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Zero Suit, Zero F*cks

FWIW, I like the heels.
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Hey, I'd wear high heels too if they had fucking rockets in them.
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your comment has swears so sans stole it

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Take it in stride Samus XD. I actually like her move set with the new kicks in smash 4. 
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I'm so happy I found that Samus picture Gaijin used in his video! :D
I totally agree with Gajin Goomba in that video

Samus has always been sexualized....that's the ENTIRE point of her. We need more women who kicks ass in video games. If it wasn't for Samus, we wouldn't have Lara Croft or Chun-li.

Lara might have popularized women in action games, but Samus was the one who started that sexual revolution in video games.
I only mostly agree; Samus had to cheat to get in the door, only revealing her gender if you beat the game, and do well on top of that. No small feat for a game in those days. Chun-Li, on the other hand, was openly female from the moment you first saw her, and on hardware that could actually do fanservice properly to boot. (Note: I'm asexual, so I may be totally off-base with that second half.)
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So this is where that image from Gaijin Goomba's video came from.
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Haters going to hate until you trip on your face! Haters Gonna Hate until you trip on your face!
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wow guys

there just boots

no need to rant X,D

samus would'nt have them if she didnt want them

Eh, I'm no fan of the heels.

THIS version of the heels I can understand: they actually have a reason to exist, being a couple of jets who help Samus jumping higher, and are made for the Super Smash anyway, not an actual part of the Metroid series. I'd rather not have them but they're not that bad.
And aside for that detail the Zero Suit is just awesome in SSB4.

The heels that I truly can't stand are the ones in Other M, they serve no purpose aside from further reducing Samus' character into a submissive, spineless caricature of her former self.

Honestly I believe that the arguably excessive hate the SSB4's heels got were because they were saw by the fanbase as something borrowed from Other M, and therefore a confirmation of the dreadful design choices that game made with Samus. At least these heels do have a reason to exist, even through I prefer that they could keep them out of an actual Metroid game.
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So THIS is where that picture came from?
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Accept no substitutes!
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I'll admit I hate her initial heels that served no purpose but I don't hate these since they serve an actual purpose!
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Show this to Tom Preston. He hate's Samus's heels to death. >:3
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His response: Deviously Denied! Sorry, you can't post a comment here because I am a complete and utter manchild!
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Holy shit! You too? Man he just hates listening to reason doesn't he?
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Oh no, I wasn't blocked by him! It's just the most common way that he responds to critics with.
If by critics you mean trolls. I mean for fuck's sake he has written comics where he purposely points out mistakes he has made in the past. So clearly he is listening to at least some of his critics. And yes those heels are sexist, stop trying to defend Nintendo. They put their most masculine female character into stupid looking and impractical high heels to make her more acceptable to male gamers.
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They're awesome rocket heels that help with her mobility and combat prowess.

It must be a sad life if you're triggered by rocket heels.
Stop, you're misogyny is showing. That is an excuse I have heard all over the internet and it is stupid. If Nintendo wanted to give Samus rocket boots, that's fine if not needed. But the rocket boots didn't need to be high heels, they could have been normal boots. Clearly Nintendo created the heels first because Samus is a woman and then added the rockets as an excuse, because lets say Captain Falcon got rocket boots you know they would not be high heels. 

Also it's not so much the heels that trigger me, but dumbasses like you that actually try and defend what is so obviously a sexist move. They gave Samus high heel shoes because they wanted to make her fit a more traditional female role that many members of their audience (aka: you) would find more desirable, nothing more. If they really wanted to do something interesting with the character make her more butch. Give her an army style hair cut, with bigger muscles, and an outfit that is a little less skin tight. But instead of going with something cool and new, they just gave her impractical high heels.     
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Ah, the sexist card. The signature move of a Social Justice Whiner. For your information, I love Samus because she's a complete badass wh regularly goes toe to toe with all kinds of monsters, beasties, and pirates galore. I don't fucking care if her boots are high heels, hiking boots, or soccer cleats, all I know is that they're awesome and make her more fun to play as. And they actually made her MORE practical to play as, her recovery actually works while back in Brawl I had to rely on her shitty original tethery Up B. So what if they're heels? That's right, so fucking what? All that matters is they're a blast to play with, and it's pathetic that so many people with nothing better to do with their lives are up in arms about it.

And it's funny that you're honestly expecting practicality in a fighting game where a guy confined to a 2D plane can be fought by people on a 3D plane, where Wario can eat his bike without completely ruining his digestive tract, where a duck a dog and an unseen gunman can fight on par with a goddess and the king of evil himself. and a yoga instructor can hurl the sun itself at others. It's just harmless fun, lighten the hell up, get the stick out of your ass, and deal with it.

And if anything, it speaks miles about how badass Samus is that she can fight in high heels to the point of igniting people with their rocket boosters.
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