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Warpath Is a Ninja

You'll probably have to hit DOWNLOAD for this one.

As my F/SN comics would demonstrate, I LOVE gags that revolve around panel layout.

Vortex here is straight-up G1 style while Warpath is basically a midgety version of his Animated self. Don't wanna limit myself to any one canon!
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Warpath how in the fuck?!
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Looks like Ballista got a PRRRRRRROMOTION!
Yay fire-blast joke reference.

How long was she a helicopter before she figured out how to fly as one?
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Maybe a few weeks. She's fresh out of Decepticon Orientation (if there were such a thing).
You don't see many transformers (with the notable exception of G1 springer) with a helicopter alt mode that are not a disguise. This leads me to believe that by cybertronian standards rotary-wing flight is a largely obsolete way of flying.
If this is true and you combine it with the fact that helicopters are by nature fidgety to control, unstable, fuel-inefficient and limited in top speed(the price they pay in exchange for their ability to hover and incredible maneuverability) it makes me think that learning to use a helicopter alt mode could have a bit of a learning curve.
Even if the transformer equivalent of a nervous system is able to adapt to new forms and take much of the burden of doing simple things like hovering and maintaining level flight off of the conscious mind of the transformer when they are a helicopter.

If it sounds like I’m bashing on helicopters it’s not intentional. Helicopters are cool. :)
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the last two panels really sell the whole comic, amazing work friendo.
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ok now that was random bring in a human stinger
p3rsh1ng's avatar
Voila!! Promotion :XD:
ZBlayde's avatar
Awesome as always. is the greatest archive of Transformers stuff I've seen, and it's the funniest site I've ever been to.
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Really amusing. Got to love those sneak attacks.
knightShadowX's avatar
ahahah i love Warpath in this comic, he should be a ninja
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lol she went up a rank :D
Tiberius-Aires's avatar
Wow, this comic was hilarious.
Passcode's avatar
And the fourth wall falls... yet again...
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I dohohoho'd at the left comic.
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...that was odd... why did she go up a rank? It's not like she did the killing.
veloxiraptor's avatar
Because the person above her got blown up.
MichaForrest's avatar
ah, so because there was a vacuum in the ranks, she went up? *shrug* it's the Decepticon way I suppose.
veloxiraptor's avatar
It does worry me if the joke doesn't get across. I wonder if there's a way I can fix it.
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*shrug* not sure. I thought you gained ranks by defeating enemies, not team members.
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