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Something Borrowed

Unfortunately, what she borrowed was some possessed jewelry...

I started this a long time ago and forgot about it. Quite obviously, it's just an extensive edit of my old "Stoned on Her Wedding Day" picture. But in addition to adding details I wanted to mess around with colors, and before long I had a corrupted Dracaena.

EDIT: I've revisited this one to make her transformation more monstrous. It, ah, ended up looking pretty silly! I shelved the Trypticon color homage for now but I'm sure I'll bring it up again in something else.
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Wait, what's that headwear she's sporting? Is she some kinda robot?
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more of a cyborg, I'd say.  she has a lot of living components
ThatsABigMissile's avatar
Ah, I gotcha. Still very attractive, either way.
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I love your character style!
Renji12's avatar
Although I would really like to also know what happens inside :)
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I really like this snake transformation sequences and I hope you could do more.
This work just great!
i could do with out snakes for arms but other then that cool
Oh noes! Not poor Dracaena! :O
Tailikku1's avatar
Thankfully this is noncannon
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I find it cute. except that when she was in her normal state; her ear-techs, tiara & necklace seems to darken & spoil her entire 'delicateness' in wearing white, is she getting married? coz she looks like she`s wearing a wedding dress w/o veil.
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She is kind of like a cyborg.....There are some mechanical parts of her that she either doesn't want to remove or can't.

She does actually have a veil on but it's been pulled back in the image. I don't think she's getting married; she might just be trying the clothes on, hehe...
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That's what my wife turns into when I don't do the chores X_X.

PS: No I'm not married, but If I were, I'm pretty sure that's what would happen.
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Evil jewelery will get you every time!

Very nice artwork! I really like this character!
MobiusZero's avatar
evil jewel, reminds me one of DANNY PHANTOMS episode of that dragon Lady
I like this alot. Will you be doing more like this?
Amuscaria's avatar
I sense a monster-girl h-doujin from you in the near future.
Gojiro7's avatar
wow this girl is just having the worst wedding day ever.
Shush-Studios's avatar
You're so mean to Dracaena! Now she can never be a bride. Or something.
OutcastSpace's avatar
SNAKE ARMS. noodlenoodlenoodle~
thean2's avatar
She is really pretty
and she´s Dark side XD jejeje
more pretty
excuse me
i dont speak english.
p3rsh1ng's avatar
Wooohooooooo!! Drac has a DARK SIDE!! :mwahaha:
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