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I did this all in Painter in a period of a few hours, so it's lacking refinement, but I think it's too developed to be a Scrap. So here is Rasleviskaya (roz-lev-ih-SKY-ya), evil brainwashed girl with a naginata. She resembles about sixty other characters, so I don't think she'll ever see the light of day again.
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lol... How she brainwashed?
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Wow,s he looks very cool!
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Yeah, by something. Maybe her armor
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kinda reminded me of ff dragoon...

either way I really like it ¦3
Her name sounds like a Middle-East country! But great job on the pic. The armor is pretty awesome x_x
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She looks wy too cool not to be used!
Think it over!
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Very beautiful. The armor design is very kick-ass. Awesome job!^__^
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gorgeous! love the armor design!
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Beautiful ladies~! :D

You have a scarily wonderful concept of the human female form, my friend. ; d Well done yet again!
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aw :/ and shes a very nice character to! she must see da light! @_@ the good one, not the one that takes you to heaven o_o
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the lineart, color and shadings are awsome!
such a cute chibi :heart:
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Painter wants to be your friend, ignore Zack.
Nine-Bells-of-Hell's avatar
perty :) i like her, nice armor too
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