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Riot Squad Isabelle

When the citizens of Moetown squabble over the ownership of stag beetles, Isabelle knows it’s up to her to keep the peace.
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TheLapTopX20's avatar
Nobody would be problematic with this cuteness
Jaxonizkool's avatar
Reminds me of hot diggity demon
johannchristopherg9's avatar
She would be perfect to join Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps with the police force.
Jamiecheater's avatar
Nuuu I must be problematic all the time if that means you will show up like this x3
SharpySaber's avatar
Hot Diggity Demon?
the-third-guy's avatar
That's adorable XD
nope3330's avatar
I'm sure the town doesn't want her to do this and neither does she.
RubberZoroark's avatar
Oh my God I love this XD
yoshigamer12's avatar
its just like the gta5 sawt team they brought her
JosephineLithius's avatar
How was this not already in my favorites?  I must have seen this on Tumblr or something...  Hmm...
Lunabellnight's avatar
Mayor: HI!
Villager: I dant liek ur hat.
1 week l8er...
-isabelle shows up in riot gear-

thats were this picture comes into place :P. =P (Razz) 
Scienceunicorns101's avatar
Even more proving my point of animal crossing anarchy!
E-Man276's avatar
It's so cute and funny to see someone like her try to keep the peace in town.
GrumpKnight's avatar
Thank you for this :XD:
This just made my week
Porkchop-King's avatar
I love it! It's very cute ^^ Gotta keep the peace in the violent world of Animal Crossing :p
OrionTHedgehog's avatar
Aww, so adorable. ^^
Xero-J's avatar
Everybody hit the deck! She has fruit, and she knows how to use it!
K4nK4n's avatar
Yay! Isabelle is so adorable! :heart:
ColorfullArtist's avatar
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