what parts specifically do you regret? Was it the memes? Those are going to look outdated 8 years after the fact no matter if you knew better or not.

I still think they were funny, anyway.
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Aw man really? REALLY?!

I just got here to re-read them.
Well yeah I did find them on some other site but it would still be nice if you could upload all your FSN stuff to some other site.
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Thank god I saved those comics... Why do you remove them? Oh, well... I already have your permission to translate them to Spanish, anyway. BTW, remake the NO U AVALON meme! That thing cracked me up!
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Would you be willing to share with me the saved comics? I can't find them in their entirety and I'd love to read them because of some good things I've heard about them.
Zetsubou-Nelo-Angelo's avatar
B-but your F/Sn comics wasn't bad, they was pretty funny, maybe not perfect but still...
I feel kinda shocked, I hope there's still some copies left somewhere.
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I understand getting rid of aged works. I cleaned out a bit ago. But I adored those comics. They brought me to your page and helped me get into Fate/Stay itself. You wouldn't by chance have them anywhere else on the internet would you? Or a packet file you could send me so I can have them so they aren't gone forever? Does anyone have them saved anywhere so they can be saved for posterity? Dude those comics are so prolific I've seen people use panels and scenes from them as reaction images!
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I don't doubt for a second that they exist elsewhere on the net. But I couldn't tell you where.
aea's avatar
Ah the old conundrum of poorly-aging works. My most familiar of feels.
ShiroKusakabe's avatar
whyyyyyyy?! i loved those comics! is the reason why started following you!
Amuscaria's avatar
[Delete FSN Comics]. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?!
veloxiraptor's avatar
Shh, shh. No tears, now. Only dreams.
nothingsp's avatar
Good to hear from you :)
KuraiTenshi89's avatar
I am... kinda sad. That FSN comics were the reason for know you and stalk you check your gallery. Well, life goes forward, Now go to your tumblr *w*
veloxiraptor's avatar
Yeah, I've had a lot of people over the years say they came here for that reason. But I guess I just want to make a better first impression on people in the future.
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i think i should say "thank you", cause you indirectly helped start one of my biggest, and most loved, stories i have ever made. i first joined deviantart cause i saw your petrification pics, and i loved them. it inspired me to make my own naga/gorgon like character, which in turn led to me making more characters, and then finally making a story out of them all.

that story sucked.

however, i ended up taking the naga/gorgon character your art inspired and using it in a new story, which i then start to make more characters for. as i thought up the characters, i build up a better, more complex story, and developed it even further. this then led to me making other stories that went along with this main story. all of this also introduced me to many different kinds of art styles and character types, which i used in my art. so now here i am, about 3 years later, with one heck of a story, with a few other stories that are just as good, with some of the best characters i ever created (i should probably mention that all the stories i made before this i ended up abandoning).

so, you indirectly helped me become the artist i am today. so, thanks.
veloxiraptor's avatar
Thank YOU. This is one of the most feel-good comments I've gotten.
Inkblot123's avatar
no prob. i just sorry it took 3 years for me to say it. your art is also very good, and your characters are very interesting. also, i'd love to see more of the petrification arts from you. they were really interesting (thus why it inspired me).
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