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Witchy Woman


This is Limoncello (or Limon, or just Lim), the Lightning Witch!  While her electric powers could certainly do a lot of damage, she’s actually a good-natured witch who dedicates her magic to mundane ends.  For instance, she can power devices and heat food through convection. Most impressively, she can bring inanimate objects to life with a jolt of her magic lightning and then have them help around the house.  The main character in this story is actually a stuffed toy that was animated in this manner.  But I hope to get to her later.

When I drew those chibis a few weeks back, I decided I wanted to use that style for a new story that I haven't yet named.  It’s a very basic and all-ages kind of story though, and maybe the kind of thing that would suit a game better.

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Cute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Happy Dumpling 
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cool outfit and so cute ^^
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you have posted stuff in a long time, so its great to finally start seeing stuff from you again. i do hope you do some arts of your other little series and such, as many of them were really nice, and one was actually my inspiration for joining da.