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Fanart of Agent Black from her climactic fight scene in Konjak's masterpiece Iconoclasts!
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To be honest: she really would've earned that thing.
Plus whatever she planned on doing with it could not have done more damage than what royal ended up doing.
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True, but we have no idea if Royal DIDN'T do it.
Keep in mind, their planet was well on it's way to crumbling to dust. If Royal hadn't pissed off the Starworm and landed that attack with his magic stuff, Robin wouldn't have been able to finish it off and in turn, save the planet. As much as I'd love to see an alternate ending where Black lives, I don't think it would have been a "good" ending
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Really cool, this game is severely underrated.
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That scene was bloody fantastic.
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When you ate ur gfs leftover accidentally
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Her final battle had me crying the moment the ivory began growing from her T__T

god ilove black
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yo, this is so cool! 
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I felt bad for black. ;_;
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I don't want the iconoclasts fandom to get too big because it might get ruined but goddamn fan art like this of agent black makes me wanna change my mind
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love this! it was such a badass game with so many interesting characters in it too!
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Black was a fairly interesting character. Nicely done on this!
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Splendid! You've done no more than a fantastic job here! Your so incredible and creative for making something like this and I just hope you'll do more and more like this here!
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Keep up the good work lad.
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